Music Review: Yuvvraaj

yuvvraaj yuvraj movie music review

Subhash Ghai is one guy who knows how important music is for a Bollywood movie. He makes a good effort to ensure quality to the last bit. His soundtracks sell better than his films sometimes. Remember Taal? A.R Rahman’s music topped the charts for a really long time and the film blew up at the box office. Subhash Ghai is back with another flick titled Yuvvraaj. The film stars Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Anil Kapoor and Zayed Khan in lead roles. The music has been composed by A.R Rahman and the lyrics have been penned down by Gulzar. A typical Subhash Ghai menu. Yuvvraaj is slated for a November release. The music is finally out so let’s check it out!


Track Listing

01. Yuvvraaj – Main Hoon Yuvvraaj
02. Yuvvraaj – Tu Meri Dost Hain
03. Yuvvraaj – Shano Shano
04. Yuvvraaj – Tu Muskura
05. Yuvvraaj – Mastam Mastam
06. Yuvvraaj – Zindagi
07. Yuvvraaj – Dil Ka Rishta
08. Yuvvraaj – Manmohini Morey
09. Yuvvraaj – Shano Remix

The soundtrack starts with Salman Khan with the fifth of Beethoven trying to introduce his character in the film. As usual he’s more confusing than ever. Skip it and move to the next track Tu Meri Dost Hain (it is actually Hain and not Hai) which starts off really well. Sung by Banny Dayal and Shreya Goshal, the song is a soothing melody. The next track Shano Shano is a surprise from A.R Rahman. It sucks right from the moment it begins. Tu Muskura by Alka Yagnik and Javed Ali is another soft number. Gulzar’s lyrics are not as extraordinary as they usually are. Mastam Mastam is a typical A.R Rahman melody. It will remind you of Saathiya. Zindagi, the next track, reminds me of Hariharan. Rang De Basanti has a track which could easily be blamed for this song. Skip the next track. Manmohini Mere is my favourite track in the entire soundtrack. It has been sung by Vijay Prakash, a dude I have never heard of before, but he managed to make up for the bad music in the album. A slow yet excellent track. The soundtrack ends with a remix of Shano Shano. The remix is actually better than the original version.

On the whole, I really hope the double ‘V’ and ‘A’ work for Yuvvraaj. The soundtrack isn’t worth the money at all. Except for two tracks, the soundtrack is dull. Subhash Ghai and A.R Rahman have managed to disappoint. Finally!

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  1. i dont agree with ure review… (plzz dont think that this is Jaane tu ya jaane na or whatever ure thinking)…n the tracks remind me of taal n all the tracks r very different…maybe if u see songs with visuals u might change ure review…

  2. you suck big have no knowledge what so ever about music…the album will be a bigger hit than Taal..all the songs are exceptional..its Rahmans music it will grow on you..I bet you will change your review in the coming suck big time!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Well Right now 2 songs are dam good and the last track remix is also a AR’s Magic wait and watch other songs will also come good once you see the cinematography

    I think worth spending money on the album

  4. I have already listened these songs more than 25 times.I can not get enough. I don’t know what are you saying. are you sure your review is of yuvvraaj and not personal agenda with salman, because you are more eager to give your opinion about him rather than listening song. if you are going to review about anything you better listen that carefully.

  5. u must listen 2 the songs of Yuvvraaj again.
    u have already gave the wrong review for Jhodha-akbar, which was full of awesome songs. same u have done with JTYJN.
    the funda is that u create lot of expectations before and after listening u try to compare it with TAAl or etc.
    Rahman always create situational songs means according to the script. so u will like the music better after watching the movie.

  6. Okay…
    A.R. Rahman music has DEPTH, something that most other indian music lack. It’s not some superficial piece of crap that simply sounds catchy – it has meat.
    So listen to the songs a couple more times. There have been many ARR albums that I thought were terrible at first and later loved… 🙂

  7. Hey man,

    Dont even think of reviewing another Rahman album. Just get a life for yourself, relax, and listen to the normal crap you are used to alright.

    Probably u r frustrated in life. I know it sucks! so u need help man!

  8. arrer naadaan baalak,
    i think u should better go and listen songs of Karzzzzzzzzzzzzz or Aap ka suroooooor …
    and dont think of reviewing Gulzar and A.R.Rahmaan again …

  9. Hey friend , It is unfair to judge a rahman musical with a single hearing . You have not at all made a comment about the kind of music (in depth) involved in the movie. Your review lacks any punch and is not considered seroius. Just that you are now enjoying early bird advantage in terms of review. I suggest , you get used to Yuvvraaj music and please repost your impressions after a while. C ya then.

  10. I’ll try to put what the others said in a nice way.

    I don’t blame you for not being a Rahman fanatic. Yours truly is one since Yodha. What you’re missing is the newness in the songs, in the melody, in the rhythm, in the number of instruments, the hidden sound bits in each song. But I guess we’ve been spoilt by people like Pritam, Anu Malik and the ilk. This is not a perfect album but not as rotten as you’re making it sound. But again all opinions are subjective. So cheers!

  11. do one thing…listen to karz … i m sure ppl like u will love it……. y the hell do u write reviews?….. freedom of speech?? …. my ass….

  12. Please do me a favour…… Write down da crap u’ve written with the heading “Yuvvraaj- Music Review” and paste it somewhere where there is a long line to buy this album…. let me know if u survive the ass-kicking from actual music lovers… till then… please go get a life… u badly need one… and yeah… himesh’s next album might be on da way… please wait for that… dont bother listening to any other “Music”…. u deserve no more than Himesssssh……….!!!!

  13. I dont fully agree with your review, though “Shano” is too electronic and “sucks”! “Tu meri dost” is actually “soothing” as you say. “Zindagi” sounds like a classical number; its good.

    The album is according to me much much better than JTYJN. And of course; it will be a HIT, undoubtedly!

