Will AR Rahman Win an Oscar? No way!

will rahman win an oscarSo AR Rahman managed to get a nomination at the Oscars this year for Slumdog Millionaire. Big deal! Indeed. It’s great to be nominated for an Oscar. But I feel it would have been better if the music was as good as the movie. There’s no doubt that Rahman was able to get a nomination or if I may put it correctly, the soundtrack was able to get a nomination at the Oscars just because of the hype this movie generated. There are better soundtracks for movies out there which would have been nominated otherwise. The Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack doesn’t really deserve an Oscar. Even if Rahman wins an Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire, he’d be the least deserving candidate amongst the nominations.

The Slumdog Millionaire is crap except for a few select tracks. Jai Ho and O Saya have been nominated for Achievement in music written for motion pictures (Original song). The latter is quite deserving but I find Jai Ho overrated. In this category Rahman only has one track from Wall-E’s OST to compete against. The odds go with Rahman here. I’ll still repeat that 2008 was not a good year for Rahman. Delhi-6 is a decent beginning to the new year and I really hope an Oscar doesn’t inflate Rahman with the wrong kind of ideas about the music he composes.

May the most deserving person win! All the best Mr. AR Rahman!

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  1. Hey stop you non-sence!
    do u no anything about music?
    Rahaman is a genius. oscar is nothing in front of his music
    if rahaman win a oscar. its prestige only to the oscar

  2. yes Rajiv you are 100% correct..the guy who wrote this may be mental and he dosent know anything about music..A R Rahman will definately win the oscar…

  3. I think its a game by the americans to select Jaiho song for oscars when there are many other better songs in Slumdog…Like Liqui dance and O saya…
    and this fello who wrote the blog shud be hanged in the pavement toilets for his nonsensical statements…. F..k UUU

  4. Hey…you are noone to comment on a music genius as AR Rehman…just follow his work and you will change all the views .Oscar is no far reach an award for him.Just watch out for him ..he is going to change alot of your traditional wisom of winning oscars.Hey you know what he Won two oscars at one shot.Try chewing that.

  5. the guy is crazy….imagine criticising A R Rahman for his music….he is the first n last of his kind….
    Rahman won two oscars….i dont think it was a big deal for him…talent like deserves recognition but with or without oscar , the fact remains same tht he is fantastic and so his music

  6. there are 100’s of better films.very recent
    rang de basanti
    ghajini etc etc etc……..

    and more than 1000’s of better songs and lyrics is there

    and for A R rahman i dont think all his music
    are natural.most are based on ambiance created
    more like enigma and take something from here+take something from there=song.

    aye bachchu=back in black by ACDC
    delhi 6=eminem
    ringa ringa=choli ke pichche

    and somebody said talented and i agree,he is.but probably not the best.

    and i think amir khan should quit his desire of oscar because oscar does not deserve amir.

    i may not have any musical knoledge but i dont need it to tell which one is good and which one is bad just like in case of food.

    listen to some chinese bamboo flute,some old age kawali,korean music and irish violin
    you will probably know where rahman comes from

  7. and i also feels ashamed why should we always
    cry uuuuuuuuuu we need oscar,uuuuuuuuu we need oscar to prove ourselves.

    there are many films from different countries which were not released in us thus not eligible for oscar so it is just not fair to say its the best.c’mon it is just an award.

    and both i the writer do not deserve the ‘loser’ word cause we are not playing any game or running in a race.

    i think it was the btitish smell which worked behind all this,without the smell this movie wont even reach to oscar.

    rahman is verygood
    Mr Gulzar is great

    but oscar can’t be a benchmarc for an Indian movie.

  8. You guys have no idea about music to comment on AR Rahman.
    Who in this world can produce melodious music by mixing carnatic, Kavvali, reggae, hip-hop, rap, rock, pop, jazz, opera, sufi african, arabian, western versions like Rahman.
    He not only has immense musical knowledge but also knows how to use them creatively at the appropriate situation. The music given by Rahman entirely depends on the movie and its demand.

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