Thanks to Snaptu, billions of Indians could soon be on Facebook!

Facebook buys Snaptu
Facebook has acquired the Israeli startup Snaptu. The company hopes to close the deal within the next few weeks. Facebook seems to have bought Snaptu for an estimated $70 million. Snaptu brings the world of smartphone application to those who don’t actually own a smartphone. It’s applications allow users to access their social media accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc. on their Java enable feature phones. Facebook had earlier started collaborating with Snaptu on making a feature phone application for Facebook that would provide an enhanced smartphone-like experience to the end users.

While this deal may not mean a lot to the first world countries (excuse me for putting it this way but that’s a fact), it means a lot to countries like India and other subcontinent countries where there are more feature phone users than smartphone users. Well what are feature phones? Phones who aren’t smart enough. That’s one way to put it. Feature phones are the regular cheaper handsets that have less computing abilities and typically run a piece of software (Java) to run applications. India has a major chunk of feature phone users. If Facebook can get it’s application right, it might as well land up in almost every other pocket. You shouldn’t be surprised if your local fruit seller adds you on Facebook soon, for social networking might become a whole lot convenient for him soon.

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