AR Rahman Gets Two Grammys – I’m up, next!

ar rahman at grammys

If you’ve been singing Jai Ho all this time especially after AR Rahman smiled his way to glory at the Grammys this year, ask yourself if the so called brilliant music composer really deserves it? In case you answered ‘oh yeah’ to yourself then you need to stop reading any further. Carry on in case you’re not one of those satisfied ones or Rahman-oholics.

Think for a moment. Slumdog Millionaire happened and Rahman has been put on the global scale where he’s being awarded Oscars, Golden Globes and now even Grammys. These people are going along with the wave. Had they heard Rahman’s previous work, they would have slapped Rahman right on the bottom. AR Rahman has won two Grammys this year for his Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack and the Jai Ho single. Certainly nothing Jai Ho about both of these.

I agree most of you’d choose to disagree here. But if you’ve been a true Rahman fan, you just cannot accept it. You want the dude to work harder and come up with good music for God’s sake. Throwing global awards at him for working like this is only going to bring more bad music, more noise to our ears. Let’s tell the man to give away those awards and concentrate on better music. I just cannot remember any decent Rahman-soundtrack I’ve heard in the last one or two years. Composers like Amit Trivedi, Vishal Bhardwaj and all will throw Rahman out of the industry in no time.

I don’t want to point fingers at Rahman all the time but I feel we all deserve the best of him and somewhere we’re pampering him for no reason. No wonder he’s coming up with such soundtracks. The Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack certainly didn’t deserve such recognition, it’s just that the movie worked, the hype balloon filled to the max and exploded, giving everyone a piece of candy to suck on.

Once again, wake up Rahman! Wake up!

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  1. Heyy.. Harry.. A.R. Rehman Is Such a good Composer…
    Ur tone doesnt seem like “WAKE UP REHMAN”… its more, “REHMAN SUXX”….
    u pointed fingers at him…. and later said.. U dun wanna point fingers..?

  2. U sucker,

    U r not getting the point. Rahman’s Slumdog Millionaire is not his best if u compare his previous work. He himself agreed this fact in one of the radio interviews (Sorry, I don’t have any link for that). But the world has experienced his work for the first time with this movie which they felt obviously different. So stop moaning. He knows what to do and doesn’t need advice from anybody. Relax buddy…

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