Tata Sky Goes High Definition (HD)

tata sky hd

Tata Sky has launched it’s High Definition services in India. Tata Sky HD offers high picture quality, 5.1 surround sound and Tata’s promise of great after sales support. Tata Sky HD includes 1080i resolution at an aspect ratio of 16:9. As of now there are only two channels available in HD. These include Discovery HD and National Geographic HD. As per Tata Sky HD even Star Plus and Star Movies is set to go HD soon.
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So Who Wants to Marry Rakhi Sawant?

marry rakhi sawant on national tv

News for all you Rakhi Sawant fans out there. Now you can bring your favorite drama queen home! All you have to do is woo her on national television, survive the show and you get to marry one of the most popular and talked about creature on national television. Rakhi Sawant is all set to choose between 15 prospective grooms on a brand new reality show called Rakhi Ka Swayamvara on national television. Rakhi had earlier broken up with her previous boyfriend. I guess that also made it to one of the TV channels.
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5 American TV Shows we Indians Love!


heroes tv show in india

We Indians love to watch superheros. We’ve always been used to the epic Ramayan and the Mahabharat. Heroes just fulfills that modern day hunger for something supernatural. Watching ordinary people with extraordinary capabilities adds to the icing on the cake.

Desperate Housewives

desperate housewives tv show in india

Desperate Housewives is like any other Indian saas-bahu show but with an ultra glossy look, interesting stories and rich characters. All that comedy-drama thing really keeps one glued to their TV screens craving for some more bitching housewives’ secrets.
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How to Watch TV Online?

watching mtv india online

I’ve tried a lot of tools and utilities for watching TV online but sadly none of them worked for me. Recently I came across another AnyTV Player and decided to give it a try. There are two versions of the program. One is paid and supports certain TV channels which are locked in the free version of the software. The free version is easy to download and install.

Using the free version you can watch thousands of TV channels online along with some radio channels as well. I tried watching some Indian TV channels and it really worked well. You’ll need a broadband connection to watch these TV channels online. I’m using a 256 kbps connection but I’ll recommend you use a 512 kbps broadband connection for optimal performance. You can download the player here.

So who is the MTV Roadies 6 Winner?

mtv roadies 6 winner

MTV Roadies 6 is now left with just 10 contestants out of the 20 hell mates selected during auditions. This year’s edition of MTV Roadies has not even been close to the standards set by the previous seasons. The show is almost half way and Raghu Ram is expected to show up during the next episode this Saturday. I’m expecting some wild card entries and announcements on the Australian edition of the show. And since we’re half way during this season of MTV Roadies it is obvious that every single day you get mails, text and IMs about who won MTV Roadies 6. Do you want to know who won MTV Roadies 6? Come in!
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