Qadbury Bournville Dark Chocolate

quadbury bournville dark chocolate in india review

I tried Qadbury Bourville last week and it simply blew up my mind. I have had dark chocolate in the past which was mostly imported chocolates my relatives bought from abroad. I have never had something so rich and so smooth like this before. The last time I had a dark chocolate it was a Belgium dark chocolate and it was nothing compared to this beauty!

Bourville is prices at Rs. 75 each in India which is quite a price for a chocolate but she is totally worth it. You can indulge in some dark chocolate fantasy once in a while for that kind of price. The last time I tried the one with almonds and this time it’s raisins and nuts.

She trule makes me go ‘Yummmmmmyyy….!’

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  1. hey dude!! reminds of that day at spencer’s!!! haha!! they had it stocked with that stuff!!!! but ahem…. ahem… we couldnt quite afford to sniff it that time!

  2. Hyyeeee Hi Guyssss & Galssss…The Chocolate is very tasty and yuummmyyyy..Firstly, I preseted this Chocolate to My Dearest One……(Girl Friend)… And she likes a loooottttttt………

    I Hope every one like the taste and richness of Chocolate…….

    with Love

    Ramana !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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