Contest – Design a Tee for

design tshirt contest

Here’s your chance to unleash your creativity and win some goodies from us! We’re giving you a chance to win some exciting prizes. All you have to do is come up with a cool, funny and creative design for a t-shirt and send it to us. If we select your design you get to win goodies and we get to put your design on some t-shirts and wear them. You’ll also get a t-shirt along with your own design (if you win of course).
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Watchout! Kavita Bhabhi is out to fool ya’all!

kavita bhabhi prank

April Fool’s day is almost here and the pranks are floating all over. Recently I received a link that is to easy to fall for. After Savita Bhabhi it’s now time for Kavita Bhabhi to spread some love. I must admit I fell for it. Kavita Bhabhi doesn’t really exist. It’s a viral marketing campaign for April Fool’s day by C2W. A rather innovated yet inside the box viral campaign that could have been better. It does personalize the prank by letting the lamb enter it’s own name at the beginning.

Go ahead fool your friends. Tell them about the sweet Kavita Bhabhi.

Design a Symbol for Indian Rupee

design a symbol for indian rupeeA couple of days ago Sukhi from my college posted on Facebook that he’s designing a symbol for Indian Rupee. Of course I didn’t take it seriously. I told myself it could only be true if Sukhi’s father works for the Reserve Bank of India and decided to give his son a place in history or Sukhi has some really deep connections with the Government. Either way I would have never thought that it was the Ministry of Finance which is holding a contest for designing the symbol for Indian Rupee.

It’s true that Sukhi was indeed designing a symbol. You can also do the same. The Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs (sounds flashy right?!) is holding a contest called Symbol for the Indian Rupee. All major currencies in the world have a symbol. It’s just that we’ve woken up right now. All you have to do is come up with a design and submit it.

Five entries will be shortlisted for final submission. The selected designers would be paid INR 25,000 each on giving a presentation to the jury. One person whose design is finally selected will be rewarded with INR 250,000. Now that’s a very sweet amount of money up for grabs. Check out the official guidelines here.

How to Look Smart & Sophisticated Online

how to look smart online

Is it that people don’t take you too seriously in life? Is it that you find it hard to make an impression on people? Well here’s a neat guide to help you look smart and sophisticated and create an impression. Go ahead and make those girls go crazy over you!

Your Instant Messenger Status

instant messenger statusYour instant messenger status speaks for you. It’s the first thing that your contacts look at once you’re signed into your instant messenger program and before your friends initiates a conversation with you. So your status creates your first impression to your contacts. Always keep your status to ‘Busy’ or ‘Do Not Disturb’. This tells the other person you’re busy somewhere online with something really important while you might be staring at some random girl’s photos on Orkut or Facebook. Still if someone bothers you with an IM, never shy away from telling the other person how busy you are.
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