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live on campus contest

We all have some precious moments with our friends at college, captured in photographs that speak for themselves. Live On Campus is running an interesting photo challenge on it’s Facebook fan page. All you have to do is upload one or more of your favorite moments with your campus buddies on their wall, tag your friends (if any) and add a description to your photos. The photos with the maximum likes and comments win some exciting prizes which include an action packed adventure trip to Rishikesh (camping and rafting), digital photos frames, large sized prints on photos etc. and even more.
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Dhirubhai Ambani Stanford Scholarship 2010

It’s that time of the year again for all MBA aspirants! As if sweating it out for GMAT preparations wasn’t enough you now have to care about where are you going to get the dough to make you financially sound for the likes of Stanford. Dhirubhai Ambani Stanford Fellowship is a ray of hope for all MBA aspirants who have what it takes to make it there but cannot arrange the funds for college.

The fellowship covers 100% tuition fee incurred at Stanford Global School of Business as well as all the other fee payable while applying and attending the program at Stanford. It comes out to be around $85,000 for a single student and $95,000 for a married student. This program only accepts five candidates each year. Students are bound to come back to India after their MBA is over to work in the country for at least two years.
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How Indian Engineering Students Spend Time?

indian engineering students statistic

Interesting piece of research work we’ve carried out at HarryJerry. Although the data varies as we move from upper level universities down to the you-know-what-level engineering universities in India. This pretty much gives a not-so-rosy picture but then truth is always bitter, or whatever.

Engineering College Placements – The Salary

While sitting for an interview at an Indian B-grade engineering college you don’t talk about the salary. No sir, no way.

Interviewer – Alright you can go now. We’ll let you know if you’ve been selected soon.
Interviewee- But sir should we discuss salary now or after the selection?
Interviewer – [with a puzzled look] Salary?
Interviewee- Yes sir I believe I must sort it out so I can choose a company accordingly.
Interviewer – Just where do you think you are? You’re not sitting inside an IIT mister! This is not a 500,000 grand a year job we’re talking about here. You need to take off that thinking cap of yours and come to terms with the reality here. You’re the ones who chant unemployment slogans when you don’t get jobs. You’re the kind of people who would commit suicides for not making it to the top. You’re the ones you curse IITians. You’re the one who gives the whole engineering graduates a bad name. Just what in this world do you people think? Is it the movies that’s corrupting your brains or what? [and he went on]

As reported by Mr. Trehan, an upcoming software engineer.

Prometric Sends Letters to CAT 2009 Aspirants

It appears that Prometric has sent letters to CAT 2009 aspirants. It appears that the letter contains a personal note on why Prometric failed at providing a perfect student experience and also possible chances of a re-test. We’ve got hold of one of these letters and posted them here. We wish all the students good luck for their MBA entrance. Check out the complete letter here.

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10 Fresh Words from Urban Dictionary

urban words india
Face base

The point in a romantic relationship when pictures of the couple begin to appear on Facebook, and or when the relationship status changes to “In a relationship”.

Airplane mode

When someone cuts themselves off from the world by not logging on to Facebook or checking their cell phones. Usually occurs after a breakup or a rough work week.


Content is considered appropriate enough to be viewed by the general public of the facebook community i.e friends/significant others/family/coworkers without having to worry about explaining a sketchy situation

Facebook Official

The ultimate definition of a college relationship – when on one’s facebook profile it says “In A Relationship” and your significant other’s name.
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Engineering Graduates Are Unemployable. Duh!

engineering jobsA recent survey carried out by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and the World Bank suggests that 64% of the surveyed employers find engineering graduates of no use. Or in simple terms fresh engineering graduates are dumb asses. The report claims that a major skill gap exists which requires engineering colleges and institutions to focus on the employability factor.

The results of the survey are not surprising. In a country where engineering colleges are producing tens of thousands of fresh engineering graduates every year, there’s a clear understanding that somehow these factors shall remain untouched. Private engineering colleges have become roadside dhabas. There’s one after every few kilometers on either side of the road. It’s easier to get admission in an engineering college than anywhere else provided your Dad has a bank balance.
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The Great Indian GRE Dream – Part 1

preparing for gre/gmat

As I sit here writing this article I’m sure there are thousands if not millions of students back there in India who are currently preparing for their GRE/GMAT exams. The urge to go abroad just never ends. Studying abroad is simply an excuse. At first thought when you thought of going abroad for studies, the only thing that could come in your silly mind was not studies itself but hundreds of those green things, those chicks, that life, the life we download every single day in episodes as sitcoms and sit in front of our PCs laughing away and hoping one day you’ll get your own ticket abroad. Here’s a reality check for you kids. The Great Indian GRE dream is nothing close to what you’d imagine it to be. It’s a whole new world out there. There are so many misconceptions that are hard wired into our brains by fellow students, agents, so called immigration consultants etc. that we just don’t use 1% of our brain to think real. So Zordy, the lord of the good world, had to issue an advisory. I’ll cover it in 2-3 parts as long as I can find time from my busy schedule (I like using the world schedule here, it sounds I have something real to do).
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