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blue 2009 akshay kumar music reviewI’m not much of an AR Rahman fan. I mean I used to be one but then Yuvvraaj happened. Apparently Rahman hasn’t impressed me much after that. Blue is AR Rahman’s first Bollywood soundtrack release after the Oscars. Was the pressure a bit too much on the chap? You bet! It’s very important for Rahman to keep himself in the game. He’s one guy who used to reinvent his music every time, come up with smash hits, and now? Now he’s just chiggy-ing wiggy-ing around!

Blue stars Akshay Kumar, Zayed Khan, Sanjay Dutt and Lara Dutta in lead roles. I won’t comment on the flick right now, let me just concentrate on the music part. Blue’s soundtrack was much anticipated but certainly wasn’t over hyped like most Rahman’s soundtracks are. Coming straight out of the Oscars, I expect Rahman to throw something brilliant at us, for a change. Does he live up to his brand? Does he make you wanna toggle the repeat button? Well let’s tune in. As Rahman points out clearly in the inlay card, ‘The expectations are scary.’

Track Listing

Chiggy Wiggy

Although the soundtrack was not over hyped there was one song that was always in the news. Chiggy Wiggy of course! Kylie Minogue collaborates with AR Rahman to come up with a catchy song with sugary lyrics. Abbas Tyrewala pens down some fine lyrics. Sonu Nigam does a decent job. Not completely a 5/5 for the opening track in the soundtrack but still more than just the average stuff Rahman’s been coming up with. In fact I like this song. This sounds way better than the stupid Jai Ho which won Rahman an Oscar. But then Sonu Nigam throws a lot of desi into the track with;

Oh aja chiggy wiggy, oh thoda chiggy wiggy…Oh sun haal dil ka,
Oh aja chiggy wiggy, oh thoda chiggy wiggy…Oh kyo soche kal ka!

At this exact point he sounds so desperate with the chiggy wiggy that it turns you off. He sounds like a…oh forget it.

Aaj Dil Gustakh Hai

Enough of the piggy chiggy stuff. Now for some serious music. Shreya Goshal and Sukhwinder Singh. Two names that’ll make track, unfortunately Rahman breaks it as he gets lost somewhere in between making music and koochy smooching that Oscar of his. An absolute disaster, the very second track of the soundtrack. This is another Yuvvraaj in the making or what?


If you listen to this track while taking off the AR Rahman tag in your mind, you’ll wonder if Anu Malik could come up with something better. This certainly doesn’t sound Rahmanish. The lyrics are fine and the singers do their job decently, it’s just that the music doesn’t quite live up to the standards. So now I know why this soundtrack was not in hype. There’s absolutely nothing chiggy wiggy about it.

Bhoola Tujhe

Rashid Ali steps in, interesting, crucial point in the soundtrack as Rahman is down 2-1. The kabhi kabhi Aditi voice does the trick here. Rashid is certainly a man to watch out for. The music here is soft and the lyrics are deep. I like it. I like it! Rahman you’re 2-2 now!

Blue Theme

AR Rahman is good at themes. He’s also done the background score for the flick so you know! Now this theme isn’t entirely instrumental. Somewhere in the middle of the theme you can hear the chorus go from Blue to Balllooooo! Desi accent rules. This theme, like all Bollywood soundtrack themes, doesn’t make sense. Still decent enough.


This track has got some James Bond-ish touch to it. I mean the theme has been sampled here. Or is it just me? Anyways this is Pritam kind of stuff. What’s wrong with Rahman now? He is taking on the likes of Anu Malik and Pritam? What’s next? A nasal fiasco?

Yaar Mila Tha

The last song of the soundtrack. No hopes left. Someone needs to take out that Oscar from Rahman’s closet. It’s just made him overconfident. Yaar Mila Tha is still an average track but it’s got another catchy tune to it. People might like it for it’s easy-to-get-into-your-mind tune. Rahman needs therapy.

