A Note About Online Safety For Girls

online privacyPicture this – A guy is happily surfing the web when he suddenly notices one of those cheap-shot advertisements for adult phone-friend networks. There’s nothing shocking about it – except that the ad carries the photograph of someone he knows. His sister! The ad carries his sister’s photo in such a way that it appears inviting, with a text on it that says, “Call Me Now – ***”.

How did his sister’s photo land on an advertisement for such a company? The so called friendship network somehow got hold of his sister’s photograph, which appears to be self-shot using a phone camera, and pasted it on one of their ads. This ad could be appearing for millions of other users too. The guy panics and confronts his sister.

His sister reveals that the photo used on the ad was shared by her sometime back with another guy who she used to chat with. She never met the guy in real, she only talked to him over the phone or online messaging tools.
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Sachin: How We Lost Him

sachin retirement

Almost all of us have faced that familiar phenomenon called the ‘fair-weather friend’; people surrounding us during the good times, abandoning us in the bad times. The opportunists are the ones the mothers tell one to be most careful around: the glib talkers, the flatterers and the like. Almost everyone today has an axe to grind, and the level to which many a people would go to achieve some of those ends is truly remarkable.

That is how Sachin Tendulkar would have perceived the world around in the last days of his career as an ODI player. People ranging to his evergreen critics, to the gullible ones who believed that Ricky Ponting’s retirement was a sign for him to follow suit had long asked him to sheath his cricketing blade for good.
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This Diwali GO Green!

green diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights, the Indian Christmas, is finally here! I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very happy Diwali and may God bless you all with pure happiness. On a personal note I’d like to make a tiny little request. This year show that you care for the environment. Be sensible, you don’t have to burst crackers to express your joy, light up your place well and share your joy with everyone around you. Let’s all have a green Diwali this year!

Happy Diwali again! 🙂

Delhi and Mumbai

Mumbai: Yo baby..check out my new cool sea-link I got!
Delhi: Ah! It’s over rated.

Mumbai: Waddya mean?
Delhi: All I see is a bunch of lunatics trying to hop on and off the damn thing. Plus you spent a whole lot of hard earned tax money on it while taking a helluva time!

Mumbai: Nah! You’re just jealous, you ain’t got nothing cool.
Delhi: Oh yeah?! I just allowed homos some freedom.

Mumbai: Ah! That’s coz you’re gay.
Delhi: Oye teri bhain $#@$#..ZZZZzzz.zzZZZZZ…

Mumbai: What the…?
Delhi: DDdzzZZZZzzzz..damn power cut.

Chadiis for Sri Ram Sena this Valentines!

pink chadii campaignAlright girls it’s time to take out all those pink chadiis (underwear) and throw them at Sri Ram Sena’s sick faces. No I haven’t been hooked to booze lately. The Pink Chadii Campaign has been kicked off by a bunch of girls with brains ,called Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women, on Feb 5, 2009. It’s a fun way of fighting back at men who think the world must be girl-free. As per these kind of men, girls must not indulge in pubbing or clubbing as it’s not a part of our Indian culture. Yes our Indian culture does include these men doing the same thing and also beating the crap out of innocent women just trying to have a little fun.

The campaign aims to send pink colored chadiis to Sri Ram Sena for their immense love shown to the women in Mangalore and their broad perspective of the place women deserve in out culture. In addition the girls behind the campaign have also planned a Pub Bharo movement. Very interesting! I’m packing up my pink chadiis and sending it off.
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All about booking your Tata Nano car!

The wait is over folks, it’s here. Well almost! The bookings for the World’s cheapest car, Tata Nano, are expected to open by the end of this month. Tata might start a limited production of Nano from different locations to make sure it can roll out the first Tata Nano by the end of March 2009 until the mother plant comes up in Gujrat. Here’s all that you need to know about booking the Tata Nano car.

book tata nano car questions answers
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An Open Letter To Barkha Dutt and NDTV

Dear Barkha,

I hope that you find some time to read this letter. I know you must be enjoying reading so much about you in the Indian Blogosphere. So much for ‘shoddy journalism’ Barkha! As a girl I really admired your presence in the Indian media. You were one of the many reasons I used to prefer NDTV over other crappy news channels in India. But not any more. The recent incident where you and NDTV sued an Indian blogger Chyetanya Kunte for no reason left me in a bad taste. So the people who brag about such standards of freedom of speech suddenly find themselves getting down and dirty with the whole freedom of expression thing.

I hope you’ve found yourself satisfied Barkha but I’m not. Neither are the thousands of Indian bloggers, lakhs of people who eventually got to read that post Kunte originally wrote. So here’s my verdict on the whole issue;

NO NDTV for me now. NO Barkha Dutt for me now. NO NDTV for all my friends, family and online buddies. This doesn’t make any impact on your TRPs but even if it makes a 0.01% impact on your lame minds, I’ll be a happy person.

With love,

Your ex-fan!

Satyam Shivam Sundaram

A leading Indian outsourcing company Satyam had inflated it’s earnings and assets. A revelation made by the company’s co-founder and chairman, Ramalinga Raju, made Satyam the most talk about company of the day as it bought the company down to it’s knees. The Indian stock market roiled as the industry went into a turmoil. Raju made this revelation in a resignation letter he sent to the board of directors of the company on Wednesday.

As per Raju 50.4 billion rupees of the 53.6 billion rupees listed in the company’s assets for the second quarter were non existing. Now that’s a whopping amount of money. The incident could have some serious effects on the huge Indian outsourcing industry which is already experiencing economic slowdowns. Satyam employees now fear losing their jobs. It is obvious that Satyam would be acquired by a bigger company in the near future. So if you were thinking of getting placed in Satyam during this placement season, forget it.

So Mr. Raju tried to do an Enron in India and thought he could get away. Wait till they fry your ass in jail you moron. Satyam’s share prices fell by as much as 70%. The investors would be some angry people right now.