The Joys of staying Single!

the joys of staying single couple relationships

Being in the final year of your graduation can be really frustrating. Your mind is stuffed with all sorts of things that increase your blood pressure to the top. On top of it if you have your parents pushing you into a marriage, you’re in for trouble big time baby! Now I agree most of the times this is the case with the chicks around, all that parents pushing in an early marriage stuff. In my case, or I must say, poor Zoravar’s case it’s the opposite. My parents are keen on getting me ‘at least engaged’ to some chick I don’t know, chick I have never met or seen or even talked to.

I have always voted for staying single in my entire life. Not that I was one of those ugly ducklings at school or college. I have known people who were and who are into relationships. Trust me dude, you don’t wanna be in any of those. Chicks dig the crap out of a guy. They will make you do things you just dont want to. They will call you at the wrong times. They will ask you for those more-than-just-favor things. They will track you down wherever you go. They will ask you all those stupuid WH questions. They will take total control over you.

Ahhh! I need to clear some air with my parents. They just can’t get a poor kid married to some chick like that. But first I need to ask them if she’s really hot! How do I do that?! Any ideas?!

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  1. Kamal I’m not anywhere close to lucky. Luck is not on your side when you are just about to get married. You’ll need a lot of luck, after you get married.

    Thanks Harry but I need a hell lot more than just that!

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