My verdict – 2/5

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  1. Awesome!! First to comment!
    Again, no rhyme nor reason to bash the songs. It’s more like a commentary than a review. If you’re looking to take up serious review writing, you need to get rid of the childish comments you put in your so-called review. Btw, I thoroughly enjoyed the album.

  2. hello……is it wat u call a review..then i wud say u dont have a proper ear to give a understanding listen…..first try to understand the layers in what rahman has laid in this album (thats the reason they say rahmans tracks takes time to grow in you….as its always unique and somethings always packed new in it) hes definitly reinventing with every albums of his with new sounds so u have to be updating urself rather expecting the usual this albumis sure to be a musical hit

  3. Well well… here is another whiner whoz a die hard fan of himesh or probably yash raj or karan johar movie songs and trying to review a rahman album.. every statement made in the review oozing out the mere jealousy n hatredness toward rahman and his music… dude, you are such a sucker.. you definitely need a therapy and very quickly too, else you would definitely start saying things about other genuis’s… anyways, handful like you wouldnt change the views and perception of ppl like me who love good music.. irrespective of whoz the music composer is.. as for Rahman, i do know his credibility and i give a big thumbs up for this album.. Blue soundtrack ROCKS and it ROCKS HARD!!! Period………

  4. Wow, brilliant review man…..LOL And you added some insults towards Rahman himself on top of that! Way to go! You’re a real piece of work! Having a bad day or what? Maybe you listened to Blue on some old cheap cell phone played by someone else on their laptop on the other side. Next time you can compose a better soundtrack than Rahman, you let me know, then I may take your insults more seriously. Until then, get some therapy yourself. Accusing someone else of needing therapy is a pretty low and cheap way to ignore your own issues of hatred and ignorance. Why did I take the time to write this? Because you deserved it.

    BLUE ROCKS…….and I’m glad I’m not you!

  5. HE HE..
    I FEEL PITY..People like this also HAPPENED..that too in india…
    …Hey brothers..who gave this man..i think his name wud be harry or jerry ..wat evercrap…who gave this idiot space in the INTERNET…wasting others time..
    hello harry/jerry bro..Clean ur ears…Im not saying this coz im ARR fan..but…leave it…wont mak much difference..


    Dont when u will grow up!!!!
    go n die..India will be saved…

  6. ..and if u are into website business for serious revenue….u r gone…no body will ever EVER return to ur crap site…i know people’s taste differs…still,if the so called review had even a single atom of truth , i wud have not been so irritated..
    How cud u make such rubbish comments man????


  7. Harry your the one that needs therapy, what an absolute joke of a review, get back to your previous job please because you have no idea about music.

  8. LOL. Looks like this guy downloaded songs in 64kbps mp3 and listened to them on gramophone!!! 🙂

    Dude, I first tried 128kbps mp3s on Cowon D2+Panasonic headphones and thoght WTH are these songs.

    Then I bought original CD and tried on MX-5021 and was blown away by the quality of music. It’s definitely different.

    well, some people only like those ugly and boring songs sung by two singers and with 3 instruments without anything new.

    one tabla beat with some flute and drum and that’s it!

    to review Rahman’s music, you first need to know how Rahman’s music works!!

  9. you are the biggest loser in this world..jackass..dont you know how to review an album using appropriate words? dont be so selfish and write reviews for earning money..have some intentions of earning the money in a right way in your life..loser….sad that your parents havnt teached you properly..remain a loser for the rest of your life…

  10. A fool in two dimensions will never see the beauty of the third.

    I don’t expect the writer of this article to understand the previous sentence. It’s too complicated for his feeble mind.

  11. ohhhh god our great reviewer dint like ‘jai ho’. oh shit..hey bro dint the scar commitee contact wile they wer deciding the awards….shit tht so bad….the way u just reveiwed the album u seem to know a lot about music and it seems u a r genius…dont worry bro v will complain against the oscar commitee….v will start a new blog citing our grief tht such a big genius was not consulted while deciding the awards…..get a life bro..if u donno how to reveiw a album the pls dont….

