Windows 7 Beta: Download Guide

It’s official. Steve Ballmer has announced the availability of Windows 7 Beta at the Consumer Electronics Show 2009 in Vegas. I’m already using the Windows 7 Beta on my laptop for the past couple of days. So far Windows 7 Beta is rock solid stable. The performance is much better than Windows Vista and Windows XP.

How to download Windows 7 Beta Download?

The Windows 7 Beta is available to TechNet and MSDN subscribers from today itself. For the rest of the public the public beta shall be available from Friday i.e 9 January 2009. So anyone can legally download their copy of Windows 7 Beta from the official Windows 7 web page. Remember that Windows 7 Beta will be available for a limited time only and to the first 2.5 million people only. I’ll post the download link right here once it is available so you can bookmark this page.

Here is the direct link to download Windows 7 Beta. Click here!

Direct Download Links: [Right click and choose ‘Save target as’ option. Open in IE or Firefox only]

Windows 7 x86 (32bit)

Windows 7 x64 (64 bit)

Is it legal to download Windows 7 Beta?

It’s totally legal mate! You must register and download from the Microsoft website only.

How can I install Windows 7 Beta?

Just like any other operating system. Windows 7 Beta installation is not rocket science. It is fairly easy to install and setup Windows 7 Beta on any system. The minimum system requirements are the same as Windows Vista. You can take a look at my installation review.

How can I find a serial key and activate Windows 7 Beta?

You will be provided with a Windows 7 Beta serial key once you register for downloading the public beta on the Microsoft website on Friday. You can then enter this serial key once you’re done with the installation and activate your copy of Windows 7 Beta. Please note that the Windows 7 Beta will expire on 1 August 2009.

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1,127 Replies to “Windows 7 Beta: Download Guide”

  1. Any idea if all seriel keys are the same?
    I don’t have one one downloading the ISO file through one of your “Direct Download Links”

  2. No there is a different key for each installation. Microsoft, as per the latest update, is working on their servers for now and they’ll be releasing the beta product keys soon. For now you can download and install the Windows 7 beta without entering any key. It’ll be good for 30 days. In a couple of hours from now you can have a key from Microsoft. 🙂

  3. I agree with AD, where do I get registered to obtain a key for this ISO that I’ve been downloading for the last 2.8 hrs, only another hour to go!

  4. This is weird…..
    I have tried to download this many times but it always stops at 1.2GB out of 2.4GB. I;m using firefox.
    is something wrong or is it just complete?

  5. .

    Why Firefox or IE only ?? It’s just an iso file.

    I pulled it down without any problems with Safari on my Mac Pro. MD5 checks fine and install was flawless.


  6. The download links are not compatible with some versions of Firefox so you have to use IE or any other compatible browser. I downloaded using Google Crome and it worked just fine!

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