Well…as promised to Harry, here is my first ever blog post and to begin with, all what I write or ever wrote for my college magazines, dad’s college magazine (yes I did get my article published in someone else’s name lately..!!) and last but not the least for myself, I dedicate them all to the almighty, family, to you harry and to my friends.

This post is regarding what has always been a topic close to my heart and I have always vouched for it…that is ‘Relationships’..!! besides money this is what makes the world go around. it all starts with d moment we r born…relationships wid parents n siblings comes 2 us by default….later on we r left with 2 choose relationships with friends and at our own witt and wisdom…! This is where d problem actually begins..we r always confused when left with options n decisions to take. Be it choosin the friends..or the one we love…we are always on for seeking others advice n in search for a non existing thing called perfection….!

Finding friends is still manageable…but finding as we may call ‘true love’ ..or a soulmate….is a herculean task in d world where we have 2 deal with never ending jealousies, ego trips, expectations and ambitions. Btw..did I mention ‘true love’ ….well was there ever a thing called ‘false love’ too..?! we, since teenagers start figuring out the feeling called love, and by the time we are college pass outs…we think ourselves to b no less than doctorates in the field of relationships and giving our own piece of advices which have actually came out of our own shitty experiences and at the end of the day feeling privileged for being sought after…! According to me, this is the most interesting and mysterious topic till date..even more mysterious than ‘what women wants’. I guess its coz it includes both men n women n this is what complicates things.

Yes..its actually us who complicate everything in our every it love or friendship. We always overlook what we have,or may be this is jst the human nature. Its our quest for a better one which is responsible for many of us being alone. Think of a person who loved you in the past but you left him…y coz he wasn’t gud enuff 2 please your eyes or wasn’t rich enough to tackle your unending expenses or wasn’t witty enough to make u laugh..?! are these reasons enough to break a heart which is as beautiful as anything n is priceless..!! I have seen, infact I know people who have lost love in search of perfection… I pity them..thoroughly..! being a high school lecturer myself, I come across teenagers sharing problems with me regarding breakups, heartaches and other ups and downs in their relationships . for them and to all others I just have 1 thing to say that come what may never stop loving or hate love. By sayin such things you are only foolin your own self . and to maintain an ongoing relationship the key word is ‘communication’. Love is all actually about communication, not today but it always was..! you guys wanna fite …go fite but don’t b silent atleast…I don’t think silent solves anything, it always makes the things worse. Tell d other person how much you love him and what he means to you. Make your relationship a perfect 1..and stop finding a relationship tats perfect..!!

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  1. & they waste so much time , paper & ink to print gigantic books on ‘how to tackle relationships’ …….

    @ Gorav : there’s this nu s/w called grammarcheck …

  2. Its great to see your inputs here Navneet – now we know what we’ve been missing all along!

    I agree relationships make our worlds go round and we do end up expecting too much perfection off them. However, some relationships are not meant to be and its good to move on when they turn sour.

    Our whole life is a journey which we partake along with many people in different forms of relationships and without them our lives would never have been worth living.

    Love how you end the post – looking forward to many more insights from you!


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