  12. Author is an as*^*&^ . it seems he has no knowledge about Music. ARR music is slow poisoning. give it a try for another 3 4 times and then write the review. i seriously feel like laughing. TOM & JERRY.

  13. wooowww Kaminey had 4.5 rating :O and Blue just 2…ROFL.

    and further author gives 3.5 to Delhi 6.

    seriously dude, you are pathetic like you name. I too run my own website but i was never this much biased. get a life dude. give credit where its due.

  14. The reviewer doesnt no the meaning of Neo music. blue is the best example of such music.
    This is a purely massy score.

    Aaj din… is the height of musicality. The piano over tuning and synchronization is out of this world. best I ve heard 4 a long time.

    just listen to it for a day continuously. You will fall in love with the blue.

    u think u r a dude by bashing Rahman. u sound like a cheapster to b true.

  15. i liked rahman sir’s music in this album but quite dissappointed by rahman sir…still,… was far more better than all those PRITAM songs we are hearing for past 7 months

  16. I am sorry but I couldnt read the whole review after reading your views about the first 3 songs. So U like Chiggy wiggy and think Fiqrana can be composed by Anu Malik… well I cant help you man, acually no one can .. God bless good night

  17. LOL!! Leave the kid to himself. And Mr. Muhad, you are right. His SA will sound worser than a donkey screeching! Who gives this person license to write nonsense? Goodness gracious! All I can, and most of the other musicians, do is just laugh at this person throughout the rubbish he has compiled and pity him on his stupid ears which can’t listen to good music. God help you and if you are an atheist, well, he he he he!! Get a life!!!

    Go kid. Find some help!

  18. the reviewer has pathetic hearing and reviewing ability to deal with a rahman song
    he needs to be more mature
    an idiot who will reduce the viewers of this site for sure get him out of here else all others will get out YOU IDIOT

  19. hey dude…i tooo can understand ur hunger,this is a kind of cheap tricks to popularize or an attempt to bring more traffic,if this is ur intention then i piety u and i too will add my comment to the list…but remember never feed ur self un-popularizing the talent n creativity never do that

  20. hehehehe…gr8 review ..u never grow up kid..FYI…Rahman’s genius needs no approval..Idiot..who the hell r u 2 give 2/5 rating ?? and a Genius like ARR knows very well how to handle pressure..infact it’s u..whoz under pressure to get more hits by writing absolute crap..and what ? ” then yuvraaj hpnd ” ? HUH..u must b definetely from a mental assylum 2 say dat..Yuvraaj is one of the Best albums of ARR. Fiqraana..anumalik can do better ? hehe..yeah..u must b from the same camp..anu malik, pritam, Himesh..for God’s sake..stop writing reviews

  21. This review is TOTALLY biased. I am okay with people not being Rahman fanatics, and I was okay with your review too, until you called ‘Aaj dil gustakh’ an absolute disaster? :S Dudeee are you for real? Granted you may not have liked the song, but to call it an ABSOLUTE disaster… Seriously exaggeration much? And then you go on to personally attack Rahman on how he is too busy mooching his Oscar award… Btw I didn’t understand your comment at all. You said Rahman breaks the song as he gets lost somewhere in between music and mooching off the Oscar award… Umm whaaat? That makes no sense :S Did Rahman get lost in between in the song itself, or did he get lost from the beginning of the song itself? :S And even if it does make sense, that comment absolutely has NO relation to the song itself. You didn’t talk about the song itself, the different beats/rhythms to it, how Sukh and Shreya sang it Seriously if you give a review and say you don’t like a song, atleast back it up with valid opinions. And you said Rahman has had no good albums Yuvvraaj onwards? Umm what about Delhi 6? Or would you call that an absolute disaster too? 😛

    Seriously all the above says it all. You’re not a Rahman non-fan, you’re a Rahman HATER, and you’re as, if not more biased than the Rahman fans coz they atleast have good reasons to back up their opinions.