  14. Get a life, it you are bored with life and doesnt have anything else to do .. go do something else. Please dont review Rahman song unless you are sure about what you are doing.

    I recommend you get this post down, before the flame war begins.

  15. I re-read the review with a neutral mind. I’m listening to the songs as I write this. You really listened to something else.

    OMG OMG OMG, you dared to to review Rahman’s songs with just one hearing. How could you ?. The man spends months perfecting it and you _try_ to downplay it. Good luck.

  16. YOU HAVE NO MUSIC SENSE, PLEASE LISTEN TO BHANGRA AND HIMESH WHo SINGS FROM HIS ASS HOLE. yuvraj is a great album and ar rahman is the best music director we have today. LONG LIVE THE LEGEND.

  17. hmm……Well the saying goes “The more you hate the songs on the first hearing a ARR album, chances are that they would figure in your list of favourites after few more hearings”. So please leave your ears on lease for few more hearings and then check. I have heard all the songs only 3 times now and i can vouch already that this would turn out to be a landmark album in the history of Bollywood music.

  18. i think this guy was hearing some other songs and doing review for ‘YUVVRAAJ’,man, all the songs are so special, may be the guy is an anti-rahmaniac, or may be he did the review while he was sleeping…..

  19. Hey dude, who told u that u r a professional blogger?
    Do u know the A B C D of music?
    Think twice, thrice and many more times before commenting on such a great personality.

  20. yaar just listen to those lyrics, instruments sound…amazing…how can be people so talented…you should give credit to his creativeness, uniueness…

  21. Dude,
    Give the songs another listen..I rarely love ARR songs at first go but they always grow on me..and there are sufficient incentives in all the songs(I’m speaking of chords and instrumentation which you surely know nothing about)..but I loved this album outright..This is a true epic..And since you think Manmohani is the best song of the album I’m sure you are yet another techno-lover in which you should stick to DJ Music and not DARE judge ARR..

  22. You don’t have any music sense and you are also looking very bais kind of person. Stop reviewing music ASAP. We all be very thankful to you for that Harry!!.

  23. @All: Lolz…I’m really surprised with these comments. So all you people mean that if I listen to some music and I don’t find it up to the mark and I say it’s not good enough, I am wrong?! Screw you!!! It’s because of people like you that standards remain so low as far as Bollywood music is concerned!

  24. @ Harry

    What do you know about the standard? What do you know about music? But it’s sure that you don’t have the good sense of music.

  25. dude,

    you dare to talk about the standard of music. go listen to the songs of other music directors and a r rahman and then compare. where else rahman like to experiment with new music style, chords and instruments other music director only sticks to repetative style with different rhythm. one who does not have got even that much creativeness, he ends up copying from international music. rahman is one from whom other international star copies from.

  26. Yuvvraaj is clearly one of the albums of the year… Harry! Take a break from reviewing… Unless U in BizarroWorld, where everything is the other way round… One thing though, Manmohini Morey is the best song in the album, U are right on that one!

  27. hello harry jerry …plsss first look the meaning of music from ur dictionary….n then say something….u guys always like pritam’s music 😀 bloody copy cat 😀

  28. @All:give him a brrrrrrrrreak guys…why r u ppl hell bent on making him a rahman fan …being a die hard rahman fan myself i am pretty much familiar with ur feelings….but let him post his OWN reviews atleast!!!!!!!!u all suck big time for forcing ur opinion on bechara harryyyy!!!!!
    @harry:luv ur unbiased n totally refreshing reviews mann!!

  29. I fully agree with the fellow readers comments, this eccentric guy is completly crtitical of Rehman’s work, trying to settle some sort of personal score with him..Truly he dereves a Himeshhhh…

  30. wake up man….99% cant go wrong except that confused natasha ….. stop listening to pritam, himesh, SEL, SS and anu maliks music…they r just copy cats….shame on u man …. how can u go against Rahman… he is god, king of music …. pity on u 😀

  31. Ohhh really natasha…i will definately go…first check ur self u r confused…first u say i am die hard Rahman fan n in next sentence u r appretiating him for the review …. hats off to a confused women…u should tell him how to like the music 😀

  32. Dear Mr.Harry. we all are A R Rahman Fans we Know what ‘Standards’ are.What ‘standards’ you are talking about?.come out of bollywood.

    Can You Name any one music director who has recieved more awards Than these?

    2000 – Padma Shri (India)
    National Film Awards (India)
    1993 – National Film Award for Best Music Direction – Roja
    1997 – National Film Award for Best Music Direction – Minsaara Kanavu
    2002 – National Film Award for Best Music Direction – Lagaan
    2003 – National Film Award for Best Music Direction – Kannathil Muthamittal
    Filmfare Awards South (India)
    1993 – Filmfare Best Music Direction – Roja
    1994 – Filmfare Best Music Direction – Gentleman
    1995 – Filmfare Best Music Direction – Kadhalan
    1996 – Filmfare Best Music Direction – Bombay
    1997 – Filmfare Best Music Direction – Kadhal Desam
    1998 – Filmfare Best Music Direction – Minsaara Kanavu
    1999 – Filmfare Best Music Direction – Jeans
    2000 – Filmfare Best Music Direction – Mudhalvan
    2001 – Filmfare Best Music Direction – Alaipayuthey
    2006 – Filmfare Best Music Direction – Sillunu Oru Kadhal
    2007 – Filmfare Best Music Direction – Sivaji
    Filmfare Awards (India)
    1995 – Filmfare Best Music Director Award – Rangeela
    1998 – Filmfare Best Music Director Award – Dil Se
    1999 – Filmfare Best Music Director Award – Taal
    2001 – Filmfare Best Music Director Award – Lagaan
    2002 – Filmfare Best Music Director Award – Saathiya
    2002 – Filmfare Best Background Score – The Legend of Bhagat Singh
    2004 – Filmfare Best Background Score – Swades
    2006 – Filmfare Best Music Director Award – Rang de Basanti
    He also won a “Filmfare R D Burman Music Debutant Award” for Roja’s dubbed Hindi version.
    2007 – Filmfare Best Music Director Award – Guru
    2007 – Filmfare Best Background Score – Guru

