The Idea

Last month I took a decision which could ultimately shake my world – both financially and socially. I know it’s not the first time I’ve thought of an idea that’s as crazy as pineapple on a pizza. The first ones to know about it were the best people in my life, my parents. It is crazy when you tell your parents you want to quit your job without a back-up. It’s even crazier when you’ve just got married.

My parents are the best in the world. They’ve always supported me and always made sure I get nothing but the best in life. They agreed with me on the idea. And I quit my job. Yes. Without a backup.

This is the biggest risk of my life and one that would end up teaching me a major life-lesson, one that I’m willing to go the extra mile for.

On Happiness


I’m not sure what exactly triggered this kind of a post. The other day I was reading this amazing article on how money can actually help you buy happiness and this weird thought popped into my head – am I truly truly happy?

Happiness is a state of mind, as they say, and there’s absolutely not much that you can do to change the uncertainty around you. What you can change is the set of actions you take in your normal life so that these uncertain things that surround you take a good shape, hopefully.

Jeff Atwood says:

1. Buy experiences instead of things
Things get old. Things become ordinary. Things stay the same. Things wear out. Things are difficult to share. But experiences are totally unique; they shine like diamonds in your memory, often more brightly every year, and they can be shared forever. Whenever possible, spend money on experiences such as taking your family to Disney World, rather than things like a new television.

I think this blew my mind. This is so true when you practically think of this. Experiences, good or bad, last a lifetime. I’m wondering if I can afford another trip abroad this year.

Marital Status = Married


It’s funny when you think of a little concept called ‘marriage’. Two people decide to spend the rest of their lives together. They’ll be sharing everything from their time to their emotions, their feelings and of course their moolah! A marriage marks the start of another important phase of your life, the one where everything gets a little more serious.
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Don’t Be An Ass All The Time


I rarely give a damn about any piece of advice I get from people. But when it comes from someone I deeply admire, I do take it seriously. Let’s face it – I am an ass. I am the complete opposite of a guy one would expect after millions of years of human evolution. If Jesus were for real (I don’t want to spark off a religious war here), even he would consume poison or ask a bunch of people to repeatedly stab himself to death. 
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That Special Someone…

that special someone

It’s not everyday that you meet someone special. It’s not everyday that someone blows you away. And it’s not everyday that someone really tickles your awesomeness nerve so hard that you can’t help but feel so strongly about this one person. Where did this person come from? Where was this one person earlier? Just when you thought all the best people in the world had suddenly vaporized, someone with godly superpowers strikes and you’re totally taken away.
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Angry Like An Angry Bird? Not A Solution

angry birds

We all experience anger. It’s mostly accompanied by truckloads of frustration and a never ending urge to get out and smash the living heck out of every living thing out there. Alright the latter is only for pretty extreme cases. But how do you deal with it is what makes you a better human being. I remember the times when I used to boil with anger and I completely lost myself. But then things have drastically changed.
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Why Men Can’t Remember Anything?


Do you remember – The first time we met? The first song I dedicated to you? The dress I wore on the third date? The meals we ordered on our first anniversary of our friendship? My waist size when I lost a little bit of weight? If you’ve been asked these questions before and you’ve managed to answer all of them in the first chance – congratulations! You’re the ideal guy every other girl out there is looking for. However there are more chances that you’re just an imaginary creature. Or may be even a virtual assistant on a smartphone.
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2011 – Resolutions


I hardly keep any new year resolutions. This year I’ve decided to finally get into the habit of setting my lazy arse on fire to make sure I achieve the goals I set for myself. Also, I need to make sure the targets I set for myself are realistic, fun and something I always wanted to do. To make things easier for me I am going to break down my entire resolution into a set of 12 simple goals (one for each month). Each goal would be possible to achieve by following a certain obvious path of targets. Again, I am not aiming to set foot on the moon.
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When Dengue Strikes


The last two weeks of my life have been upside down, all thanks (but not thanks) to a tiny little creature. I had been struck with Dengue fever earlier last week in Delhi. For all the three odd years during my stay here at Delhi, I have been the most scared of catching a vector-borne disease such as this. But it can get to just about anyone with just one little smooch. The worst part – you won’t even know which one was it.

Dengue is scary because it’s so painful. Your entire body hurts like it’s the end of the world for you and the fever adds insult to the injury. The spread of viral fever in the region adds to the patient’s woes simply by confusing the diagnosis. I was lucky enough I wasn’t prescribed any pain killers from early on itself or things could have turned ugly. My advise to anyone with a fever and a severe body ache is to get a blood test done first. Not always you’ll have every symptom of Dengue.

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MISTAKES MAKETH MAN- but his own !!!

mistakes maketh man

A kid, about six yrs old came home crying. After being asked what happened he told that he tripped over the stones on the road while playing and got hurt badly. His mother caressed the poor soul and just to make him feel better assured him that she would take care and ask the stones and the road, and beat them up. The child smiled again. This entire episode was witnessed by the child’s 12 yr old brother. He too was feeling bad as his younger brother got hurt. Both of them got a friendly lecture from mom regarding staying away from the road as vehicles run there and can be dangerous….!
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