Facebook Launches Simple Privacy Controls. Again.

Facebook has woken up to the recent privacy buzz across the web. Facebook has been accused of providing a mesh of privacy options too hard for a person to control. Some people have even gone to the extent of working on an anti-Facebook solution due to Facebook’s recent privacy fiasco. Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg acknowledged that the earlier privacy settings were indeed complex.

Facebook will now throw a notification when the new ‘simple’ privacy settings are rolled out at the user’s face. This will comprise of a notification on the home page after a user logs in. Facebook users complained that they never really understood how to manage their settings and some of them even gave up trying to get through to the end of the tunnel. No one saw light.

funny facebook comic

Facebook’s new simple privacy settings are set to change all this. All I want from Facebook, and probably what you should also, is that Facebook should stick to this privacy framework. Constant innovations are understandable but the end result is Calculus to the poor Facebook user. Just cannot understand how to get around.

Facebook’s new simple privacy settings aim to provide one simple control that will enable Facebook users to set privacy to friends, friends of friends or everyone. This one simple control applies to all the content. Also it assigns the same privacy settings to new Facebook products implemented for the user.

Everything said and done it’s time to check out the situation on ground zero. Let’s see how ‘simple’ users actually find Facebook’s new privacy controls. *fiingers and toes crosses*

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