    Tamil Nadu State Film Awards
    1993 – Best Music – Roja
    1994 – Best Music – Gentleman
    1995 – Best Music – Kadhalan
    1996 – Best Music – Bombay
    1997 – Best Music – Minsaara Kanavu
    2000 – Best Music – Sangamam
    Zee Cine Awards (India)
    2000 – ** 2002 – Zee Cine Award Best Music Director – Lagaan
    2007 – Zee Cine Award Best Music Director – Rang De Basanti
    2008 – Zee Cine Award Best Music Director – Guru
    2008 – Zee Cine Award Best Background Music – Guru
    GIFA Awards (Malaysia)
    2006 – GIFA Award for Best Music – Rang De Basanti
    2006 – GIFA Award for Best Background Music – Rang De Basanti
    IIFA Awards (India)
    2008 – Outstanding contribution by an Indian in International Cinema
    2008 – IIFA Best Music Direction – Guru
    2008 – IIFA Best Background Music – Guru
    2007 – IIFA Best Music Direction – Rang De Basanti
    2002 – IIFA Best Music Direction – Lagaan
    2003 – IIFA Best Music Direction – Saathiya
    2000 – IIFA Best Music Direction – Taal
    Star Screen Awards
    2002 – Best Background Music
    2007 – Best Background Music- Rang De Basanti
    2007 – Best Music – Rang De Basanti
    2008 – Best Music – Guru
    Vijay TV Awards
    2006 – Best Music- Sillunu Oru Kaadhal , Varalaru – The History of the Godfather
    2007 – Best Music- Sivaji
    Swaralaya Yesudas Award (India)
    2006 – Swaralaya-Kairali-Yesudas Award for outstanding performance in music field


  33. Are you MAD?
    Why have u given review for A.R.Rahman’s music?
    If there are A.R.Rahman, you don’t need to give review for A.R.Rahman’s music.

    No-One has right to give review for ARR

    Because its a ” A. R. R A H M A N ” (need I say more?)

  34. mannn do u hav ny knowledge abt music???
    wat a crap review is it…go n listen 2 d album 2-3 times more….
    if u still dnt lik it…den i cant help u bro….but a piece of advise for u….dnt review another rahman album ever after…u r nt worth it dude….i mean who r u 2 criticize an album composed by a genius called ar rahman???d soundtrack is mindblowing…..goin 2 top d charts…..dekhke jalta rahiyo…

  35. Listen HARRY…( first sorry for my english )
    When I was in 2nd standard in my village, Roja movie released and I liked it very much. But that time I didn’t know that who is A R Rahman?.

    Same condition for Humse Hai Muqabula,Rangeela and Jeans I didn’t know who is A.R. Rahman(means I was unknown about ARR).

    when I was 6th standard, listened “Dil se”(on Durdarshan’s Rangoli show)I liked very much and I had recorded cassette from music store…till then I didn’t know who is A R Rahman.( Shame Full)
    But All Movies are my favourite because of only music…
    After sometimes When I realized that all songs are from A.R.Rahman.
    I was shocked…From that point I became VERY BIG FAN of A.R.Rahman (The Boss of music world)

    I don’t know but there is some connection between ARR and Real Music.
    He knows every piece of Music.

    When u will come at my home then you will got only the ARR’s songs on My computer and My mobile.

    Second thing,
    I think you don’t know about he used first Apple laptop for music among the all indian music director. Logic is best music software runs on apple laptop and he uses it for recording. Logic is the best software used by all Hollywood company like Sony Pictures…
    and our other music director doesn’t know hot to use it.

    After all you are Panjabi, You definately have great respect for panjabi music. You have some panjabi music in your mind thats why you are searching panjabi music in every music.

    A.R.Rahman done again good work through Yuvvraaj.

    ——Only with your VICE and MUSIC A.R.Rahman———–

  36. Hey, It looks like you always judge things much before than you should. First, we normal human being require some time to grasp power of Rahman’s music.

    When I listened to the songs first time, I could not get whole feel and soul behind the songs. Till now I have listened to all songs more than 5-6 times and have started getting soul behind it.

    ARR never does mediocre work, he always does what he feels is right.

    Yuvvraaj songs is not a musical album, it’s a movie and all songs are according the script.

    ARR is not that smart to make only album like songs.

    Listening to songs, gives me feeling that he has worked very hard on those. He must have felt a biggest milestone of his music journey at the launch of music of Yuvvraaj.

    Your review truly sucks. It is A. R. Raman dude. It would be very bad if this post belongs to your blog. Shame on you.

    Btw, if you are fan of cheap songs like some certain music directors, you are then right. As you are from different world.

    Don’t ever try to write a music review ever.


  37. well, only two things are true.
    introduction of salman, still the symphony justify by being put it on track list.
    and the second, the remix of shano is better than the original( history tells, the remixes of rahmans, by himself always best!)
    rest of all criticism are 100% crap.i don’t think he can enjoy,criticize,or even understand music!!
    well, am not a big rahaman fan, but i can differentiate the bad work from his good.
    just watch for next few months dear HALLEY PERRY, how this songs gonna rock!!

  38. I’m listening to Yuvvraaj as I type this. I just love the 2nd track ‘Tu Meri Dost Hain’ and didn’t have hope for the rest and thought a review of the album would help.

    Unlike the review the comments for the review helped me a lot more. now I’m undoubtedly sure of the album b’coming a superhit.

