How to Find a Date this Valentine’s Day?

find a date for valentines

Looking for a date for this Valentine’s day? Join the gang buddy! Valentine’s Day is almost here. The newspapers, websites, blogs, forums etc. add salt to your ‘single’ wounds. You have remained single throughout the year and all of a sudden when you look around and find no one besides you, your heart starts beating faster and sends a pulse to your brain that tells you, ‘You f’ing moron! Go find a good girl for yourself.’

Finding that perfect date for Valentine’s day is a nut job. You need to crack it or get cracked. OK that was a bad PJ! Anyways let’s talk about how to find that perfect date for Valentine’s day. Remember your date is supposed to last a couple of hours and it doesn’t matter if she decides to stay with you or not. Just stick to the plan. Don’t screw things up and make sure the date lasts through the entire day.

Here’s how to find a date for this Valentine’s Day;

Start hitting on your friends’ girlfriends. Now this is one thing I don’t recommend but since I personally follow this as a religion (sorry buddies), I think I must share it here. Now you all must be wondering why go for something so insane like this when the girl is already committed? Now here’s the juice (no added flavors). Girls who are committed, if I could put this correctly, some girls who call themselves committed or taken don’t mind experimenting stuff. Sometimes they do it to make their boyfriends jealous and sometimes just for the heck of it. But they all do it sometime or the other. Mind you they won’t call, going out with you on Valentine’s Day, a date but they’ll do all that one could possibly do on a date. It’s like having Vodka with a glass labeled milk.

It’s time to look for old friends and flames. This always works. Look for old school/college mates on Facebook, MySpace, Orkut etc. Do a intense contacts search using all your old e-mail accounts. A few old flames are a sure shot. They’d love to go out with you just to see how screwed up your life is right now.

Send text messages to random numbers. Now this is like a lucky draw. A jackpot in your case I must say. Sending text messages using mobile phones in India is dirt cheap. Sometimes even for free! So start hunting for numbers and send SMSes to them. Make sure you don’t sound desperate. Who knows there might be someone somewhere just waiting for your text message!

Poke random chicks on Facebook. You can’t talk to hot chicks in real life but you can poke hotter chicks on Facebook. Now that’s Internet for geeks. Poking someone strange on Facebook is like a cool gesture. Poke them and wait for a response. Make sure you don’t poke hard. And don’t poke girls who are already committed or married. (But I still try that)

Wear a I need a Date t-shirt to college. Prove your business skills as you flaunt this t-shirt at college. Winters or no winters, you can brave the chill for a day, for a date. Make sure you spend your day roaming around college with the maximum concentration of chicks. Smile at them as they laugh at you. It doesn’t matter. One or two of them might just accept your proposal. Don’t be shy.

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