Get your Windows 7 Beta Product Key!

windows 7 public beta product key
Microsoft seems to have delayed the release of Windows 7 Beta on their website due to the excessive volume of traffic on their servers. Currently they’re in the process of adding more servers to enable people to download Windows 7 Beta. In the meanwhile you can download Windows 7 Beta using any of the direct download links available [WORKING]. Download the file and install your copy of Windows 7 Beta without entering a product key.

To get a product key you have two options. You can either wait, I know you can’t. Or you can try your luck. Here’s what you can do;

The following steps worked for me:
1. Login in you Passport account, for example, here.
2. Without closing the Passport page, open one of the following in a new tab:
Windows 7 Beta 32-bit
Windows 7 Beta 64-bit
[From: LifeHacker]

You’ll get an error but you have to keep trying until you get the product key. Once you get the product key you can activate Windows 7 Beta. Hope it works for you. Worked for me! 😛

208 Replies to “Get your Windows 7 Beta Product Key!”

  1. I did that the first time: signed in but the link moved me to the homepage.
    When i signed out and in again, it sends me to the error page.
    so do i keep refreshing the page till i get a key?

  2. Finally got a key and the full ISO!
    I just wanna know if I have to back-up my data first of will installing the OS erase everything from my hard drives?

  3. No. Although a good safety measure which I did prior to install.

    To the install procedure:
    1. Takes an unbelievably long time (in my case,3hours on a Toshiba Satellite A205 laptop.)
    2. Install will appear to hang in a DoForever loop at least twice. This behaviour is why I think MS stopped the downloads to secretly remedy this problem. I can not believe that they were ill-prepared for a download onslaught.
    3. Do NOT interrupt the install procedure. As said, you will think the install has hung or is in a loop. I’ve never experienced such a long install and install-delay during an OS install.
    4. Should also have mentioned, burn the .ISO file you downloaded (I used IMGBURN which is a free, enjoyable burn software.). Now comes the “tricky” part.
    5. Do NOT BOOT from the DVD. This is only for making a 100% clean-install. If you do boot from the DVD, you will get a chance to abort (safely), if you only want to do an update.
    6. To perform as OS update, which will keep all of your data, settings, and so forth:
    a. while Vista is running,
    b. insert DVD into your DVD player,
    c. run the SETUP.EXE file on the DVD.
    d. leave the DVD in the drive, find a diversion activity for the next 3 hours.


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