    Long Ling ARR & Long Live his Fans

  39. Come Onn guys u guys even know anything about Rahman?? Rahman dont do remixes …. shano shano remix is not by Rahman sir…n also tu hi meri dost is mainly sung by sonu n shreya…n my dear jerry berry,tom n jerry 😀 i saw ur previous music reviews of golmaal returns in which the sucker pritam copies the picturized song from tamil movie sivaji ( dir:shankar, music : king of music rahman) …in these reviews u got only 1 to 2 comments n in this u got more than 50…now u can see how much people like rahman…plss wash ur brain ..or keep listening to sukwinder singh punjabi folk song 😀 dont ever dare to review a rahman music again in ur life…..

  40. Guys
    Its really very nice to see all you guys commenting. Guess we are all struck by Rahman’s eternal touch, but our HELPLESS HARRY is not yet…

    so leave him alone, and just enjoy the new music man….
    I still havent got the CD so am just waiting patiently for it to listen…..

    wish u all luck n keep listenin to Rahman Sir.

  41. Friends, its not Harry’s Fault.. Techically there is center for music in cerebrum of Brain.unless that is developed properly you cannot appreciate music.

    pls visit

    “To hear a piece of music, for example, involves the primary auditory cortex, but to recognize that music as Mozart or Elvis Presley involves the auditory association area just below the primary auditory cortex.”

  42. Honestly,
    I see no point in everyone abusing the life out of this guy. Anyone heard of freedom of speech/expression?
    Harry is completely entitled to like or not like something. So I think we should all let him not like the music, if he does not.

    And btw, from the ‘About me’ Section on Harry’s Own Blog (link on top of this page).

    No I am not being girly here. It’s just that there are some things that are personal. Alright I’m 20. OK 21! Anyways you’ve crash landed on my personal blog. I write crap here. Crap all the time!

    Need I say more? Leave him alone and enjoy the music.

  43. harry,
    r u still alive after all of these comments? if i were u i would have commited suicide..u need some serious professional help man..forget about reviewing music.just don’t even bother to go online u piece of crap…YUVVRAAJ is not only Rahman’s best but is a gem for India’s music………

  44. you right techno phile. to all other guys , leave this kid alone.
    only i am worrying b’coz i lost 15 minitues of my life by reading his review. becoz it’s not worthy, and dont respond to this prview because he may think he wrote somoething precious either good or bad , thats why people keep responding to him.JUST IGNORE HIM.
    get well you soon, kiddo!

  45. All,

    Please understand Rehmans songs should be listened again and again for atlest 10 times, only then you can understand the flow of the song, i think the person who reviewed this has just heard it once.



  46. go worship pritam father of copying music…. a r rahman is a living legend dnt comment on his music ..go n see ur son/daughter is reading about RAHMAN SIR in there history n general knowledge books..go stop them..

  47. 01. Yuvvraaj – Main Hoon Yuvvraaj — “As usual he’s more confusing than ever.” Well, I think u don’t understand Hindi or you have a hearing problem. Get a hearing aid, my friend.

    I suppose this song acts as an introduction to the second song of the album “Tu Meri Dost Hain.”

    02. Yuvvraaj – Tu Meri Dost Hain – Yep, its Hain because Hain is plural of Hai and as you know the song has two male lead singers Benny and ARR, so it must be picturized on the two male lead characters of the film Salman and Anil.

    All i would say is its not a pop album or something of that type…. its a movie soundtrack…music and lyrics are based on the situation of the film story and Yuvraaj’s music is based on western classical like Beethoven Symphony, so one needs to understand these to understand the soundtrack of this film, I suppose. AND THIS IS NOT A COPYCAT ALBUM.

    Oh! by the way, Dil Ka Rishta is one thatz gonna be hit because of its compositions…it has both western classical and hindustani touch to it… a kinda fusion… when u compare to Taal music, “Dil Ka Rishta” is like “Ishq Bina Western” song that Aish sings in the end of the movie with Anil doing the orchestration.

  48. this is called a review?.. must be joking right? im from france and i loved the music of yuvvraaj though i dont understand the language…its based on western classical music, so i guess its understandable that indians dont get it… a r rahman is a very confident and audacious composer i must say!

  49. After reading the review I was very upset that how someone could write such a review about may be the best album of 2008. Rahman has touched innumerable souls this time around. I don’t know how many times I have listened to this album in the last two days. Path breaking album I would say. Another Taal. Can’t stop praising Rahman. Harry please remove u r review or stop reviewing. My sincere request. Never before have I seen so many people coming togeather.

  50. the album was bad and only had 2-3 decent to good songs, but because of the build up and expectations people don’t want to let themselves down by saying it was subpar or mediocre.

    as for those saying “…you have to see the songs to like them…” since when did sight associate itself with hearing music?

    as for those saying “…you need to listen to Rahman songs 4-5 times to like them…” right you force yourself to listen to them the same way a child puts his hands on his ears and says “la la la” i can’t hear you. eventually you adapt and engross yourself in a fantasy world where anything Rahman does is the end all of music.

    as for the backlash and profanities, the review has invaded most peoples emotions, hitting them on a personal level. so denial becomes the perfect defense mechanism.

    please folks stop comparing this to Taal, that was one of the smartest collections of music in modern day India.

    the worst part is all the people trying to over compensate their liking of Rahman by bashing the crap out of the reviewer, making themselves feel better…its rather sad maybe most of them aren’t getting enough punani…i don’t know.

  51. oh and since when did this thing become about ethnicity?

    “because of u, from now I will not consider any Panjabi’s review…in future.”

    go back to narinder modi land.

  52. Hi to U all,
    this is one of the worst music review I have ever come across the net. Though I rarely listen most Indian music but I like only AR Rahman, and I never skip his musics. Dear Harry, how you dare to comment below average for this blockbuster musical score? Plz, dont ever comment on music by Rahman…he is an Asian musical legend.

