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free internet security suite

There are plenty of Internet Security Suites out there that are available at a price. These include the likes of Kaspersky Internet Security, Norton Internet Security, Mc Afee and more. Two things are common in all the internet security solutions available on the Internet today. One, they’re all doing the same thing and two, you’ll have to deal with managing licenses and subscription packages time after time. How about a free internet security suite of your own? How about a simple install, configure and forget it system? Here’s how you can beat the paid internet security suites by creating your very own solution using freeware security software available out there.

If you look at any internet security solution available in the market it has three basic components:

1. Anti-Virus
2. Firewall
3. Anti-Spyware

Now there are freeware tools available to combat each of the three individual components in any internet security suits but the question arises that isn’t using a single tool better than using separate software? I’ll say it’s fine both ways. Or in better terms it’s the same both ways. You’ll see how as we go on.

Also let’s take a brief look at each component of a typical Internet security suite;


An anti-virus tool is a must-have on every PC. If you’ve been a PC user for quite some time you’re probably aware of the nasty worms that take a toll on your system’s performance. There are plenty of solutions available for anti-virus programs. There are freeware anti-virus software as well as paid ones that come with subscriptions for virus definitions. Modern anti-virus programs include root-kit protection, web shield, spam detection and more.


If you browse the web and you don’t have a firewall installed on your computer, you’re putting your life at stake. A firewall manages your incoming/outgoing network traffic. Firewalls are essential security tools that are a must-have if you browse the web. I myself learned the biggest lesson of my life when my online accounts were broken into by someone possibly due to a resident infection. Anyways which firewall you should install on your PC is now a choice that rests with you. There are both paid and free solutions available out there. The default Windows Firewall doesn’t really have much juice.


Modern anti-virus programs now come with in-built support to tackle spyware. So now there’s no need for a separate anti-spyware program unless you’ve got some big bad issues.

To make your own internet security suite you’ll need to combine two basic tools that are freely available on the Internet. A simple anti-virus (with anti-spyware) + firewall combination is your typical paid internet security suite.

For anti-virus programs you can use;

AVG anti-virus
Avira anti-virus
Avast Home Edition anti-virus

For free personal firewall programs you can use;

Zone Alarm Firewall
Agnitum Outpost Firewall Free
Ashampoo FireWall Free
PC Tools Firewall Plus Free Edition

You don’t specifically need an anti-spyware program since all the above mentioned free anti-virus programs carry anti-spyware components by default.

So a combination of any of the above free anti-virus programs and a firewall program shall result in your very own free internet security suite solution. Simply configure the anti-virus program and schedule daily or hourly virus definition updates. You’ll need to configure the firewall once as per your requirements and grant access permissions to programs you want to allow access to your network.

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