Windows 7 Beta Review: Installation

microsoft windows 7 beta 1 reviewFormerly codenamed Blackcomb and Vienna, Windows 7 is Microsoft’s latest operating system. Windows 7 was announced in 2007 after the launch of it’s predecessor Windows Vista. Microsoft claims Windows 7 would not vomit compatibility issues at the user and it’ll be an incremental update to the previous operating system from Microsoft. Windows 7 is believed to be more user centric than previous operating systems from Microsoft. Some of the major enhancements incorporated into Windows 7 are support for multi-touch display, brand new shiny Windows Shell with a shinier taskbar, performance improvements and a whole lot of sugary stuff Microsoft claims, just like they did in their previous operating systems. An operating system is like a woman in your life. Every new one is supposed to be better than the previous one. You realize the truth only after a passage of time.

I got my hands on Windows 7 Beta 1 (build 6.1.7000.0.081212-1400), the one that is rumored to be released widely later during January. The Beta 1 is similar to the M3 versions released to the testers earlier. This beta version is quite stable as compared to the M3 releases and the code can easily qualify for a release candidate build. I’ve tested the previous builds and this one I must say is quite stable and a performance booster. I’ll be posting my reviews on Windows 7 Beta 1 every single day. Let’s start with the installation part today!

Windows 7 Beta Installation

windows 7 screenshot

Microsoft made a major shift as far as an operating system installation is concerned with Windows Vista. Windows 7 comprises of a very similar installation to Vista, only it’s much quicker and less annoying. On a powerful system the installation takes anywhere between 15-20 minutes or less and on any medium powered system (like mine), it takes around 20-25 minutes. There are fewer steps involved during installation and the OS doesn’t keep you from getting started once the installation is removed (remember the performance test after a Vista installation? No more!). Windows 7 requires at least 10GB of free storage space on your primary partition. You can choose to either upgrade to Windows 7 from a previous Windows installation or make a clean install.

I’ll post the Windows 7 user interface and first impressions soon!

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  1. I heard from an “Insider” that all Microsoft had to do to fix the problems they had yesterday was to install Linux on all their servers.

    Everything has been going smoothly since….. =)

  2. im testing windows 7 and i gotta say, its the best yet, even in a beta, its better than vista, faster than xp, and very VERY few issues ive found, anything u do find could be googled and a solution likely can be had if u know anything about computers and can follow instructions, i have decided to use this windows 7 even in a beta as my default operating system, and removing windows xp and vista from my system

  3. Mr Harry I just wanted to ask that if we could use the product key of Windows 7 Beta to activate the final and official release of Windows 7? Thanks

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