A.R Rahman is Indian of the Year

ar rahman indian of the year award

It’s 04:32 AM in the morning, my eyes are bugging me to get some sleep but just as I was taking a look at this mornings e-papers (yes e-papers come out around this time), I was reminded of one of the day’s highlights. Oscar winner Mr. A.R Rahman has been awarded the Indian of The Year award by CNN IBN news channel in partnership with Hindustan Times. Whoa! So an Oscar winning music composer is the Indian of the Year? Really? I’ve got two words for ya, Jai Ho!

Allah Rakha Rahman was the nominee for the award in the entertainment category. He was competing with the likes of Rahul Gandhi, badminton player Sania Nehwal, the mysterious Satyam revival team and an NGO Pratham. I won’t comment about the NGO here as I’m unaware of it’s activities, neither am I a great badminton follower. The mysterious Satyam revival team may be deserves an applause but in no way it deserved the award. Rahul Gandhi was absent at the awards ceremony. I love this guy’s confidence, he already knew he is not going to win the award. Or was it mumma Sonia’s connection that leaked the news to him? Anyways Mr. A.R Rahman, in my opinion, also didn’t deserve the Indian of the Year award.

I have been thoroughly following Rahman’s work for almost an year now. I used to be a die hard fan of his work. I may sound lame but it’s my intention to bash him up every time he’s in the news. Rahman sells because of a mass following. A pretty stupid mass following. He used to be the iPhone of Indian music industry. Okay so he won an Oscar. But how many of you really liked his work in Blue, Delhi 6, Ghajini and Yuvvraaj? He even went on to grab a Golden Globe Award for the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack.

AR Rahman has failed to live up to his own standards. He had no competition in Bollywood. Any Bollywood flick
which featured a credit to Rahman for the soundtrack became an instant seller in the music scene. However he has failed to deliver a decent enough soundtrack for the past one year. I am not against him, I don’t have anything against the guy, I’m just a music lover who’s asking for quality here. And quality that Rahman can only deliver himself.

As far as the award goes, it’s an utter shame. I don’t consider the opponents any worthy of the award but Rahman didn’t deserve it too. I don’t have any personal nominations for the title but if my two cents are worth it then I’d like to vote for the ‘common man’ of India as the Indian of the Year. People like you and me who’ve gone through so much this past year, the rising prices, the terrorism threat, the job cuts, rising taxes and corruption. But then I can go on and on.

3 Replies to “A.R Rahman is Indian of the Year”

  1. Just a correction “8×10” Tasveer is not by Rahman.

    And I liked his music in Delhi-6, Ghajini and couple of songs from Yuvvraaj.

    I know SDM is not upto his standards, but lets face it, ppl around the world liked him for that movie music and thn he went on to win the oscars.

    For a geek like you I don’t need to tell to search on youtube for videos related to “Jai Ho”. Ppl around the world are crazy about that song, and we can’t help it about that.

  2. When Yuvvraaj music was released Rahman said this wasnt a collection for the masses, Its not the usual mix of bangra – its classical. BTW, Rahman totally deserves the Indian of the Year award.

    Oh, just incase – I’m one of those ‘stupid’ fan-mass.

    And, proud.of.it.

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