Windows 7 RTM is coming this August

After so much speculation and rumors floating all over about the release-to-manufactoring date of Microsoft’s Windows 7 the real dates are finally out. It’s still unclear whether the much hyped build 7600 is the one Microsoft is going to RTM with.

windows 7 rtm download

MSDN and TechNet subscribers shall be one of the first few to taste Windows 7 RTM on August 6 (English only) along with ISVs and IHV partners. Microsoft Gold certified resellers shall have access beginning August 16 (English only). The other language version shall be up for downloads later on.
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Windows 7 RC is coming in May!

windows 7 release candidate

From what appears to be a mistake from Microsoft’s end has led to the news that the Windows 7 Release Candidate is coming out as soon as next month. Yes that’s May! Microsoft had earlier claimed that it’ll release only one release candidate for it’s Windows 7 operating system. This will then be followed by the RTM which could go as far as Q3 of 2009.

The Windows 7 beta has so far worked well for me. I have been using it ever since it was released to the public. Windows 7 surely looks like one of the most solid operating systems to come out of Microsoft’s closet. The release candidate’s performance would further add to the anticipation for the final product.

Update: News just poured in. May 5 seems to be the date Microsoft is planning to roll out the Windows 7 RC.

Essential Software for Windows 7

windows 7 essential software

Windows 7 beta has come out surprisingly well. There’s no doubt that Microsoft has something really solid in it’s hands. I have been using Windows 7 beta ever since it came out. So far I have been impressed by this good looking, feature-packed and stable operating system. Something I really didn’t expect after a monkey experience tackling Windows Vista.

I have compiled a small list of essential software for your Windows 7 installation. When installed on a Windows 7 machine, these software should make your computing safe, efficient and power packed.

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16 Really Cool Things in Windows 7 Beta!

1. Problem Steps Recorder

This is one major troubleshooting tool that could prove to be heavenly for those poor chaps at technical support. A software developer’s nightmare turned into a chocolate dream. Problem Steps recorder has been introduced by Microsoft in Windows 7. It records the steps executed by the user which is quite useful for troubleshooting. Although it may seem like just another screen capturing program but this nifty tool records those smooth moves that go behind the scenes as well.

2. Windows Aero Shake

Shake seems to be the buzz word. First it was Apple’s iPhone then it was Sony Ericsson’s Walkman phones with the shake feature and now Windows Aero dances to the shake tune. When you have several windows open on your Windows 7 desktop and you want to minimize all others while keeping one window active, you simply point your cursor to the title, hold the cursor and shake it using your mouse. Whoa!

3. Taskbar

The all new improved Windows 7 taskbar is one of the major visible cosmetic changes Microsoft introduced with Windows 7. I find the taskbar quite useful and enhanced as compared to Windows Vista. You can easily switch to the Windows Vista type taskbar easily. You can pin programs to the taskbar, arrange them, check out recent activities for a particular program, full window preview and lots more. A very handy feature indeed.

4. Windows Themes

Somehow I really like the themes in Windows 7. Being a developer I used to hate themes no matter what. To me a better performing system is right on the top priority when compared to a better looking one. I’d rather have an ugly desktop filled with chaos rather than shiny mountains or fishes dancing around on the desktop eating away all my system resources. But Windows 7 somehow changed me. I’m having zero performance issues (with themes installed) as compared to the same amount of system resources I used in Windows Vista. I also like the one click theme installation in Windows 7.
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Get your Windows 7 Beta Product Key!

windows 7 public beta product key
Microsoft seems to have delayed the release of Windows 7 Beta on their website due to the excessive volume of traffic on their servers. Currently they’re in the process of adding more servers to enable people to download Windows 7 Beta. In the meanwhile you can download Windows 7 Beta using any of the direct download links available [WORKING]. Download the file and install your copy of Windows 7 Beta without entering a product key.

To get a product key you have two options. You can either wait, I know you can’t. Or you can try your luck. Here’s what you can do;

The following steps worked for me:
1. Login in you Passport account, for example, here.
2. Without closing the Passport page, open one of the following in a new tab:
Windows 7 Beta 32-bit
Windows 7 Beta 64-bit
[From: LifeHacker]

You’ll get an error but you have to keep trying until you get the product key. Once you get the product key you can activate Windows 7 Beta. Hope it works for you. Worked for me! 😛

Windows 7 Beta: Download Guide

It’s official. Steve Ballmer has announced the availability of Windows 7 Beta at the Consumer Electronics Show 2009 in Vegas. I’m already using the Windows 7 Beta on my laptop for the past couple of days. So far Windows 7 Beta is rock solid stable. The performance is much better than Windows Vista and Windows XP.

