Confessions of a Dyslexic Lover

true love story

People who are a 360 degrees part of me, my friends, relatives and my colleagues at the campus – they all believe that I am the last person they would expect to fall in love. Why? Every one is of the opinion that I am not too serious about being in a relationship. How? They have formed this opinion over the years that they’ve known me. They find me too jolly to be a part of someone’s life for a long time. Doesn’t make sense? If you’ve been a regular on this blog then you might have a similar opinion about me as well.

This Valentine’s Day I regret to inform you that your opinions and calculations about what goes on in the love section of my brain are completely false. Baseless to the core.

I have silently been in love over the past five years. And this is my love story, so far of course.

Confessions of a Dyslexic Lover
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5 Girls To Avoid Dating This Valentines Day

1. Miss Attitude

miss attitudeThis is quite a common genre of girls every guy comes across at least several times in his life. Miss Attitude is what I call this type of woman. She ain’t perfect, she ain’t got it all but Johnny boy she’s got herself an attitude she’s proud of. Prepare to be assaulted right from the way you dress to the way you call the captain to take the order, from the tiniest detail to that lipstick stain on the jacket you recycled from last year’s Valentines. She’s got a problem with everything. She’ll show her attitude even if the chef throws in a tiny pinch of extra sugar in the pastry. No gift can pass her. No gift can please her attitude. She’ll accept it whole halfheartedly and claim she’s had better. Makes you wonder what creatures could have possibly tamed such a tigress in the past. A must-skip for any Valentines day.

2. Miss I-Am-Angry

angry girl These are over-spoilt girls. They get angry at the drop of a hat. You forgot flowers? You didn’t buy them a drink? You didn’t bring along a gift? What did you say? Prepare to get assaulted. You need to pay extra attention and be a good listener to survive a date with this kind of girl. You must follow their commands like a slave. You must make sure you don’t press the trigger. It’s all about finding the trigger button. If you can find what makes this girl angry and suppress it then you can take the bull by the horns. I’ll suggest you avoid people like this. You cannot afford to go feeling awkward while she bashes you verbally (or at times physically) on a Valentines day. Someone like this needs anger management classes and not a boyfriend.
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This Valentine’s Day – Wear a Heart-y!

valentines day gift

Looking to buy something cool to gift this Valentine’s day? Well Preet Arjun Singh from Chandigarh has something fresh to offer. He suggests you buy a ‘hearty’, a hand crafted pin-up made from jute and waste cloth by local women empowerment groups. How cool is that?

Each hearty represents a unique mood as well. There are four different colors, black, red, purple and green (or lemonish, I can’t make out clearly). All four colors stand for separate meanings. Like the black one is for those who’re sick of eve-teasing, red is for national integrity and more.

What’s even cooler is that each hearty costs just Rs.10 each. And (open your eyes for this one), in case you’re so stuck up in debt (of course due to your girlfriend’s gift purchases) that you can’t afford one, you can drop these guys a mail and they’ll buy you one!
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Well…as promised to Harry, here is my first ever blog post and to begin with, all what I write or ever wrote for my college magazines, dad’s college magazine (yes I did get my article published in someone else’s name lately..!!) and last but not the least for myself, I dedicate them all to the almighty, family, to you harry and to my friends.
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How to Find a Date this Valentine’s Day?

find a date for valentines

Looking for a date for this Valentine’s day? Join the gang buddy! Valentine’s Day is almost here. The newspapers, websites, blogs, forums etc. add salt to your ‘single’ wounds. You have remained single throughout the year and all of a sudden when you look around and find no one besides you, your heart starts beating faster and sends a pulse to your brain that tells you, ‘You f’ing moron! Go find a good girl for yourself.’

Finding that perfect date for Valentine’s day is a nut job. You need to crack it or get cracked. OK that was a bad PJ! Anyways let’s talk about how to find that perfect date for Valentine’s day. Remember your date is supposed to last a couple of hours and it doesn’t matter if she decides to stay with you or not. Just stick to the plan. Don’t screw things up and make sure the date lasts through the entire day.

Here’s how to find a date for this Valentine’s Day;

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The Perfect Boyfriend doesn’t exist!

the perfect boyfriend

That’s right people the title says it all. As junior school science teachers taught you with a stink in their hands that there is no such thing as an ideal machine, it’s true that there is no such thing as a perfect boyfriend. There are always some kind of losses on the path of love. Sometimes the effeciency sucks so bad that the loss overtake the gain.

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The Joys of staying Single!

the joys of staying single couple relationships

Being in the final year of your graduation can be really frustrating. Your mind is stuffed with all sorts of things that increase your blood pressure to the top. On top of it if you have your parents pushing you into a marriage, you’re in for trouble big time baby! Now I agree most of the times this is the case with the chicks around, all that parents pushing in an early marriage stuff. In my case, or I must say, poor Zoravar’s case it’s the opposite. My parents are keen on getting me ‘at least engaged’ to some chick I don’t know, chick I have never met or seen or even talked to.

I have always voted for staying single in my entire life. Not that I was one of those ugly ducklings at school or college. I have known people who were and who are into relationships. Trust me dude, you don’t wanna be in any of those. Chicks dig the crap out of a guy. They will make you do things you just dont want to. They will call you at the wrong times. They will ask you for those more-than-just-favor things. They will track you down wherever you go. They will ask you all those stupuid WH questions. They will take total control over you.

Ahhh! I need to clear some air with my parents. They just can’t get a poor kid married to some chick like that. But first I need to ask them if she’s really hot! How do I do that?! Any ideas?!


Sometimes I feel like holding your hands,
to feel that warmth of your love…
…holding your hands forever.

Sometimes I feel like staring at you,
to admire your beautiful sweet smiling face…
…staring at you forever.

Sometimes I feel like playing with your hair,
to feel that soft silky touch…
…playing with your hair forever.

Sometimes I feel like holding you tight in my arms,
to feel your never ending love…
…holding you tight forever.

Sometimes I feel like spilling some more cola,
to see that smile on your face each time I do it…
…spilling the cola forever.

Sometimes I feel like telling you how much I love you Princess,
to hear you say that you love me too…
…saying I love you forever.

I love you my Princess!
I love you!

Something I wrote sometime back. It’s still pretty close to my heart. Original post.