Pay Per Second Billing Storms India

The phone rings. I answer it and the person on the other end sounds like his arse is on fire. But he’s just another Indian pay per second billing subscriber making the most of it. Pay per second is finally here. Although Indian users have been accustomed to dirt cheap phone calls for a long time now, pay per second has added fuel to the fire. The market is flooded with new tariff options every now and then. So how does pay per second make things green for consumers?

Let’s first take a look at how things started to roll. TRAI had earlier recommended that mobile operators in India could offer pay per second billing to reduce costs even further. Tata in collaboration with Japanese telecom major NTT DOCOMO launched their GSM based services recently under the brand name of Tata Docomo. The company surprised everyone with it’s initial offering of pay per second billing. Tata Docomo generated enough buzz to generate so much heat in other mobile operators’ pants that they had to come up with pay per second billing schemes as well. Aircel soon followed along with Airtel, Vodafone and Idea. Now state owned BSNL has also launched per second billing options.
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RCom’s Simply Reliance plan to bring tariff down

new reliance universal plan activation

Reliance is known to create a buzz in the market with dirt cheap tariff plans. They did it the last time around with their CDMA services and they’re doing it again with their freshly brewed GSM network. Reliance has introduced a universal tariff plan across all it’s telecom circles which features calls for as low as 50p to any mobile network across the country. This includes national and local SMS as well. Currently the average call charges are currently between 49p to Rs.1.50 for local and STD calls respectively.

Current prepaid customers would need to purchase a special tariff voucher worth Rs 48 and post-paid customers can avail this plan at a monthly rental of Rs 99. STD callers can make the most out of this plan. Reliance plans to convert all the existing 256 tariff plans into this universal tariff plan titled Simply Reliance. The call rates are applicable to both CDMA and GSM users.
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Aircel Mobile Services in Delhi

aircel mobile delhi review

Aircel has recently launched it’s mobile services in the Delhi circle. Aircel is already present in 14 telecom circles and boasts of 170 lakh subscribers nationwide. Aircel is a joint venture between Malaysia’s Maxis Communications and Apollo Hospital Enterprise Ltd. of India. Maxis Communications holds a majority stake of 74% in the joint venture. Aircel initially launched it’s services in Tamil Nadu in 1999. The company has recently obtained additional spectrum for 13 new circles including Delhi, Mumbai, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra & Goa, Rajasthan, Punjab, UP (West) and UP (East).
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Locate Indian Mobile Phone Numbers

track locate india mobile phone numbers Here is a nice little mobile phone based application to locate/track Indian mobile phone numbers. It can be very useful if you receive spam calls from unknown numbers. You can track the region where the number is registered as well as the service provider for any Indian mobile phone number. You simply need to enter the first 4-5 digits of a mobile phone number and it will provide you with the state, reference city and the mobile phone service provider. The application can also be used for finding out STD codes in India. The application is Java based so it will work with all mobile phones with Java installed. Please note that the application only supports locating Indian mobile phone numbers.
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Recharge Vodafone Pre-Paid Online

Being a lazy geek I have always made the best of technology while making sure my lazy bum is as comfortable as possible. So lazy that going to the nearest retailer for a pre-paid top-up seems an uphill task. I used the Axis Bank online recharging facility which failed most of the times. Then they took the service off the shelves, never to return.

While Airtel launched online bill payments a long time back, they have still haven’t done much about online pre-paid recharging. They do have a mobile payment processing system up which is a tie-up with mChek but it’s butt ugly. Seriously!

recharge vodafone prepaid mobile online
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How To Broadcast Live Video Using Mobile Phone?

bradcasting live video from mobile phone for free

You can easily broadcast live video using your mobile phone’s camera. Broadcasting a live video feed comes handy when you’re attending a conference, concert etc. which you’d love to share with your friends or everyone out there. You could have your own 24×7 live video channel over the Internet. You’ll need a compatible mobile phone along with a high speed internet access (3G or WiFi recommended) for seamless uploading.

I’ll discuss two great free applications for your mobile phone here which you can use for broadcasting live video from anywhere using your cell phone.
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BSNL Launches 3G Services in India

bsnl 3g reviewAfter MTNL, BSNL has also launched it’s 3G mobile services in India recently. BSNL has become the second mobile phone service provider in the country to offer 3G services to it’s customers. While MTNL is mainly present in the metros, BSNL is present in each and every other state including the rural sector. By launching it’s services much earlier than private operators and taking an advantage of the current mess in which 3G auctions are lying, the state owned enterprises are aiming for the larger slice of the 3G market in the country.
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Send Free SMS to Any Mobile in India

how to send free sms online

We Indians are so addicted to sending SMSes to mobiles that we just can’t imagine living without sending a couple of text messages each day. Sending SMSes or text messages to mobile phones is dirt cheap in India. Major mobile phone service providers provide special packages called SMS packs. These SMS packs offer discounted or free SMSes to mobile phone customers at a price. However there are days when you’ve run out of those SMS packs or those days when the messages go paid. Here are some websites which you can use to send free SMS to any mobile phone in India.
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5 Reasons to Avoid MTNL’s 3G Mobile Services!

mtnl 3g jadoo service review

– It’s called Jadoo. MTNL employs some of the worst marketing freaks ever known to the mankind. Their mobile phone services are called Dolphin and Garuda and stuff like that. Now go out there in a high profile business conference and tell them you’re using Jadoo 3G services. I dare you!

– It’s Rs.5 for a mega byte of data transfer on their 3G/GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA based services. They promise you a speed of about 384 kbps if you’re on the move and about 2.5 Mbps if you don’t move your ass much and stay calm. No complaints about the speeds as such. But the 5 bucks per MB of data transfer is enough to push up my blood pressure. Mind you there are no unlimited data transfer packages on their tariff list.

– Video calls are supposed to be charged at Rs. 1.8 p.m (intra network) and Rs. 3 p.m (inter network). Sounds fine? Ask the customer care if the data transfer involved in video calls is charged separately, to which an answer should be no, and they’re clueless. They’ll get into robotic modes and repeat the whole God damn tariff for you. They don’t know what data transfer means, no sir. No way! So it’s scary to use video calls as I might be sent an inflated bill by the end of the month.

– The 3G network services are only available in New Delhi’s MC areas and the NCR region of Gurgaon. MTNL promised it would launch the 3G services in the entire Delhi region and that’s what they claim when you get your connection but the gravity of the situation is tells a different story. One you zoom away from the 3G enabled region you’re greeting by the what-the-heck-is-3G towers.

– MTNL’s top of the hill-top claims that it’s 3G network is highly reliable and top notch are simply a fantasy. If you’re lured by those full page ads and you end up really subscribing to MTNL’s 3G services a.k.a Jadoo 3G then God help you. I personally regret my decision to sign up for MTNL’s 3G services. I’m now waiting for Airtel’s 3G services to launch in Delhi. I’m eager to switch to Airtel blindly. At least they’ll be better than MTNL!