  53. Wow its great….AR.Rehman s back with a bang..the music is so refreshingly different…Its The great composer who has given a great composition to YUVVRAAJ..The Dreamer and the maestro are back with a great hit..ive already heard more than 20 times and still i9 can get out of it..its too good and what to say..
    Yuvvraaj is another Rehmans feet…..
    Beautiful compositions with the best singers make the music sure its going to make every1 addicted..
    Overall a complete package from the Master A.R.Rehman

  54. Hey Harry..seems u r physically ( deaf ) and psychologically handicapped which provoked u to pass derogatory remarks on A.R.Rahman’s music. He is the living legend of Indian Music.. Dare not to blabber what comes to ur mouth and mind..about ARR..His music transcends all borders,shores, other music director..( the so called pritams, maliks ) hv been competent enough to compose music even for Hollywood flicks…

    Come on man…u really make a mockery of urself by giving RedHerrings about ARR’s music..

    Listen to the songs for 2-3 times..before u come to hasty conclusions…

    And I did’nt really mean to hurt u with harsh words but it was inevitable coz Legends like ARR, Sachin..deserve respect and need no one’s guidance,comments in exercising due diligence in their fields..

  55. guysssssssss please give harry a break….he has his opinion and you guyssss have yours…personally i expected a lot from ar rahman…and even i feel disappointed….too bad a music from someone of the ar rahman calibre…

  56. mishita go suck harry balls.

    he made a big mistake of life.

    commenting on god of music.

    honestly guys yuvvraaj music is 100% fresh and has a feel of melody.

  57. I thought u were a fool when I read that the soundtrack was useless. Because there are songs I love. And believe me, they are the same as u said. The Manmohani n all. But I guess the stuff u have talked so badly about is not that bad. It’ll be working with the time n the movie I guess. Anyways, individually, quite fine a review. And extremely precise. Loved ur review. In time, reviews will be like that only.

  58. u r foolish and u dont understand music. stop writing music
    the album, the legend ar rahman and gulzar rock big time.

  59. Very very nice songs I really love ARR, and it increases more and more
    I love all the songs specially Dil-Ka-Rishta is huge…huge…and tremendous orchestration.. Keep rock my boss…

  60. Dear Harry,
    Excellent review considering your standards!! found two tracks which u might lov..
    1) Baa ..Baa Black sheep..
    2)Twinkle twinkle little star…
    and by the way..
    Stop your out of world reviews to these tracks made exclusively for you!… OK ..good boy..chalo
    Drink More complan..For you need to grow a LOT….

  61. I agree with most of my friends here, unless you hear arr’s songs couple of times, you may not like it. His music grows on you.
    I think this guy wants to increase the popularity of his website by writing something like, knowing well how music lovers would respond

  62. Yuvvraaj music really good. Harry I read most of above comments and I agree your review suck. You need some break. Take it boy. Do listen to songs again, then try to give update on your review that will help.






  64. abe harry if u dont stop reviewing i’ll kill u .How dare to say negative about ar rahman.I’ll kill u if u say anything wrong about ar rahmnan.Pull the review out form the site otherwise i’ll see ur end Stupid


  66. hey.. r u crazy?? dull album?? its lyk the one of the best of arr’s according to me!! listen to other hindi albums of 2day,by other MDs n they r all nonsense..its only arr who has managed to combine world music wid indian music beautifully..get a life! ARR is god!

  67. Guys, dont judge the music just after hearing once.

    AR Rahman’s music always sounds AVERAGE when you hear it once. It takes atleast few tires and few times to catch you all .

    When I heard Taal, RDB I was disappointed after hearing it first time and then it just caught up after listening to it few times.

  68. Mr. aRIFF, it’s another thing to be oppune to someone’s notion but to take the argument to such a preposterous level is skanky.
    It’s people like you, who have a penchant for relating every issue to religion, are sabotaging your case much more than people you zero in on. I hope sanity prevails, and may God help you out in bidding adieu to utter extreme reactions.
    By the way, A.R. Rehman was hindu by birth, and his real name is
    A. S. Dileep Kumar. He was born to R. K. Shekhar, a Hindu Vanniar.
    Facts like these hardly matter to me (for the simple reson that music has no relegion and is beyond the periphery of any constraint), may be they might be engrossing for you.

  69. He wanted to gain popularity, and he just did with 90+ comments. Please, everyone, let this be the last. We love the music and we agree to disagree. 🙂

    PS: Abhishek Mishra, well said dude!

  70. You need to understand some nuances of music well enough to write a public review. Please do yourself a favor by learning something about a few things such as orchestration, layering, and some basic ragas based on Indian classic music.

    It’s totally up to you to like or dislike something. But you need to be careful before writing in a public medium such as Internet. Nothing personal buddy. Cheers.

  71. haha haha.. you must be a great man… appreciated!! just for the fact that you didn’t remove this review after reading these replies… You must be out of your mind!!! Grow up kid, I will pray for you!!

  72. aaj kush to bahut hoge tum……people are visiting your website and getting angry at the comments you delibrately posted…..people are reacting a little extra harsh on you just because you reacted just a little bit extra harsh on our favourite composer’s new work………i dont liked the songs and ‘tu meri dost hai’ will turn out to be a great hit and will make up for any short-comings in other songs….benny has done a good work..AR gave the best song to some one else and didn’t kept it to himself as he does some times…..kudos to u AR

  73. This is useless review. If you want more hits for ur blog, post some porn pictures, u will get many hits..that is the better way u can do..instead of doing this useless..waste..irritating reviews..

    better luck next time..let me know if you stop your useless reviews and post porn pictures..i will be more than happier to see it happening..

    Thanks buddy…Good luck.

  74. For the millionth time…since when did the laws of reviewing change?!

    “A person writing a review is supposed to pen down his/her opinion about the subject.”

    And my opinion is that the music is not up to the mark.

    Screw you all!