How to download Windows 7 Beta Download?

The Windows 7 Beta is available to TechNet and MSDN subscribers from today itself. For the rest of the public the public beta shall be available from Friday i.e 9 January 2009. So anyone can legally download their copy of Windows 7 Beta from the official Windows 7 web page. Remember that Windows 7 Beta will be available for a limited time only and to the first 2.5 million people only. I’ll post the download link right here once it is available so you can bookmark this page.

Here is the direct link to download Windows 7 Beta. Click here!

Direct Download Links: [Right click and choose ‘Save target as’ option. Open in IE or Firefox only]

Windows 7 x86 (32bit)

Windows 7 x64 (64 bit)

Is it legal to download Windows 7 Beta?

It’s totally legal mate! You must register and download from the Microsoft website only.

How can I install Windows 7 Beta?

Just like any other operating system. Windows 7 Beta installation is not rocket science. It is fairly easy to install and setup Windows 7 Beta on any system. The minimum system requirements are the same as Windows Vista. You can take a look at my installation review.

How can I find a serial key and activate Windows 7 Beta?

You will be provided with a Windows 7 Beta serial key once you register for downloading the public beta on the Microsoft website on Friday. You can then enter this serial key once you’re done with the installation and activate your copy of Windows 7 Beta. Please note that the Windows 7 Beta will expire on 1 August 2009.

More on Windows 7 Beta:

Windows 7 Beta Installation
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What’s new in Windows 7 ?

Windows 7 Beta: What all is new?

Kernel: Microsoft’s Windows 7 beta includes an enhanced kernel as compared to it’s predecessor Windows Vista. Windows 7 is supposed to include the MinWin kernel Microsoft demonstrated earlier last year. It’s clear that Windows 7 supports parallel processing capabilities, which will be implemented as .NET 4.0.

windows 7 beta review sensors

Sensors: Windows 7 includes a new facility called Sensors which can be used for broadcasting your location to your friends, letting programs know about your location to enable them to offer customized content. This may raise a few privacy-concerned eyebrows but this facility, like other useless stuff, can be shut down.

windows 7 beta review user account control

Improved User Account Control: Microsoft introduced the User Account Control feature with it’s Windows Vista operating system. It has been completely transformed from a buggy monster to a well mannered functionality. Now you have four different notification options for this feature. You can either turn off notifications completely or you can choose to be notified at various levels when a program tries to install or make changes to your computer.
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Windows 7 Beta Review: First Impressions

Once you’re done installing Windows 7 beta you are greeted with a sexier and improved desktop as compared to Windows Vista. The new taskbar stands out visibly. Here’s a review of the first impressions I’ve had using Windows 7 beta.


1. Improved sexy new taskbar

windows 7 beta taskbar review

The new improved taskbar is straight out of the Mac style books. No more active windows clutter on the taskbar as all active windows are grouped under the program icon on the new taskbar. There are full page previews available on the taskbar as your hover through the icons. Pretty neat but it could be a whole lot better than this in the final cut.

2. Go jumping with Jump Lists!

windows 7 beta jump lists review

Time is money and most of the times you want to get to files real quick. Microsoft has been kind enough by introducing better jump lists with Windows 7. Now you can quickly reach recently edited files, websites, favourite programs at a click of a button.

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Windows 7 Beta Review: Installation

microsoft windows 7 beta 1 reviewFormerly codenamed Blackcomb and Vienna, Windows 7 is Microsoft’s latest operating system. Windows 7 was announced in 2007 after the launch of it’s predecessor Windows Vista. Microsoft claims Windows 7 would not vomit compatibility issues at the user and it’ll be an incremental update to the previous operating system from Microsoft. Windows 7 is believed to be more user centric than previous operating systems from Microsoft. Some of the major enhancements incorporated into Windows 7 are support for multi-touch display, brand new shiny Windows Shell with a shinier taskbar, performance improvements and a whole lot of sugary stuff Microsoft claims, just like they did in their previous operating systems. An operating system is like a woman in your life. Every new one is supposed to be better than the previous one. You realize the truth only after a passage of time.

I got my hands on Windows 7 Beta 1 (build 6.1.7000.0.081212-1400), the one that is rumored to be released widely later during January. The Beta 1 is similar to the M3 versions released to the testers earlier. This beta version is quite stable as compared to the M3 releases and the code can easily qualify for a release candidate build. I’ve tested the previous builds and this one I must say is quite stable and a performance booster. I’ll be posting my reviews on Windows 7 Beta 1 every single day. Let’s start with the installation part today!
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