AR Rahman wins Golden Globe Award. Duh!

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So Indian music composer A.R Rahman won a Golden Globe award for composing the soundtrack for Slumdog Millionaire and the proud Indian media went on like nuts. Winning a Golden Globe award is of course something big but dude, does Rahman deserve this one? I don’t think so.

I have been a fan of A.R Rahman’s music ever since I heard his magical music composition for the flick Roja. I absolutely loved his work. He used to sound so bloody different than the usual Bollywood noise. Soon Rahman followed it up with record selling soundtracks for Bombay, Fire, Dil-se, Rangeela, Taal and many more.

And then what happened? All of a sudden his music starts becoming noise. He’s compositions start smelling like twin cats. Sometimes it became difficult to judge when the song ended and when another one came up. This very period of Rahman’s career bought him down, at least to me. He clearly confessed his deteriorating quality of composition with Yuvvraaj’s music. If anyone had still had doubts, Ghajini proved that A.R Rahman wasn’t getting a full night’s sleep.

But there are retards everywhere. Some morons managed to let Rahman walk away with a Golden Globe Award for Slumdog Millionaire. Now I have seen the movie and I love it. I have heard the soundtrack as well. Apart from one single track there’s nothing so special, nothing worth a ‘Golden Globe’ in it for Rahman. I’m afraid this might encourage Rahman to throw crap into our ears. Again.

To me A.R Rahman is crap. This award makes it official to me!

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  1. You are an absolute lunatic with no music sense whatsoever if you think Rahman is crap, he is a musical genius and his music continues to amaze everyone including his recent compositions and Yuvraaj was mind blowing – Listen to Dil Ka Ristha from Yuvraaj and if you dont like it, then like i said earlier, you need to get yourself admitted in a mental hospital

  2. Dil Ka Ristha from Yuvvraaj is the worst composition Rahman has ever done. I’m just asking for some quality music from the musical ‘genius’ and he’s certainly not listening.

  3. Are you a victim of short term memory loss? Your own review of the slumdog millionaire movie has the following lines:

    “The superb soundtrack for the movie has been composed by A.R Rahman.”

  4. mr.harry.. haha. some cheap publicity? well, i appreciate your efforts but you ain’t doing enough. anyways, cheers mate. all the best next time.
    i do agree that slumdog millionaire wasn’t worthy of a golden globe award but still, your comments about ghajini and yuvraj wasnt acceptable. both had some exceptional tracks which i don’t even bother to mention as even you know it.
    cheap publicity is what you want i would say you have to do better.

  5. @harpreet
    yeah. they were below expectations but couple of songs in both the films were good. dil ka rishta, man mohini in yuv and guzarish, behka, kaise muje in ghajini were very good, apt for the movie. but rest of the songs weren’t good.

  6. harry noob $%%^ go F urselfs a$% wat u think of urself A.R.Rehman is the best music composer of india because every song of him has a meaning.there are many music directors which i like too like pritam but pritam always copies some songs.if A.R.Rehman compose a song it definitely has a meaningful lyrics.if u think his music is crap then u need to fck urselfs and get to a psychaterist and get fkin chcked.

  7. so its official for me that harry jerry is a joke . his reviews anyways sucks and this review only made it official how much a royal fool he is . if arr’s music == noise then himesh and pritams songs are mellifluous melodies ! anyways its only a waste of time speaking to bunch of humbugs like harry jerry !

  8. wil u b happy if golden globe is given to luck by chance???
    u admire SEL a lot ryt???

    no if u were the jury member.. m sure u wud hav given it to himesh for karzzzzzzz…

    u r crap… n u proved it again with ur review on delhi 6..

    plz google.. banish this site of a psycho frm ur search engine….
    ban this spoiler!!!

  9. Hi dude…..
    u think ARR is crap??
    and u think u are superior than the golden globe jury????
    Thats why u are here only …..who given u the permission to review ????
    for u ….must be liking ‘Rab ne bana di jodi’…which doesnt have any thing new in it ……good keep it up …….he will win the oscar and that day u will commit suicide…..
    actually ARR as given money to GG jury….and he is collecting for oscars….he he he he…..

