Windows 7 Beta Review: First Impressions

Once you’re done installing Windows 7 beta you are greeted with a sexier and improved desktop as compared to Windows Vista. The new taskbar stands out visibly. Here’s a review of the first impressions I’ve had using Windows 7 beta.


1. Improved sexy new taskbar

windows 7 beta taskbar review

The new improved taskbar is straight out of the Mac style books. No more active windows clutter on the taskbar as all active windows are grouped under the program icon on the new taskbar. There are full page previews available on the taskbar as your hover through the icons. Pretty neat but it could be a whole lot better than this in the final cut.

2. Go jumping with Jump Lists!

windows 7 beta jump lists review

Time is money and most of the times you want to get to files real quick. Microsoft has been kind enough by introducing better jump lists with Windows 7. Now you can quickly reach recently edited files, websites, favourite programs at a click of a button.

3. Smart Windows

windows 7 beta review

To maximize a window you have to simply drag it towards the top of the screen, dragging a window to the side of the screen resizes the window for an easy side by side review of windows. Dragging the mouse to the lower right corner of the screen turns all windows transparent.

4. Internet Explorer 8 Beta

internet explorer 8 in windows 7

We’ve all had Internet Explorer beta for quite some time now. Windows 7 will hopefully include the complete product when it releases to manufacturing. The first thing I did was changing my default browser from Internet Explorer 8 to Google Crome. I still feel Crome is a lot more useful than IE.

5. Look ma it’s the new Paint!

paint in windows 7

Microsoft has finally given Paint some due attention after a long taking-it-for-granted time. Paint now features the Ribbon user interface similar to the one you see on Microsoft Office 2007. Paint just got a lot more useful and practical.


This is my first quick impression of Windows 7! A lot of things have changed for the good and I’m looking forward to putting Microsoft’s latest OS into the test. I’ll post more of on my Windows 7 beta review soon.

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