  75. I’m sure you have changed your opinion about the music if you bothered to listen to it more than once (when u wrote the review .. on 15th). But I’ll be surprised if you openly express that you like the music and that it has grown on you, cuz of all the responses you got for your review.

    I had similar emotions when i first heard the album but like always it has grown on me and i just cant get the songs out of my head. They’re absolutely fantastic.

    May be you dont want to jump to conclusions about ARR’s music next time and post your review after first hearing.

  76. Man harry u just wish u don meet any of these people in reality or else u’ll b dead 😛

    As far as the soundrack of the movie goes – Rahman + Gulzar = Epic Album.!!! 🙂

    You can never judge a genious.!!

    A.r.r’s music is getting better n better.!

  77. Vijay prakash is an awsome singer.He is basically from Mysore.
    You can watch his videos on youtube.He was one of the finalists of Zee saregama 1998;
    Here are the links

  78. hello guys i think this column is only for comments,not to pressure on personal feelings…….
    so this is what i want to say only….waise music ke baare main kis ka kitna opnion hain woh comment kerne walle janta hain….
    woh harry he janta hain ki woh usko music kaise laga hai.Na aap batayo ge ki usko ye pasand kerna hai ya nahi ….got it guys….waise kicked up ur feeling…..

  79. Harry, dont u dare to write any review. You dont have one iota of music sense. Pls dont do something for the sake of doing. ok??

  80. herry putter,

    what u think ?? u have got the more knowledge about music then these 100 or more guys?? still u r daring to reviewing the genious of music??

    i think a guy like u review the music by rhythem only.. had u noticed the variety of instruments, sounds, tunes used in these sons?? certainly not.

    i think its not herry’s fault. people like u only like same rhythmic songs while ARR sir comes everytime with something new , something unique which one has not heard in past.

    So its universal law and in nature of human being that they dont accept newness, change at first go. they take time to adopt fresh things which ARR sir gives on his every outing.

    So the people like u shall not review the music of ARR on first take.


  81. Harry..though people are supposed to respect one’s feeling…but i am sorrry, the review is frankly off the mark… seems you have written this review with a biased state of mind… should change your name from Harry to the webpage is generating such numerous hits..despite the pathetic attempts at review..please stick to engineering and surfing…music is not in your blood…

  82. o teri…hadd hi ho gi…
    harry u dun suck!
    and for everyone, we are living in a democracy…those wanting to run to the US..thats what obama is tryin for..huh !

  83. well Sorry Harry…remember once i told u were one of my fav bloggers…i take it back..U stink big time and the fact that u’r replies like ” screw you all” show how arrogant you are..well you are nothing but a self promoting moron who cares for nothing but popularity..sure you got it dude..but YOU S**K BIG TIME..

  84. Sorry harry for my above comment..delete it..

    because i feel u are is a review and it has to be respected..and as a fellow blogger i should have known that we write about what we I’m sorry I said bad things in the previous comment.. I respect u’r review and do carry on bravely what you do and that fact that you have not deleted a single comment shows how much you are open to critiscm although you dont like their opinion.. sure you could be a bit discreet in u’r criticism..but thats Ok..carry on dude…:)

  85. Hello senseless Harry! For the sake of freedom of speech or democracy or whatever it is, u cant point at a monkey and tell us that it is a pig or viceversa..Here in ur review u are doing exactly the same..when the whole country is going crazy for Yuvvraaj’s music, u have come out with ur crap review saying ‘it is disappinting’..Whenever u try to speak abt someone who is more qualified and who has achieved more than you, better be very very careful abt it..the pouring negative comments abt ur review is the proof..anyway waiting anxiously for ur review on Ghajini 🙂 wish u had grown up by then !

  86. Hey u don’t have music knowledge. Yuvvraaj is the next best after Taal. We can’t get music director like ARR. He is legend & nobody can beat him. Other music directors use only beats, but ARR uses all kind of Indo western music instruments. Which will make extraordinary music apart from other music directors. So be careful while reviewing ARR musics.

  87. Hell !
    Why people review and rate it when they dont have the taste.

    God ! these are MASTER PIECES, these are very rare and I get angry when I see these reviews…

    They are new and refreshing and simply superb…

  88. This is for all the self proclaimed Mozarts and Tansens ….. you guys are nothing but a bunch of looser sycophants ….

    Facts: Rahman is the undisputed king of melody. Perhaps the only one who has come up with sensible music consistently.

    class is permanent and form is temporary, and Rahman is not in his form in YUVVRAAJ.

    True, Rahman’s music grows on you but my 20th attempt to listen to the entire track was excruciatingly painful. It hurts to see Sachin get out on a duck and Rahman doing a Yuvvraj or aamir doing a Mela. Nobody is taking anything away from them. But then a Spade is spade you can’t call it a diamond.

    So all you losers get a life. The best OST so far this year has been AAMIR. Awesome fusion and feel. Yuvvraaj is as crap as Yaadein. Ghai does it again!

    I hope the film is better than the soundtrack or else Ghai will surely go bankrupt.

    Extra ‘v’ and and extra ‘a’ wont add melody to the songs.

    It deserves **1/2.

    Harry nice job dude!

    Cat fight begins …. hahahaha losers!


  89. Guys hold your horses, this review is Harry’s personal opinion …. How many of you like Himesh? atleast I don’t but his nasal twang has a huge fan following. When people don’t think our way the best way is to blame it to CLASS and MASS.

    A Masterpeice is a blend of both Like Taal,Roza, Dil Se …. But this one truly lacks. It is very mediocre just like Rahman’s Adaa which came out a few months ago. I vehemently agree with Harry and AKS. Rahman Saab is not his ususal free flowing self. I think too much of experimenting has spoilt the show.

  90. Mike bhai well said …. thats the way to put it …. ppl r afraid to admit that Rahman has failed…. insaan hai wo bhi after all …. Its just that Yuvraj boring and very dull …..

