Essential Software for Windows 7

windows 7 essential software

Windows 7 beta has come out surprisingly well. There’s no doubt that Microsoft has something really solid in it’s hands. I have been using Windows 7 beta ever since it came out. So far I have been impressed by this good looking, feature-packed and stable operating system. Something I really didn’t expect after a monkey experience tackling Windows Vista.

I have compiled a small list of essential software for your Windows 7 installation. When installed on a Windows 7 machine, these software should make your computing safe, efficient and power packed.


A security software is a must-have for every Windows based machine. There are new loopholes discovered everyday and there are losers out there who’d want to get on your nerves. It’s very important to secure yourself with an anti-virus, anti-spyware and a powerful firewall. I recommend a single program that includes all these as it’s more convenient and there are no compatibility issues also.

– Kaspersky for Windows 7
– Norton 360 Version 3.0
– AVG’s Antivirus

Web Browsers

Windows 7 includes Internet Explorer 8. But then Internet Explorer is as ugly as your ex-girlfriend. Then there are security issues with IE 8, all the time. It makes sense to go for a less hungry, faster and more secure web browser.

– Google Chrome
– Mozilla Firefox
– Opera

Media Players

Windows 7 includes Windows Media Player 12 and MPEG 4 decoder by default, which is quite decent. But if you ask me I’ll say WMP 12 is fat ass and the MPEG 4 decoder in Windows 7 beta is quite sloppy. You can install a lighter media player and save that physical memory for other hot applications.

– VLC Media Player
– Apple Quicktime

CD/DVD Burning Software

Although Windows 7 includes a handy tool for burning .ISO based image files directly to a CD/DVD, you’ll still need a standalone program for burning a CD/DVD as per your own taste. You can also use the drag and drop feature to burn a CD/DVD but that’s totally uncool!

– Nero 9
– Roxio CD/DVD Burner

Document/Presentations Manager

This is a must-have for every machine and I don’t think I even need to mention it here. But still.

– Microsoft Office 2007/2003
– OpenOffice
– Adobe Acrobat Reader

[This list is still a primary one and I’ll be adding more software here. Also feel free to make your recommendations and suggestions using the comments section below.]

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  1. “Media player classic” would be a good addition to your list of multimedia players. Its fast and goes easy on your machine’s resources. The interface is similar to the windows media player 7.xx which used to come with win98. Besides, MPC gives you a lot of extended options to tweak it up to your needs. If you install k-lite codec pack (another essential for all audio/video junkies), MPC comes along with it as a default player.

  2. I have windows 7 on my home computer and it works just fine. So far, the only time I really have any noticeable issue is when I try to use iTunes. The taskbar seems to flicker randomly whenever iTunes is on.
    I’m not a big fan of iTunes, but gotta use it because its the only software that will let me add stuff on ipod touch.

    As far as antiviruses are concerned, I tried kaspersky for windows 7. Its complicated, blocks out a lot of stuff, takes up a lot of your time if you wanna configure it the way you want to. I finally ended up with Avast Home and it works like a charm.

    Harry ,will keep adding my 2 cents to this post from time to time. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂

  3. This is a totally basic set of tpools for any computer. I was thinking you’d have a little more in terms of something to add functionality to Windows 7 per the title…

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