5 reasons why I hate Indian Idol 4?

indian idol 4 auditions show

++ Our country is full of wanna be singers. We can run out of petrol, LPG, electricity and cry all the time about rising inflation but we can never run out of singers. It’s been three seasons already and lakhs if not thousands of people have tried their luck at singing. Most of them have been rejected and we still see thousands in the queue for auditions.

++ We all love to hate Anu Malik. This guy is a jackass! I really feel he’s trying to copy Simon Cowell and he keeps on getting worse every season. Why the heck is he on TV anyways? He’s a shit load of a music composer. Why can’t Sony afford A.R Rahman?

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MTV Roadies 6 is back. Again!

hero honda mtv roadies 6 auditions

The mother father of all reality shows returns on MTV with a new season. You guessed it right, it’s MTV Roadies 6. Raghu Ram is speculated to be on a high this season with a fresh round of abuses and insults he vomits on contestants. Especially after Splitsvilla got over, Raghu must be looking out to kick some butt! The auditions for this season of MTV Roadies will begin on 17th September at Kolkata. This year MTV Roadies 6 will take the contestants on a big bang journey to Australia. As per MTV’s claim they’ve chosen Australia as the destination because of the snakes, crocodiles and dangerous spiders they have there. Also because Australia is cheaper than US. I thought it was because of Fosters. Anyways this season will surely be a rocking one. So I’m gonna stay tuned. Raghu Ram has also released a DVD called Roadies Cheat Code. It contains a special package on jumping to the second round of the auditions directly. Wow! That’s 600 bucks of a scam.

Here is the MTV Roadies 6 Auditions Schedule.

mtv roadies 6 auditions schedule

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MTV Roadies Producer Raghu Ram kissing his wife at a party!

Harry’s Guide to The worst shows on TV!

The worst shows on Indian national television tv

With the Indian Premier League gone there’s absolutely nothing worth watching on TV anymore. News channels simply make you wanna smash your TV screen, saas-bahu serials make me wanna puke, movie channels just won’t skip ads in between thrillers and the so called music channels have everything except for good music! So here’s an official guide to the worst shows on national television these days. Mind it, we pay to watch these.National television has become a national scam. Incredible, isn’t it?!

Kya Aap Paanchi Pass Se Tez Hain?

I like Shah Rukh too but dude this show is crap! If you’re is really smarter than a 5th grader then probably won’t be tuning in to watch this show on Star Plus. Stupid contestants are the flavor of the show but one asks why am I really watching this thing on TV? Kaun Banega Crorepati was appreciated only because of Amitabh and the style with which he delivered the show overall. But seriously, I don’t give a rat’s arse if a stupid contestant even wins Rs. 5 crores!

MTV Splitsvilla

So now any dude who comes out with one good show thinks he can get away with just about anything. People and sponsors would blindly follow the holy path laid down by the show’s producer. Well Mr. Raghu Ram at MTV India got this totally wrong. He only had to insert the label, ‘From the makes of MTV Roadies’ and Splitsvilla got the attention of not only a large crowd but also a lot of sponsors, willing to spend a good amount of money into the show. And when you watch the show it appears like a bunch of lunatics are looking directly into your eyes and saying, ‘We fooled you! We fooled you! You’re actually watching this?!’. Raghu Ram deserves a public apology. I guess he would miss out on a lot of MTV Roadies fans who feel disgusted at the quality of his new show on MTV. Including me.

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

First things first, I don’t really watch this show on TV. OK I did watch an episode or two a long time back. The Government needs to impose a Kyunki tax on Ekta Kapoor for this show. It has been on since a long long time now. I mean a really long time. On top of it all some of the women viewers or fans as they call themselves are really interested in how the story ends up. Women! This ain’t gonna end! In fact Ekta might pass on the Kyunki legacy to her kids which will then pass it on to their kids and it goes on. So you may not really survive to see how it ends, your grand grand children might be lucky enough!

10 Ka Dum

If you’re Salman Khan and you’re not having a good time at the big screen it doesn’t mean that you can take it down on poor innocent TV viewers. And if the show is crap as hell then you are certainly in for a flop. Dude I hate this show! What on earth prompted Salman from doing a show and that too with a funny title? I am as clueless as you are. Well the show is utter nonsense and that is for sure. I can’t believe I’m actually paying to watch this type on content on TV.

Boogie Woogie

I don’t like to dance. I don’t like to see people dance either. And Boogie Woogie is one irritating dance show! I admire people with talent and I agree most contestants on the show have real talent but enough of the dancing dude! If I see one more person dancing on TV for nothing, I’m going to blow up myself. To add insult to injury the show’s hosts are pretty annoying. Javed, Naved and the third guy who’s name i-didn’t-care-to-remember are simply irritating. Guys if you’re reading this, sign up for a retirement plan for ICICI and stay at home! And I hate that Boo thing you do on your show. Boo ya!