  91. i heared all songs of yuvraaj…..songs r simly superb….i think rahman’s best composition after taal and dilse….long live rahman sir…i think he wil get national award once again 4 this beautiful compositions…

  92. i think god of music is ar rahman…no words to explain his greatness…my favourite songs in yuvraaj are mastaam,dil ka rishta,shaano…thanks to rahman sir 4 givin these superb compositions…

  93. First, to a few people who said that (Shankar Ehsaan Loy) SEL are copycats, can’t match up with ARR, etc etc – Screw you! ARR could keep making music forever but never in his god forsaken life can come with a score to match TZP, Rock On,etc. just that one song “Ma” from TZP is enough to back up my words.

    Besides, I really don’t get why is everyone out to rip Harry apart for this review. He didn’t like the music. Simple. I didn’t like it either. I thought it was a mundane album with too much focus on arrangement rather than melody. I like ARR. Saathiya and RDB happen to be on my all time favorite list. But even the bests falter sometime.

    And for all you Gulzar Fanatics – go listen to the lyrics of the movie Jaan-e-Mann to see how even the lyrical maestro who has written songs like “Naam Ghum Jaayega” can go terribly wrong.

  94. Lolz , luks like Rehman’s puppies are out to chew harry’s backside with their still-to-come teeth [:P] , All that over a single Music review . N they say India will be a Superpower by 2020 … Really ?? A country where Over a 100 people are Worthless enough to use every single swear word in order to thrash Harry’s personal Opinion , on his personal Blog !!! All it took was a single little line ” I disagree , i like the music” ….

    I heard , n re-heard the ” Controversial” music …. sorry guys , i can’t feel that ‘magic in the air’ , or see ‘white light’ all around . Its Good , not ‘A.R. Rehmaan good’ ….

    For those A.R. Rehmaan pups , & that great ass who pasted a link on “music center in a human brain ” Here ‘s the FACT FILE — was voted the second best BLog on MTVindia , & his music review Quoted on the official ROCK ON website …. So ,whether you like it or not , HE really is one helluva Reviewer ,in the Eyes of those WHO MATTER !! Oops , did that hurt , Harryhater1,2,3…..?

  95. Your review is biased, you have something against Rehman.

    The songs are wonderful, barring one. You don’t have the patient to listen to great music. The songs are so good, especially Tu Muskura, I have it on repeat since 2 hours. Absolutely soul stirring.

    Why don’t you stop reviewing music since it seems you have absolutely no knowledge of music? And I have only listened to songs and classical music of only 2 dozen countries, and I still consider myself inexperienced.

  96. with all due respect man… i totaly respect ur opinion man…
    but one thing u gotta remember is tat compositions of few composers in the world are such that they gradually grow into u…
    ARR is one such….he n a few other legends like RD, Ilayaraja, SEL are unlike himesh, pritam n not to forget ppl like anu malik compose music that u ll love in the beginnin and get bored of overtime.
    so i suggest u listen to each soundtrack of various composers a few times before u pen ur review..n neutrality while listenin really helps..that amounts to saying that even if one expects a lotta good stuff from ppl, one thing an adjudicator must not do is ve any preconceived notions.

  97. HA … HA … HA …. “ was voted the second best BLog on MTVindia” …. So how many people participated in the voting … 3? With “great poetic creations like “The Raavan is still alive!” that i found in this website …. (pardon me … I can’t control my laughter …HA HA HA ….) I wonder how come this site was not voted as the first best blog ????? …. on my god……!

  98. @ Maverick : Dude , you sure u listen to ARR ?? Your post seems like you are more into Honey Sngh , n Zeest !

    @ Srini : Yeah , U are absolutely correct , MTV India decides best blogs outta 3 votes , not in the least by the number of hits a blog gets over a given period of time . & Please Pardon me , but its ‘oh my god ‘ .. not ON MY GOD …

  99. Hi harry

    I am with u.I don’t think that Yuuvraaj is such a great album as is being made out by hardcore Rahman is true that Rahman is a good music director and unfortunately the other music directors we have do mediocre work.So Rahman’s music gets over attention and more media hype and also hardcore fans have fallen into a sort of mind that come whatever may we should like Rehamn’s work.That is why u can see stuff like u should listen to Rahman’s music many times,it is situational,once u seen on screen u will like it etc.

  100. mr author, you simply suck.
    either you have no idea about what music is or you are just being anti-rahman in your review.
    it is one of the best soundtracks of the year, undoubtedly and you wait for the film to come out.
    Just leave a mark somewhere in your stupid web space when you’l be eating your words once the film comes out…
    I must say you suck big time again, ‘coz about the track Dil Ka Rishta, you just said, ‘skip the next song’.. how could you skip such a song you loser?

    by the sound of it, you are a himesh fan i guess…
    (thats the most of an insult i do to a person – calling them himesh fans)

  101. Hai ,

    I strongly disagree with the HArry REview because ARR Music is known for its Late Pickup.I just have heard the songs once but u know very well about Guru.First i didnt like the Tunes but after one year of the movie release the most played song in my car currently is guru.but wait and see what is going to happen for this album.As usual its going to be a hit bcause its ar rahman piece.

  102. This album is ever green and most beautiful songs and one saying in tamil there . taht is that the donkey does not know the frangranse smell.

  103. Hi People,
    I’ve gone through the review and all the comments. There is no point bashing the poor Harry. It’s his opinion. If he does not appreciate certain kind of music it’s his problem. Or if anybody’s ARR’s fan, it’ his problem. I am no music expert. I listen to every kind of music and every language and mostly like them all as they are new. But as time passes, I find only certain kind of music stays in the playlist. I guess they must have certain timeless appeal. And sometimes I try to see my playlist; and surprisingly there are almost Rahman’s songs. The “Yuvvraj” songs are on my playlist since the day of release and I listen to it daily. I don’t know if they are in proper sur,raaga, taal, genre, compostition…err whatever…but everytime I hear them they definitely amuse me without fail.Everyday they seem new to me. It rarely happens to other songs…at least for my untrained ears. I am no Rahman fan. But if he makes good music every time, it’s his problem. 🙂

  104. Harry says “ok. enough. screw u all. this album stinks.”… See the way he gets angry … He thinks he can write whatever he wants in the pretext of review, personal opinion etc … But if other people state their opinion about his opinion ….then he gets angry … sounds like hypocrisy ….. Rahman is like GOD to us man!

