Windows 7 Beta: What all is new?

Kernel: Microsoft’s Windows 7 beta includes an enhanced kernel as compared to it’s predecessor Windows Vista. Windows 7 is supposed to include the MinWin kernel Microsoft demonstrated earlier last year. It’s clear that Windows 7 supports parallel processing capabilities, which will be implemented as .NET 4.0.

windows 7 beta review sensors

Sensors: Windows 7 includes a new facility called Sensors which can be used for broadcasting your location to your friends, letting programs know about your location to enable them to offer customized content. This may raise a few privacy-concerned eyebrows but this facility, like other useless stuff, can be shut down.

windows 7 beta review user account control

Improved User Account Control: Microsoft introduced the User Account Control feature with it’s Windows Vista operating system. It has been completely transformed from a buggy monster to a well mannered functionality. Now you have four different notification options for this feature. You can either turn off notifications completely or you can choose to be notified at various levels when a program tries to install or make changes to your computer.

New Application User Interface: Microsoft has included a brand new application user interface called Scenic. It gives all Windows 7 applications a consistent look and feel and it’s totally customizable.

windows 7 beta review explorer libraries

Explorer: All the special shell folders such as Pictures, Documents, Videos etc. have been renamed Libraries in Windows 7. Windows 7 also features a modified Windows Explorer. The new explorer includes features such as a search box which is resizable, a neat toolbar, and a new view style called Content which is primarily a preview mode.

Few Applications by Default: Windows 7 does not include Windows Movie Maker, Windows Mail or Windows Photo Gallery. These come as optional installations through Windows Live. You can download and install any of these applications yourself once you’re done installing Windows 7. So no more useless crap hanging on to your hard drive.

windows 7 beta review homegroup networking

HomeGroup: Windows 7 will make it easier for you to share files, media and hardware on a network using HomeGroup networking. It’s damn easy to set up and the network access is password protected.

Windows PowerShell: Windows 7 includes a .NET based scripting environment called PowerShell V2. It’ll also include an integrated scripting environment.

Better Display: The one thing I really liked about Windows Vista was the slick display. With Windows 7 it gets even better. Using Windows 7 it’s easier to connect to multiple displays. Windows 7 includes glossy Aero themes with custom colors, background, sounds etc. You can choose to display backgrounds randomly at a specific time interval.

These are some of the major changes in Windows 7 beta. I’m expecting some new features and enhanced existing features in the final version that’ll be released sometime later this year.

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