  22. rahman rocks with his oringinal music rather than the other idiots who jus copy like pritam………… the person writing this please shut up./………….JAI HO RAHMAN

  23. Geniuses are not born evryday, & mr. Rahman is one. Those who haven’t got an ear for music won’t like ‘Blue’. But still, my advise is to try these songs on super bitrate stereo.

  24. this is a really poor review. indeed it irritated me, come on dude grow up before reviewing just knowing the name of songs and are artists does not make you a reviewer….

    Grow up dude, would never be back on this site.


  25. This is a pretty tough review of the album. But I do agree with one of the reviewer’s observations — I, too, sense some sampling (albeit oblique) of the James Bond theme on the track REHNUMA.

  26. Was that a review. I think the writer need therapy not Rehmaan. I m not a Rehmaan fan but I still like his compositions few and far between and this ones good if not freat. Just thinking that Jai Ho didn’t deserve Oscars and writing the review doesn’t help you. It’s not a review, it’s pure bull shit, just like trying to spread venom over Rehmaan’s glory.

    Stop writing REVIEWS is my sincere request to this WRITER whoever the hell he/she might be.

  27. Bravo – so with one bad album (so you think), you want to take out the Oscar from his closet…. Bravo…thank God you are who you are and not in the Oscar committee.

  28. After Yuvvraaj’s music review, Harry Jerry was under pressure to come up with something more crappier. And another music review followed.

  29. Buddy,

    You are entitled to your opinions. Here is mine.

    This is not one of his masterpieces. But, then if everything he composes are masterpieces, then the occasional one won’t be so special!

    However, on a 1-10 score, this one certainly deserves a 7.5 or even an 8 for the way he has used Shreya so differently!

    And Aaj Dil grows on you after 2-3 listens.

    And Oh! Yuvraj isn’t his worst album, there have been much worser ones before and bound to be a few in future…

    But, then – He is human too!

  30. I think this is enough for u genius! r u alien?!u have no clue what you r speaking!right?! this is not the first time Rahman album get poor review!it happens everytime!every big hit albums of Rahman got bad reviews.and now if u read that old reviews u feel crazy.because at first time Rahman album cant impress everytime.because Rahman a genius always doing new experiment in his music which cant be able to understand even at first if u cant understand einstein theory of relativity then dont blame einstein blame yourself.the same example for Rahman music too.Rahman rocks!

  31. please dont make these type of silly review,we have only one ar rahman,he is doing always diffrent..some times it will happen,bcos of expiriment.also my dear brother, rahman,he no need your review for making good music like blue and youvraaj….if you not like that songs leave him,and enjoy pritam music only,,all the best

  32. Oh wat a waste of time here.. its not a review at all.. Get a life Dork.. !!

    You need to have good ears.. I bet you don’t know what music is..

    Anyways.. u are a waste and its waste to advise to ppl like u.. for all other.. I am enjoying the album very much..

    Fiqrana tops for me.. next comes.. Rahanuma.. and all of them are simply superb.. sonu has done it with ARR again.. Its simply superb.. but this retard has compared with Anu and Pritam.. by this all can get how stupid this guy is !!

    Why would ARR would have pressure on him.. becuase this was the album he has done it long ago.. before he knew he got Oscar.. anyways Its not for awards he does the music.. !!

  33. Dude, I liked all your reviews esp. Rahman’s.

    Every time I read your review, I have this strange feeling that I am reading the “Garfield” column in the newspaper.

    Really hilarious!!!!

    Keep writing and keep entertaining us 😛

  34. I could see that you are one among those who tries to gain popularity by criticizing the real talents….. Crooked minded fellow….. Do something real and try to achieve something like what AR Rahman did, rather than commenting on his Oscars and Oscsar winning song…. Can you atleast dream about Oscars….. And in what capacity do you criticize AR Rahman and his music…. R u a relative of John William’s or Hans Zimmer’s….. Even those Oscar Giants accepted that Rahman deserved Oscar for “Jai Ho”…. If you still like to review his music, atleast remix “BLUE” songs like how it should have been (like in your stupid review) and post it…. If other accept that yours is better than rahman’s then you could say what ever you feel about any of rahman’s music….

