Facebook Ads + Valentines Day + Great Deal = Win!

ferrero rocher

The occasion? Valentine’s Day

Platform? Facebook Ads

Advertiser? Ebay India

Deal? A 16 piece Ferrero Rocher chocolate box for Rs. 99 ( ~ Rs. 250 market price).

I was on Facebook that day when I spotted this deal on the right side. It was something young eyes would normally click at, especially around Valentine’s. Checking out the deal it was obvious that I had to spread the word (the geek that I am!) around the office as well as a few friends on Facebook. The Ebay product page said the chocolate box had sold to 51 sellers at that time.

The deal was simple. There was a coupon which allowed you to buy the box of chocolates for 99 bucks which was otherwise priced at Rs. 230 on Ebay. Which idiot wouldn’t hit the buy button on that? The only catch was that the coupon worked only with new registrations. So what? We’re Indians. And we have a thing for imported chocolates. We can register countless times to get a deal good enough like that. Landing on the page 20 minutes later showed how the deal had exploded. More than 200 people had bought it. A few hours later the number touched 900.

I was a bit skeptical at the beginning if it was one of those too good to be true deals. But then it was Ebay and there’s always an assurance. Plus, the seller had a rating you couldn’t raise a finger at. I even had people calling me up to tell me about the deal. This is one simple case of how social media, if used correctly, just works!

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