HarryJerry is back

We’re up after a massive downtime of almost 3 days. Why? The domain and web hosting bills were due for annual payments. I remember I kept a reminder on my phone but after a recent firmware upgrade forgot to sync my calender with the PC backup. So while I was away to the hills there was no one here to pay the bills (ouchie!).

Thanks to a text from Ankur that reminded me about the renewal. I couldn’t do much thanks to the Vodafone GPRS network that sucked in the hills. I did manage to get someone to send a mail over to the web hosting company to renew my services on credit as I’ve been their customer for a long time now. Somehow that didn’t work out.

Anyways we’re back to business now. A couple of posts in the drafts which I need to edit and a brand new design. We’re back baby!

Presenting Talk @ HarryJerry.com

Talk @ HarryJerry.comI’m very pleased to announce the Alpha release of Talk @ HJ! Talk is a social portal comprising of forums, games and social networking. The main aim behind Talk is to enable youngsters to share information, discuss, chit-chat or debate in a cool manner. What will make Talk different from the thousands of pre-existing online forums will be it’s simplicity, easy of use and the fun element. The current version is in last stages of Alpha development stage.

As of now we’ve opened registrations for everyone. The scalability factor is a major issue for me right now. Depending on how the application scales I’ll be purchasing a dedicated server to handle the load.

So I invite everyone to come and join us in our venture. There are a lot of early bird usernames (@yourname) available right now. I’ll keep you all updated on the development right here. So go ahead and feel free to post your feedback on the forum itself.

On a Hiatus!

books, books and coffee

It’s that time of the year again when poor souls like me are tortured into studying. Exams are just around the corner and I better get to studying now. This means a lot less of Orkut, Gtalk chit-chats, Facebook, reading, writing and a lot more of books, books, tension and a whole lot of caffeine. I won’t be posting regularly on the blog all this while. I’ll be back with some exciting new projects to talk about this summer so do stay tuned. And also pray for me. Send me your best wishes. I hope I come out alive.

Hello World!

Hello World!
Well, here I am. All over again. I have lost count on the number of blogs and domains I have registered till today. So here is another one. HarryJerry might sound a bit weird as of now to a lot of people but I don’t give damn! Anyways I just hope Tom and Jerry don’t sue me!