  35. Well.. I am not so much disappointed with your review as I was with Rahman when I first listened to Blue. Though I loved Fiqrana, and of course Bhoola Tujhe. Chiggy Wiggy had more Akshay Kumar to watch than Rahman to listen. Still, not bad. and ur Bash-whoever-comes-and-bash-Rahman-at-all-costs is a superb way to collect comments. Like always, love ur trick. Keep it up. I mean, down. 😛

  36. Harry has not surfaced after his initial response. It seems that he himself has started loving the music of Blue after couple of listens… 😀

    Where are you dood??

  37. At first I thought the album is rubbish…
    but I knew Rahman’s songs get into u if u listen to that for 2-3 times…& it happened…
    each n every song is different n good…
    Rahman experimented a lot in this album…n one more thing, all the songs are from different genres…

    My advices:
    1. Atleast do listen to these songs for 2-3 times, thats when U will love them…I’m sure U will be addicted to them…
    2. Rahman’s music are made for quality listeners…so If u can’t afford a good sound system then atleast buy a good headphone…

    Look for:
    1. Rehnuma: He didn’t use the James bond theme…it sounds same bcuz he used the same instrument…
    2. Mixing: Use a headphone…Then U will be able to find the mixing…just listen to every song of his…u will find stupid…

    & U said Jai ho shouldn’t be the OSCAR winner…well…again…u need a headphone to know the reason of getting OSCAR…it wasn’t only the music…it was the Flow, Renditions, Mixings & some other magical stuffs beneath the song which helped it to get OSCARS…

  38. Do you know you there is beautiful incident about A R Rahman Before Lagaan happened his critics went on record to tell that he used the electronics instruments to create music and doesn’t have any music talent. Then when one of the reporter went on to verify this.He came back from AR’s studio to report this.
    “Forget about using traditional music instruments this man used combs pots his hands and a lot of things that wont be ever thought of as a musical instruments to create beautiful jingles” Then after a few years Lagaan happened and all the instruments that were used in the music of Lagaan were available duirng the period in which lagaan was set
    This what talent is
    May be you want to achieve some cheap popularity by throwing potshots at great people that is it you learn something about music and its layers then write
    Controversies will give you popularity but only if you have enough talent
    Be a man like anu malik atleast then throw potshots at AR

  39. hi dude your comments and reviews are really great but the thing is this music is not only meant for you and your ears you have every right to write what ever nonsense. but you dont have any right to give your general opinion , and next thing i think you dont have a great music sense if i am not wrong ,, you compared chiggy wiggy with jai ho song that means you dont even have the knowledge of comparing songs, jai ho is appreciated by multi lingual people who the f ur you to say its worse , and last but not least buy hydrozen peroxide and clean your dirty ears and mediate to hear nice music you freak

  40. Ha ha ha….You stupid just stop reviews! I dont think you are a indian because how dare you are insulted a great genius of india! Dont think you are too smart! You idiot have no sense of music! I think you are deaf! So stop this silly publicity and go to some elementary school to learn discipline, respect,some good words,etc,…! Some one have to take you from your closet and you are stupid anti-indian! You need a high therapy! You will be forgotten soon but geniuses like Rahman are always in the history!so baby, just drink complan and grow!ha ha ha

  41. Review is just a shit. Though I agree Blue songs not too good coz lyrics is bad but music is good. And reviewer is saying Jai Ho not good… ah.. i think he is deaf .. or he puts ear phones in some other hole.. not in ears.

  42. This HARSH is a gadha . Such a bakwaas review ! He is definitely half deaf and couldn’t hear the beauty in Fiqrana’s composition . And this loser liked Chiggy Wiggy.. what a pathetic wasted song it is !

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