The Anatomy of an Online Sale

Who doesn’t love a good online sale? We’re all guilty of making useless irrational purchases every single time a major online retailer announces a promotional sale. I am probably one of the worst when it comes to online sales. The thing’s hit me so bad lately, I’ve decided to pen down my experience as well as my observations around each major sale. It’ll be alright if we’re not friends after you read this.

Each major online sale include four major components.
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An Update For DealsForGeeks

deals for geeks

Sometime around last month I thought I’d use of the domains lying idle in my basket, to scratch a personal itch. So DealsForGeeks was born as I teamed up with my wife to take the idea for a spin and see how things turn out.

It seems people did like the idea, and that got my brain cells going.

We received positive feedback on Twitter and Facebook. We weren’t alone when it came to hunting and sharing decent deals on the web, especially the ones we geeks love. As a result, DealsForGeeks turned profitable on day one.

The word profitable isn’t a lot tricky here because the project didn’t involve a lot of investment. At least not initially. It was more about breaking even in terms of the cost of the domain name and hosting.

Moreover we’re sharing a lot of deals where we don’t even have any affiliate hook-ups with the sellers. While that may happen eventually, we don’t want to miss out on sharing a decent deal if we think users could use them. We’ll continue doing that no matter what.

While there are an awful number of websites that do the same thing, we’re keeping DealsForGeeks different in the way it works — from handpicked deals to finding strings attached to a specific deal, we have you covered. Let’s just say we won’t list something we wouldn’t buy ourselves.

Having said that we’ve pretty much given away what we made initially in the form of a small giveaway. We used it to get some feedback that would help shape our product in the near future.

So where does it go from here? We’ve got a pretty solid pipeline — a complete redesign, partnerships with e-commerce companies (whoa!), mobile apps, better notification systems, and moreover better deals. We’re going to take baby steps, but we’re going to get there.

How Zovi Lost A Loyal Customer


I love to shop online! It has come to a stage where I’d rather sit on my lazy ass and order things online instead of walking into an actual store. Buying offline is so 1995 for me now. I’ve spent a good five figure amount on online shopping this year alone. As much as I love to shop online, I hate it when an experience turns sour.

Zovi was a discovery I used to cherish. I hopped on to their site via a Facebook ad and became a loyal customer. I loved their simple yet elegant designs and the amazing online shopping experience. Everything was so awesome…until their logistics department and a horrible customer care executive ruined it all.

My case was simple – I bought a product, wasn’t satisfied with it and wanted to exchange it under their 30 day return policy. All seemed fine until a guy from their logistics department refused to carry a normal reverse pick-up from my place. I called up customer care and they promised a pick up the very next day. Still all is well.

Problem happens the next day. No one came to pick up the package while my folks at home waited all day long. The next day one of their customer support executives told me their pick up guy got confused/misled, apparently by me. That’s hilarious because no one from Zovi or their logistics partner arrived at my place and neither did I speak to any of those. On top of everything – their customer care executive accused me of asking for something more than what I deserved. I only asked for what you promised me in the first place. Not vanilla lies.

What followed was a horrible response from both the customer service executive and their logistics department. They couldn’t even settle a good excuse amongst themselves. When you take a customer for a ride, you need to make sure you lie properly at least.

The end result – Zovi lost a loyal customer. And did they just lose one? Well if I can count correctly – they lost me, my friends, my family, most of my Twitter followers and Facebook friends whom I’d highly recommend not to buy from Zovi. So there you have it, in a connected world e-commerce isn’t what it used to be. Zovi has multiple alternatives and if they continue taking their customers for granted, nothing good is going to come out of it.

Grow up, you morons!