  105. I found one wonderful critic LOL.
    What a judgement ‘Sir Geeee’.
    Let me offer you a better vocation buddy!
    You take up plauging the feild.

  106. Dear harry, i guess you hav not written this review in the best of mood. Well what all i hav seen and heard till date assures me that yuvvraaj music is going to sell like anything….n u know what i and my friends hav already got the CDs.

  107. Boy u must watch the videos of the movie, The songs are just amazing , i think Rahman has Given hit once again.

    Cheers to Boss(Rahman)

    and Harry don’t worry , check out this song

  108. hey assoal do even know the beauty of these songs….the way its done is simple and pure music…
    clean ur stupid ears with acid n try listenin assoal.

  109. Harry,

    U r the joke of this week. With millions of die-hard ARR fans like us, u r jus tryin to add shame for u. Listenin to the songs jus once and commentin like this is highly unfair and u deserve the thrashing.

    I really pity u. Ma kind suggestion is to read and realize the words before u publish them. Its better for u. Now its time for u to wipe the spittings and move ahead. Hope u stop wit this.

  110. CNN IBN’s Review – At a recent press conference for his film Yuvvraaj, Subhash Ghai made a passing but significant reference to Chicago, one of classic Broadway musicals which was also adapted to the big screen (Richard Gere, Renee Zellweger, Catherina Zeta-Jones).

    The soundtrack of Yuvvraaj is perhaps the perfect mirror of his inspiration.

    It would be no exaggeration to say, AR Rahman’s virtuosity and Gulzar’s lyrical mastery have come together to give us the year’s most innovative album so far. With a superb blend of Western and Indian classical, pop and disco, Rahman evokes the grandeur of a symphony at one time and the vibe of a pulsating dance floor at the other.

    The album explodes with the all-too familiar opening bars of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony (performed competently by the Chennai String Orchestra), interspersed with Salman’s introduction: Main Hoon Yuvvraaj and flows into Tu Meri Dost Hain: (Benny Dayal, Shreya Ghoshal, Rahman).

    This song introduces us to the signature style of the soundtrack and its recurring theme, and glides on the wings of beautiful lyrics.

    Sample this:

    Awaaz ka dariya hoon

    Behta hoon main nili raaton mein

    Main jaagta rehta hoon

    Neendh bhari jheel si aankhon mein

    Awaaz hoon main…

    The arrangement is neat, the choice and use of instruments impeccable, and the melody, if not easy to hum, certainly grows on you.

    Hop, skip and jump to Shano Shano, an out and out dance track (remixed version by Ember later in the album). Once again, Rahman chooses not to go for an overproduced track, though the temptation could be really high. This one is a very funky pop number sung by Sonu Nigam, Srinivas, Karthik, Timmy, Sunaina, Vivienne Pocha and Tina. Not really ‘out there’, Shano does have its moments though Nigam’s voice is bit of an incongruity here. The next one Tu Muskara, again is not exactly what we would like to say ‘brilliant’, but it does have all the makings of one. Tu Muskara (Alka Yagnik, Javed Ali) is a slow ballad-like number with orchestra support, neat bits of guitar playing, and is a slow burn. Tu Muskara sounds very situational, particularly when the mood changes towards the end with a spot of classical sargam thrown in.

    The Broadway musical influence shines through in Mastam Mastam. Now, with this, as with most other tracks of this album, picturisation would play an important part in its appreciation. Mastam… sung by Sonu Nigam, Alka Yagnik, Naresh and Benny, seems like a heavily choreographed fun song, with references to cats and other animals and the same captured in the sound effects. Extremely dramatic and lively the song stands out for its skillful use of backing vocals, a touch of accordion and a robust rhythm section.

    And now, for the song of the album – Zindagi, sung brilliantly by Srinivas.

    Rahman has been experimenting a lot with with a certain kind of melody-driven, starkly beautiful songs (RDB, Jodhaa…). With Zindagi, he has mastered the art. Beginning with an accordion solo that will have you going ‘a-ha’, Zindagi, is a bitter sweet song about a conversation with life and the way it treats one. Zindagi is reminiscent of Gulzar from his Ijaazat days (if you have not seen it, rent a DVD right now!), such is the magic that sparkles in this consummate union of lyrics and melody. Zindagi is my personal favourite and something tells me, it will enjoy patronage with a whole lot of people out there, who appreciate simple melodies and good, old-fashioned Hindi lyrics.

    Dil Ka Rishta begins with a full-blown orchestral prelude and the song takes off from there. The track enjoys a fusion of styles, Indian, and western classical, instrumental and vocal, with Rahman doing a bit of voice percussion as well. On a very different note is Manmohini Morey (Vijay Prakash). This happens to be a traditional Indian classical ‘mukhra’ which Rahman blends with electronic beats for a very contemporary twist.

    Rahman and Ghai’s last full-fledged outing was Taal (In Kisna he shared the credit with Ismail Darbar). And while Ghai has tried out different music composers in his subsequent projects, one had always wondered why the two never collaborated again. And if Yuvvraaj marks Ghai’s return to epic films on a grand scale, the music truly lives up to that vision.

    Verdict: Join Rahman and Gulzar on their grand musical journey. It is a rich, rewarding and an unforgettable experience.

    Verdict – Join Rahman and Gulzar on their grand musical journey. It is a rich, rewarding and an unforgettable experience.!

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