5 Girls To Avoid Dating This Valentines Day

1. Miss Attitude

miss attitudeThis is quite a common genre of girls every guy comes across at least several times in his life. Miss Attitude is what I call this type of woman. She ain’t perfect, she ain’t got it all but Johnny boy she’s got herself an attitude she’s proud of. Prepare to be assaulted right from the way you dress to the way you call the captain to take the order, from the tiniest detail to that lipstick stain on the jacket you recycled from last year’s Valentines. She’s got a problem with everything. She’ll show her attitude even if the chef throws in a tiny pinch of extra sugar in the pastry. No gift can pass her. No gift can please her attitude. She’ll accept it whole halfheartedly and claim she’s had better. Makes you wonder what creatures could have possibly tamed such a tigress in the past. A must-skip for any Valentines day.

2. Miss I-Am-Angry

angry girl These are over-spoilt girls. They get angry at the drop of a hat. You forgot flowers? You didn’t buy them a drink? You didn’t bring along a gift? What did you say? Prepare to get assaulted. You need to pay extra attention and be a good listener to survive a date with this kind of girl. You must follow their commands like a slave. You must make sure you don’t press the trigger. It’s all about finding the trigger button. If you can find what makes this girl angry and suppress it then you can take the bull by the horns. I’ll suggest you avoid people like this. You cannot afford to go feeling awkward while she bashes you verbally (or at times physically) on a Valentines day. Someone like this needs anger management classes and not a boyfriend.

4. The Super Rich Super Girl
super rich girl

She’s got money, oh honey. Nothing pleases her more than brooding over her enormous wealth she acquired from her hard working ancestors who died working hard making just enough money that some day their grand grand daughter could buy herself a liposuction surgery. These girls can be a lot of mess. Don’t take it for granted that they’re rich and they’ll pay the check. You’ll have to take her to an expensive place and pay for it as well. As if surviving the date with Miss Richie Rich wasn’t enough.

4. The Kiddish Girl

kiddish girlAnd you thought only guys were kiddish. These are Daddy’s dolls who’ll drag you to the phone booth every one hour to call up dad and tell me how wonderful your date has been so far. Not to forget the GPS-loving dad who keeps a track on every move his lovely girl makes. You dare take this girl out for a drive uphill into a lonely corner, he’ll be right behind you with you-know-what kind of stuff. Also if you were planning on getting all mushy this Valentines with such a girl forget it. These types of girls just don’t get it. Also you might wanna keep come cotton with you. That’s for the tone these girls carry, who knows you might just have to listen to nursery rhymes all over again. She expects you to carry around a chocolate and candies in your pocket at all times. A must-avoid this Valentines Day.

5. Miss Sati Savritri

miss sati savirtriLet me define a typical Miss Sati Savitri for you. A girl who covers every millimeter of her skin with her grandma gifted traditional suits, repeats hanji (yes) after anything you say, doesn’t let you come close to a radius of 20 cm around her is one such girl. Although it’s an endangered species in India but some of them do exist in smaller towns. I remember one of my friends was so desperate that he stuck to one such girl and ultimately when this one time he took her to a Valentine’s party and she freaked out. Another issue with this type of girls is that they’re hyper sensitive. They’re like those touch-me-not plants. Too much emotions, no fun loving creatures and mostly like to date at safe places. A must-no for this Valentines day.

Spread the love. BTW I’m single, available and hungry this Valentines day. Anyone around Manchester is more than welcome!

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