Google Crome review comparison Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2

Google Crome is the latest entrant in the Browser Wars. A company like Google coming up with something like a web browser. Well it’s huge news obviously. But then anything tagged Google makes news. Google Crome is a sleek and super sexy web browser. It’s a no nonsense browser with everything you need and nothing that makes it look more obese than you. Google has had a long term relationship with Mozilla over past couple of years. They might be still holding hands and singing romantic numbers but everyone knows the gravity of the situation. Microsoft on the other hand is freaking out with it’s own issues with Internet Explorer 8. I tried both Google Crome and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 today. I found Google Croma extremely useful and practical. It’s like the girl of your dreams. Not perfect as yet but it’s in Beta and there’s still a long way to go. Internet Explorer 8 still remains like that one fat chick your parents want you to get married to. You’ll do anything but marry her…err..I mean install Internet Explorer 8.

Google Crome is still new but very useful. It has already replaced Mozilla Firefox as the default browser on my machine. There are still some issues cropping out of the wild on Google Crome. Crome has a potential to be a very secure web browser. As of now I don’t think anyone should rely on it’s security. A big no to using credit cards on Crome right now. Google Crome is open-source and built on some really cool ideas. It is based on WebKit rendering engine. It is used by Apple Safari. 

Way to go Google! Kick some ass!