Hey 2011! Where are the flying cars?

man on moon

2011 is here. I look outside the window from the second floor and I see no flying cars or anything resembling shiny flying objects. They’ve been promising this to us for ages now. I demand all science fiction writers, future predicting pundits and gurus to be taken out of their comfortable penthouses and made to answer my one little question – is this the future?

Forgive me for crying out loud but I think it’s high time someone made some noise. I remember being in middle school when my teachers promised that the future would indeed be like a science-fiction-movie-came-true. Indeed James Cameron was still busy with Titanic that time. We’ve put the man on moon, sent countless missions to outer space and even blew up some nasty expensive rockets and stuff out there but not a single flying object other than an airplane.

My question is – how long do we wait until we really get to a point where science fiction becomes a reality? How many births do we need to take to be born into that era where everything is just about perfect? Or am I asking for too much? Heck yeah!

If you think from a very positive mindset you’ll see we have started to ship out products that will make that science-fiction-world that we’ve been dreaming about. Advanced versions of iPhones, Android devices, slick tablets, faster broadband networks and yes of course, flying machines (if not saucers). Whatever the future may look like, one thing is for certain – we’re certainly not in it, not as of now.

Happy new year btw 😉

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