  10. boss, what do you think..he got golden globe for his slumdog album? not at all…he got golden globe for background music not for jai ho or o..saya song…

    and you said dat movie s good..dat means u watched movie (genious)..den u must notice how beautiful is BGM.. much better and unique among othr nominated movies…

    and dont compare SDM with roja…SDM need more energy dan roja..n arr suceedd! do u think jury members r deaf!

    yeah ..i know SDM is not arr’s best album..but it s one of the best BGM by arr…

  11. @everyone: Close your eyes, take off that Rahman tag from Yuvvraaj and Ghajini. Now listen to the music. Crap as hell!

    @Dilip: Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na was fresh. It was way better than anything Rahman composed during 2008.

  12. yeh i kinda agree that slumdog isnt golden globe material for us . but may be western guys lyked it .. i think rahman is doing too many hindi films at a time .. earlier all his tracks wer supreme .. now only one or two tracks per movie album .. guzarish was really good .. his tamil compositions are awesome .. i think he shud be lyk aamir khan .. just do things which will be remembered as THE BEST .. and rahman is certainly the best music director in the country ..

  13. rahman is a real good musician..but he got on the GG on the wrong tune..Rojam Rangeela, Khwaja from Jodha Akbar annd Taal make him what he is..!!

  14. Harry: I’m sorry but i have to say, you contradict yourself. You tell me “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na was fresh” which is exactly what we think too.

    1. Expecting a musician to churn out 100% of all of his records to be ground breaking hits is sheer stupidity if not irresponsibility. Life is of variety. Some exceptionally good, most of it is mediocre stuff and some very bad.

    2. In the west an award is judged not just based on how “foot tapping” a song is or how nice the lyric and melody is but also on several other criteria. Airplay, Sales, Charts are some of them. Slumdog Millionaire performed well on their charts. It sold well and it played a lot on the radio & TV. For you not to know these things and blame westerners of idiocy is highly despicable and shows your lack of understanding on how awards work.

    3. He’s been delivering hit after hit in tamil film industry. Tamil music industry is his holding ground, if i could put it that way. I bet you’ve not listed to ANY of the tamil records he has released and you are just mouthing off like a know all and do all.

    I suggest that you listen to his tamil albums more before you post something as humorous as “End of ARR’s career” of some sort. I see that happening nowhere in the next 5 years.

  15. @Dilip: Exactly. I don’t expect Rahman to come up with 100% quality each time. So if I voiced my opinion that to me Slumdog Millionaire along with other Rahman compositions weren’t up to the mark while some were average, why should anyone have a problem. You guys like his music and I didn’t. Does that make me an outcast?

  16. Harry, I listen to both hindi and tamil albums of rahman. I’m a tamilian but i have a masters degree in hindi literature and im quite comfortable with hindi. My speach fluency may not be great but i can very well understand hindi quite well. As a hindi/tamil music listener i find Rahmans work to be exceptional.

    Not liking a few of his albums in a row DOES NOT make you an outcast. With all due respects to you personally but coming from your blog calling “End of Rahman’s Career” because you did not like a few of his albums makes you look silly and ridiculous.

    If you want to know what “End of Career” is listen to “Anu Malik’s” work post the 90’s era. That’s desperation. I hope i made some sense.

  17. I said it’s harmful for him if he goes on like this. He won’t be able to survive with the competition. 2008 was a major let down for Rahman.

    And Anu Malik should get a Golden Globe for the ‘Worst Composer in the World’!

  18. Rahman was and continues to be musical genius.
    Yes, I too was HUGELY disappointed with the music of Yuvvrajj/Yuvraaj/Yuuvraaj *or w/e crap it is*. But it is actually not the music but the lyrics that’re sucky.
    Rahman’s music in Slumdog just goes on to prove his talent further. Most of his compositions in the film are just music *without lyrics* and they’re mesmerizing.
    Stop being a cynic for no apparent reason.
    Praise the guy, for he, really deserves it.

  19. Harry kaan ka mail saaf kar aur phir rahman ka music sun….seems u don’t have taste of music…..!! Only copy cats like Pritam / Anu malik can make u Happy.

    Kaan ka operation karwane ke liye “CHANDAA” chahiye ho to bata de…..!! LOLZZZZZ

  20. Hi Harry dude,

    Better go nude in a cricket match to get some attention, atleast girls can giggle at how under-endowed you are….

    Get a life moron.

