One Month With Airtel 4G LTE

airtel 4g router

Ever since we moved to a new place it has been an uphill task to find a decent broadband service provider. This area isn’t wired yet, and it feels like the aliens will land on this planet before BSNL or Airtel plan to dig up and plant any optical fibre cables around this place. My only option is wireless connectivity. That’s a nightmare in itself.

I started with a local WiFi based ISP called Wi5. The small Chennai based company offers wireless connections over WiMax networks. The company literally dropped dead after a few months. There was no official word, no one even came back to collect the outdoor CPE, probably fearing getting beaten up by customers. I had to switch back to the ugly Tata Photon+ USB based dongle for the time being.
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MTNL TriBand Broadband slashes prices!

mtnl broadband reduce prices

MTNL Broadband service TriBand has reduced it’s pricing for various broadband tariff plans. MTNL is all set to kick some major ass in the broadband service provider segment. At a time when TRAI is all screwed up with it’s broadband policy issues, MTNL’s price reduction could provide a much needed lifeline for broadband users in major metros. MTNL broadband has reduced it’s unlimited data transfer packages from Rs. 799 per month to Rs. 599 per month for a 256 kbps broadband connection. It is also providing 100 free calls with the same tariff plan. A very smart plan offered by MTNL faces a rotten egg right on the face with another tariff plan introduced by MTNL. The new plan provides the user with a speed of upto 2 mbps for only Rs. 99 per month. But wait! Don’t rush to the MTNL office yet, the plan includes a data cap of just 150 MB. So it evens out the whole thing. Some dumb asses as well as some smart people reside at MTNL Broadband. MTNL has also reduced registration charges by Rs. 100 and Modem security by Rs. 200.

Currently Airtel offers a 256 kbps unlimited broadband connection for Rs. 799. BSNL Broadband service Dataone offers the same for Rs. 750. Airtel could feel the heat in the metros served by MTNL Broadband. Airtel is expected to reduce it’s prices as well. People would obviously opt for MTNL as there’s a price difference of almost Rs.200 along with free 100 local calls. Way to go MTNL Broadband!

Here is the updated tariff plan list for MTNL Broadband service Triband:

mtnl triband broadband tariff plan upated

Finally connected!

airtel wifi in faridabad After a really hectic trip back to Faridabad nothing could be more relaxing than finally getting an Airtel broadband connection installed. It took us 15 days to get the ADSL connection. Airtel Broadband in Faridabad isn’t anywhere near the standards they set up in the Delhi region. Anyways I don’t give a damn now. All I need is the connection to work smoothly. So far everything is going well. We’ve been given a cheap Beetel 450 BX1 WiFi router. I have heard about the overheating issues with this router. Let’s see how far it goes before we manage to blow it up with the unlimited tariff plan. The speeds are just perfect. No complaints about that. Installation was quick. Although the technician seemed dumb to me. Lets see how it works out. For now we’re really happy to have a working WiFi connection in our room!

Tata Indicom WiMAX in Chandigarh!

After WiFi failed to live up to it’s expectations it’s time Chandigarh gets a slice of the WiMAX party. Tata Indicom is the first company to launch WiMAX broadband internet access in the city. WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is based on the IEEE 802.16 standard which is also popularly known as WirelessMAN. WiMAX can prove to be a great alternative to cable and DSL.

how wimax works

Currently Tata Indicom is charging a little over Rs. 2000 for security and installation which might be a bit too high. It’s not sure if the installation includes the price of a WiMAX adapter card. The installation and security can be waived off provided you pay up an advance rental of four months. The tariff plans are similar to the ones currently being offered by other broadband service providers in the city. A 256kbps unlimited broadband connection has been priced at around Rs. 750 and 384kbps for Rs. 1000.