N900 is finally launched in India

maemo nokie n900

Rub your eyes guys. Nokia N900 has finally been launched in India. The Linux based mobile phone from Nokia finally made it’s way into the country. Although the price tag will blow a hole in your pocket but we’ll get to that later on. The phone was of course openly available through you-know-what routes in India but now it’s officially out so it’s better you buy one from Nokia directly.
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Nokia unveils Ovi Store!

nokia ovi store

Nokia has unveiled it’s own Ovi store for mobile phone consumers. Nokia’s Ovi Store will go live later this year during May. Nokia plans to offer a wide range of services to consumers like applications, games, podcasts, widgets, videos etc. using Ovi Store. The content available on Ovi Store will be based on S60 and S40 based Nokia mobile phones. Ovi Store will target content based on the user’s location and other personalization features.
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Go Green with Samsung Blue Earth Phone!

Samsung has come up with an innovative mobile phone which is powered by solar energy and is totally eco-friendly. The phone features the look of a rounded pebble a solar rear panel that, Samsung claims, the users can always count on. For those of you who are worried about rainy days, the Samsung Blue Earth phone includes a DC charger which is good enough to sail your Titanic calls to safe shores during rainy days. The phone is touch driven and looks absolutely great. Take a look here.
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Vodafone brings BlackBerry Storm to India

vodafone blackberry storm in india

Vodafone is bringing the BlackBerry Storm smart phone to India. The impressive touch screen phone features a 3.2 MP camera, GPS, Media Player, 3.5mm stereo jack, on-screen keyboard, Bluetooth v2.0, 1GB on-board memory and 128MB flash memory.

Seems like quite a decent power packed BlackBerry smart phone. It’s priced at Rs. 27990 in the Indian mobile phone market. The price is lower than BlackBerry Bold which has been priced at Rs. 34990. I’ll still wait for the prices to come down. Way down to be precise!

Toshiba unveils TG01 Smartphone

toshiba tg01

While Dell might still be some distance away from shocking the iPhone, Toshiba has wowed us with the announcement of it’s TG01 smartphone. The TG01 smartphone from Toshiba offers a really amazing fast processor and a beautiful it-will-make-your-jaw-drop screen. Toshiba’s latest smartphone will feature Qualcomm’s 1GHz Snapdragon processor. It’ll be the first mobile phone to incorporate this processor. The phone shall also include a 4.1? WVGA resistive touchscreen display with on-screen trackpad, HSDPA, aGPS, G-sensor, microSDHC support and DivX support. If that’s not something wow then what is?!

The handset is expected to run on Windows Mobile 6 with a complete flash support. The phone will be on display at MWC 2009. Let’s see how it kicks some iPhone ass!

Dell is launching smartphones!

Dell is entering the smartphone market soon. At least the rumors say so! Dell’s smartphones, codenamed as ‘MePhone’, would be based on Google’s Android and Windows Mobile platform. The expected date of general availability of Dell’s smartphones is early September 2009 (09/09/09 as per rumors). It is believed that Dell would focus on ‘customizable’ smartphones. Customize what? Hardware, software? Of course there are no obvious details as of now.

dell smartphone photo specificationsThe smartphone would come in all touch screen and slide-out keyboard versions. It’s clear that Apple’s iPhone has got some competition coming towards it. I’m personally sick of the so called iPhone killer phones that have only left the iPhone grinning it’s way to glory. We’ll have to wait and watch on how Dell’s smartphone tackles the ever populating smartphone market. RIM’s Blackberry could also feel the heat.

It’ll be more interesting to watch how Dell markets the smartphones in the big Indian mobile phone industry. The high priced iPhone 3G left most of the mobile phone buyers hungry and waiting for an alternative.

Could Dell break the iPhone spell in the mobile phone market? You never know!

Google’s Android powered phone is coming!

google android powered tmobile htc dream

It’s official! The well known Google Android powered phone is all set for launch. T-Mobile is launching the first Android powered mobile phone on 23rd September this year. Invitations to the launch event have leaked all over the net. The HTC-manufactured phone would be launched at a media-only event and the phone is expected to hit stores next month in October all over US.

The Android powered phone will combine an iPhone style touch screen technology along with a job ball, accelerometer like the one in iPhone. The most speculated feature attached with Android is that it’s open. Any developer can register, develop applications for Android powered phones and submit it to the online Android marketplace.

Pricing isn’t out as yet but reports suggest a price tag of around $400 without contract. You can expect HTC to officially launch the phone in India by the year end. Will Android live up to it’s expectations? Well, we’ll see!