So Who Wants to Marry Rakhi Sawant?

marry rakhi sawant on national tv

News for all you Rakhi Sawant fans out there. Now you can bring your favorite drama queen home! All you have to do is woo her on national television, survive the show and you get to marry one of the most popular and talked about creature on national television. Rakhi Sawant is all set to choose between 15 prospective grooms on a brand new reality show called Rakhi Ka Swayamvara on national television. Rakhi had earlier broken up with her previous boyfriend. I guess that also made it to one of the TV channels.

Of course our TV channels are out of ideas. They’re bringing back the ugly duck back on TV now. Expect a lot of drama, tears (fake of course) and yes, a lot more drama again. After all it’s Rakhi Sawant. I wonder if Mika is still interested?!

Anyways, here’s wishing, the guy who finally gets through, a whole lot of good luck in life.

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