Breaking Bad – The Indian Walter White

breaking bad poster

Quite a story here. It almost looks like this guy was inspired by the popular TV series Breaking Bad. But I doubt if he’s seen a single episode. The nexus seems pretty strong involving sports stars, top Punjab politicians, cops, NRIs and folks who cannot be named.

The modus operandi seems quite impressive too. Synthetic drugs like methamphetamine produced and then distributed through a tight network regulated and blessed by the very people who were supposed to keep these criminals behind bars.

The Indian Walter White is the former wrestler turned cop turned drug lord — Jagdish Bhola — currently arrested and a police case filed against him. Cops maintain that he wanted to invest the money earned from selling drugs in Bollywood and hotels. Probably even produce the Indian, if not the Punjabi, edition of Breaking Bad some day.

The drugs situation in Punjab is a well known fact. And it is really, really terrible right now. It’ll take more than one Jagdish Bhola behind bars to expose the entire network. Some folks involved wouldn’t even be arrested anytime soon.

Suddenly, a TV show on the same subject seemed so cool. But in the real world, it’s a very difficult thing to imagine.

RBI Puts More Restrictions On Credit and Debit Card Usage

credit card rules india 2013

In a country where people were just getting used to getting their credit and debit cards swiped without breaking a sweat, it’s going to get slightly harder to use plastic money. RBI (Reserve Bank of India) has unleashes another set of rules and regulations for credit/debit cards issued in India. These new rules are primarily aimed at resolving security concerns amongst unauthorized credit/debit card usage internationally.

The new rules are, for the lack of a better word, dumb. They render your credit and debit cards useless abroad. At least initially. One will need to manually get their cards signed up for international usage. So prepare to make some calls, sign on a few pieces of dead trees and plants and make that occasional trip to the local branch of the bank.
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Hello 2013!


Oh boy! 2013 is already here. This year just flew by, just like all the previous ones. I’ve had this feeling when a semester at college used to wrap up. What? It’s over? Just like that? Same happens each December when suddenly everyone starts writing “best of” stories and sharing them on Facebook and Twitter. You know the year is coming to an end.

This year I’m not going to make any resolutions. That’s an easy way to stay away from those end of the year rants about how lazy I was the whole year that I didn’t even finish accomplish a single thing. Now that doesn’t mean I’m just going to keep polishing my lazy arse throughout the year – I’m going to work hard no doubt but it won’t be following up some dreamy list of resolutions. I’d rather setup some SMART goals this year and work towards achieving each of them.
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Before you go any further, let me alert you – this is a brain fart. You would regret wasting the 3-4 minutes you spent on this blog post once you’re done reading it. So if you’re a busy person, step back right now. If you’re still reading this, gosh you really are, carry on at your own risk.
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Perfect Guys Don’t Exist. Duh!

perfect guy

On a normal day I go through about 40-50 ‘duh’ moments on the Internet. This has to be the biggest one today. It seems like it’s official now that the much wanted Mr Perfect doesn’t exist. Out of the 2000 women who took part in the poll, none of them were found to be completely happy with their guys. Well I think it’s stupid to even conduct such a poll. I could tell you there’s no Mr Perfect any day.

Let’s assume a certain Mr Perfect does exist. What happens then? I’d say the woman who gets to be with him will kill herself in the first six weeks. May be even four. Sorry to sound so dark but a perfect guy would make it impossible for the women to rant about him. If she can’t bitch about the guy, she can’t have a social life either. If she can’t have a social life, she can’t keep herself away from depression. Simple as that. It also applies vice-versa.

So relax and be happy with the kind of person you’re with right now.

North or South? Be an Indian first!


If you haven’t read this open letter today, I’d personally congratulate you for having a productive day. The letter has been addressed to ‘a Delhi boy’ and it’s signed by a Madrassi…err a south Indian girl. The girl seems like she’s totally frustrated with the folks she’s got to put up with in Delhi and that doesn’t come as a surprise to me.

You must be wondering why I’m discussing just another open letter on the web, right? Well in case you’re not a power user of the social media you’re more likely to ask this question. The answer is simple – the girl wrote a letter and it sparked off a series of fireworks across the nation. Yes, right. From the north to the south. The letter has woken up an age old debate where stupid people discuss how north or south is better than one another.
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A Lokpal For Each of India’s Problems

lokpal alternatives

Now that the entire nation has come together to fight corruption in the country I thought I can do my bit by suggestion Lokpal-like bills to change our country for the good. Remember corruption isn’t the only problem our country is facing now, there are far bigger problems plaguing our nation and we need to raise our voice now or forever stay silent.

So I am going to propose some brand new bills here to help India become a better place to live. I hope you’ll all agree, in case you don’t please don’t throw stones at the computer screen. It won’t help.
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How Can Anna Kournikova Save India?

anna hazare

Anna Kournikova may be a glamorous tennis star with a questionable career for some of you. For us, Indians, she is just another hot girl who plays tennis, looks fabulous on screen and has a fancy last name we just can’t learn how to pronounce correctly. But what does Anna have to do with saving India?

I’ll come to that a little later on. At first I’d like to bring to your notice a new yet common Indian phenomenon that is picking up TRPs all across the nation. The country is falling for one guy they think is a super hero and will save the country from everything evil. The man himself, Shri Anna Hazare has a solid reputation to back him up and he’s fighting corruption in the country. His decision to sit down on yet another fast isn’t news for many. This was expected, just like Ms Kournikova winning an imaginary tennis match.
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