  21. guys…never reply to this guys reviews…u know this is a trick to get traffic to his website…

    so be dumb ..and dont reply..

  22. To all ARR fans and people with music sense…

    Don’t waste your time in typing comments here. This guy just needs publicity and the easiest way is to say things adversely.
    hey moron, closing your eyes doesn’t mean that the whole world is dark. you have no music sense let alone the sense to judge ARR’s music.
    so people, stop your comments here. let mine be the last one.

  23. Music sense? You kids seem to lack the basic common sense here. A 3.5/5 rating is indigestible to you and you require the author to pass you with 5/5 and a smile? YOU need to get a life kids. Learn to respect someone’s opinion if you want to let yours out. I hope you’ll all grow up.

  24. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I thought Slumdog Millionaire was not A.R.R’s best soundtrack., but the secret lay in the movie’s reach to the western world. And so, he deserved it- EVERY BIT. The movie benefited from the soundtrack and vice versa- even though it was an OK soundtrack , since it blended with the movie it was a huge hit- A classic example of team work which was missing in “Yuvvraaj”. The album Yuvvraaj by itself was decent- but its reach was limited. Ghajini on the other hand was moderate but the reach was huge and so the songs went on to become huge hits. But I strongly object to your claim that A.R.Rahman is crap. It is such a preposterous comment to make. Maybe the best medicine you require is that you should listen to Delhi 6.

  25. Listen people, someone who can’t understand what music is, we are simply arguing with.Ask him what he knows about music.Is he a professional musician?I don’t think so.Just forget this guy.He is just one of those thugs who thinks he is great and is nothing but bull crap.Yuvvraaj and Ghajini weren’t masterpieces.No doubt about it.Slumdog Millionaire wasn’t ARR’s best soundtrack.No doubt about it either.But look at him!The reviewer says that The Great Allah Rakha Rahman is crap?Get a life, Mr.Harry.Its a cheap way of getting publicity and hardcore music lovers and people who have knowledge of music will throw this review out of place.Such a humbug! Good god, save this kid.Mr.Rahman is the best music composer in India now. He is the most versatile and most consistent. By consistency, I mean he doesn’t copy and produces a new, fresh, decent soundtrack every time.No one on earth can produce masterpieces every day.I challenge you.Name one composer(s) who has produced as many songs as Mr.Rahman has with as much consistency and as much reliability.I bet you can’t.A simple stroke of “mridangam” in the second charna of “Jiya Jale” is more than enough to blemish any composition by any musician in India. Please don’t comment on something you don’t know.And if you do, then God forbid, please get a life.

  26. WTF do u mean by ‘A.R Rahman is crap’? god should regret himself for allowing such a moron like u to type words on the keyboard…mind ur words..wat do u do here ? a review ? or u a critic ? wats journalism all about ? jss pouring ur stupid views if ur provided with a blog ?

    do u think golden globe jury is full of morons to select SDM over hans zimmer ,newton howard & john williams ? wake up u idiot…do u know wat exactly a soundtrack means ? if doesnot sound good to ur stupid ears then its bad huh ? it should go along with the movie…its evaluated on how well it lifts up the movie…on how well it matches every scene & situation…wen others tracks wer mere orchestral ,this soundtrack had evry possible genre,of pop kind….why do guys like you always hit rahman even he comes up with some avg. score wen other idiots neve eve hav tried to be creative ? ur really a A.. kisser for them.. FYKI ghajini tamil is also avg. soundtrack except 2 songs…n hindi is also the same …u cant expect a ‘dilse’ kind o sundtrack for this masala movie…

  27. harry, i agree with u w.r.t the comments about ‘jaane tu’ was the most refreshing composition last year..i wud prefer jaane tu to sdm any day…and dont b put off by all the abuses in here..

  28. Haha, I think Mr Harry isnt happy about this purely in the interest of being different and sensationally opinionated. When he writes waste like this, he gets many hits on his pathetic blog. Well done dude, what a musically challenged nerd says about AR Rahman winning a Golden Globe isn’t really of much use or credibility. You rant, people call you names, you retaliate, people retaliate, you rant again, everyone forgets about it, AR Rahman churns out another gem from Panchatan, and the cycle goes on and on. Its all quite amusing. You got too much time in your hands dude, get a new hobby, stay away from the keyboard, draw those curtains and check out the sunlight.

