Who will win Bigg Boss 3?

Bigg Boss 3 on Colors television channel is nearing it’s finale. Speculations, rumors, news leaks make the show even more exciting when it’s at the end. So who do you think will win the show and walk out of the Bigg Boss house with the money? Post your votes in the comments.

Will it be the irritating, stupid, ugly, son of famous wrestler Dara Singh, Vindhu Dara Singh?
bigg boss 3 winner vindhu

Will it be the classy yet boring, control freak, divorced and clever Poonam?
bigg boss 3 winner poonam

Or will it be the ex Mr. India, the second most irritating character on the entire show, the most manipulative man this show has ever seen, will it be Pravesh Rana?
bigg boss 3 winner pravesh rana

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  1. …who so ever wins….all of them are least deserving…miss goodie good poonam…i hate her honey caoted fake personality…she is sooo damn torture to watch…
    VINdu…alel aley crying baby…oh man…how cud you be so ooiii..touch me not types…
    then PERVESH…oh yaar watever drama he is bringing up at the end(throwing food items in the swimming pool…LOL)…i m just lovin’ it…may be scripted…(100%) or may be not…in the end…doesnot even matter…;P…

  2. Well guys !!! Poonam is going to be the winner for sure .She has been her real self thoughout the show and she is the same since day one and till date .we have seen everybody in that house is a split personality except her .if u compare these 3 housemate ,she stands better human being apart from Vindu and pravesh. Vindu is manipulative and he has been invollved in plotting and planning whereas Pravesh seemed to be overconfident after Aditi was evicted. But his latest act of thowing food and crying in front of camera (just to gain public sympathy) and using the word “common man ” etc. looks totally fake and he has a lot of negativity inside.In last few day Pravesh is showing how insecured he is ….
    well I think Poonam is a deserving person.big deal if she has been presenting herself as humble and sweet .all fair in the game . atleast she is not causing any harm to others.

  3. hi

    i think parvesh should be winner if someone is saying about your carrier, give him to reply and he did good. he is really tough man. 100% he will be winner

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