Transformers 3 – Victoria’s Secret

Sorry guys but you’re gonna have to deal with it. Megan Fox won’t run around explosions in Transformers 3. She is officially out of the Transformers franchise. Michael Bay seems to be in the process of hiring a popular Victoria’s Secret model for the role Megan was paid big bucks for.

In the mean time you could get a feel of how Bay might thread the next edition of Transformers. Below is the Victoria’s Secret ad he made recently. It’s more like action and hot girls rolled into one. Only if we could have Bumblebee to make this Victoria’s Secret ad appealing to women too.
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Hands-on iPad Gaming Videos

The folks at Slide to Play have released some hands-on gaming demos on the Apple iPad. The videos showcase games such as Need for Speed Shift, NOVA, Scrabble and Super Monkey Ball 2 on the iPad. Gaming is destined to get even better with the big screen version of an iPhone. As you all know by now that almost all iPhone apps will work for the iPad. However games and apps optimized for the iPad would be so cool thanks to powerful processing, big multi-touch screen and an array of popular games.

Here you can see the Need for Speed Shift on an Apple iPad. It’s not an optimized version for iPad but it still looks pretty solid.

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Marc Stoiber at TEDx Vancouver

For all those who simply join Save Tigers pages on Facebook and hope they’ve done their bit, for all those who use social media and for everyone who aims to understand the true use of social media. An excellent talk by Marc Stoiber at TEDx Vancouver.

And by the way I’ll be attending TEDx Gurgaon this month! 🙂