  29. What the heck is wrong with you.

    You say Yuvraaj and Ghajini are crap. Do you have any knowledge of music. Rather do you have any knowledge of hearing ??? Before you write something make sure what you want to convey. You aint gonna sell anything by defaming a great personality who has produced even greater music. And you Dil ka Rishta is the worst composition. You have no freaking sense of what is music.

    Can you even touch an instrument and produce one quality note crystal clear. Can you read sheet music? If you are so crazy enough to criticize his gems and masterpieces…. why dont you start composing….

    If you wanna criticize some one do it CONSTRUCTIVELY….. I know it applies to me too… But your statements are just PATHETIC!!

    One piece of advice CLEAN UP YOUR EARS… or atleast CLEAN UP YOUR POST!!!

  30. The movie has tracks composed by A R Rahman, Maya Arulpragasam and also one track of the trio Shankar-Ehsan-Loy. The movie has a re-mix version of the very popular Hindi song ‘Choli ke peeche’ originally tuned by composer duo Laxmikanth-Pyarelal for ‘Khalnayak’.

    I wonder how this movie’s score got GG award for original score.

  31. Dear Harry,
    Thanks for the nice review.Do you think but for it’s director this movie could have got into the big league?
    The West is looking for an opportunity to honour the aging director before it is too late and piggy bagging, this ARR has got something.That’s the real reason.We know of late Indian film personalities are showing interest to get global attention somehow.That’s why so many bollywood award functions are organized all around the world.Reaching out.Aamir Khan was known to have engaged some agency to promote Lagaan to get Oscar.With that background knowledge may be ARR also engaged somebody.The young generation of india(>50% of the population)is craving for ARR and whatever he churns out it is touted as superb.This generation only is spending more time in net and writing all rubbish language as replies to anything concerning ARR.This gentleman has not been doing any service to South Indian Film industry and in Hindi also works only for big banners and big money.It is a brilliant strategy to garner fame and money.As such the indian film industry is sustained by numerous other composers without whom the industry itself will collapse.Can he compose for atleast 10 movies in a year.So like how a two wheeler finds it way easily between cars this man is playing a different game altogether. It is to be seen how many more indian movies will have his music in the coming years.He jells with Tamil people at chennai and behaves a native at bombay and who knows he will behave a native at Holywood.One Hollywood movie will give him much more in revenue(if that happens) and he won’t turn to Hindi let alone Tamil film world.Imagine great directors being tested of their patience.Would any one like such a scenario?

  32. Hey,

    I totally agree with you on the award of Golden Globe!

    ARR is bloody good, and some of his works are marvellous. BUT NOT THIS BLOODY SLUMDOG…..

    he should have got the golden globe long time before, for the other best of his compositions,….. like EVEN ROJA, and MINSAARAK KANAVU (Tamil movie)….

    not for this….. this did not surprise me, as the majority of the people around the globe, have no music sense, and cannot understand good music. they will go for RAP (crap) and sound track like these, because it is easy for them to HUM the tune, rather than the REAL MUSICAL COMPOSITIONS……

    and hence, this SHITTY AWARD to a GOOD COMPLOSER (still i will not say great composer, because, i am a classical music fan, both Western and Carnatic, and there were so many GREAT Composers, and ARR is not to their standards)….

    But he is one of the good Contemporary Music Composers (and deserved the Golden Globe for his other previous compositions).

  33. Dude, you seriously gonna tell me you don’t like SDM’s music and you didn’t like Dil Ka Rishta from Yuvvraaj? What planet are you from?

    The guy has never given any crappy music, obviously you dont know what music really is or you wouldn’t be BSing!

    I agree with Sam, get yourself admitted to a mental hospital!

  34. You need to understand that Rahman single-handedly revolutionized music in Indian Cinema. But honestly, your opinions do not matter what so ever, because they lack meat, they lack points, they’re just general statements, with no accompanying argument or elements. Hopefully you grow up, and start giving valid points about your opinion, because if they were valid, they would be legit, and if they were legit, there can be an argument. But for now you have no argument, so construct one, and stop posting bullshit like this.

    People this is what the growth of the internet has done, allowed random people to post material with no flesh nor facts. Nothing personal man.

    With Regards,

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