This Valentine’s Day – Wear a Heart-y!

valentines day gift

Looking to buy something cool to gift this Valentine’s day? Well Preet Arjun Singh from Chandigarh has something fresh to offer. He suggests you buy a ‘hearty’, a hand crafted pin-up made from jute and waste cloth by local women empowerment groups. How cool is that?

Each hearty represents a unique mood as well. There are four different colors, black, red, purple and green (or lemonish, I can’t make out clearly). All four colors stand for separate meanings. Like the black one is for those who’re sick of eve-teasing, red is for national integrity and more.

What’s even cooler is that each hearty costs just Rs.10 each. And (open your eyes for this one), in case you’re so stuck up in debt (of course due to your girlfriend’s gift purchases) that you can’t afford one, you can drop these guys a mail and they’ll buy you one!

To order your hearty for Valentines day you can send a text in the following format to +91-


I’m not sure if they’re shipping nationally as of now, feel free to drop them a mail at [email protected] for more information.

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