5 WTF Reality Shows on Indian National TV

worst reality shows in india

Here’s a look at the top 5 WTF reality shows currently on air.

Perfect Bride

They say marriages are made in heaven, they’ve got it all wrong. Marriages are now made on TV or I may say ‘fixed’ on national television. Why should Rakhi Sawant get to swallow all the popularity meat? So a couple of young not-really-hot-chicks decide to ride the I’ll-get-married-on-TV horse. They’re not alone, riding along with them are, hold on to your horses, mothers of their prospective grooms. Just to spare you of nightmares tonight I won’t even tell you how horrific the choice of judges and their role on the show is. This is by far the most ugliest, irritating and horrifying shows on national television.

Dance Premier League

Four seasons of Indian Idol have sucked all the juice from a country full of aspiring singers. Add to that countless little reality shows hunting for singers every now and then. So Sony decided to look for people who can dance. But then Boogie Javed Woogie Jaffrey would be scratching his bald brother’s head over why they weren’t consulted for this one. They weren’t even appointed judges as the channel crowned hopeless Arshad Warsi as of of the judges. The concept of the show is simply WTF. A bunch of teams compete against one another over dance. Seriously guys this is too much to bear.

Channel V Exhausted

Channel V, in my personal opinion, has always been such a wannabe. I mean they’re nowhere even close to what MTV is today. This is however my opinion. Every now and then they try to make their point but they just don’t have it. Exhausted is one show that clearly shows how desperate those folks up there are getting. Brainless maniacs is what I’ll call people who’d come up with shows like this. I’m sure Raghu Ram (the big daddy of reality shows) would love to kick their sweet arse for making us watch shows like this. But then we don’t always get what we want. Channel V’s Exhausted is one show for losers.

Pati, Patni aur Woh

At first glance any curious Indian television lover would love the title of this reality show. After watching the show, one would have an entirely different feeling. For starters, it’s just not exactly what the title suggests (of course we were expecting cheating hubbies and cat-fights) and what do we get? Loser couples trying to manage kids. I feel the Supreme Court should have banned the entire show instead of just taking out the infants. This could turn anyone suicidal.

Laughter Express

Laughter Express is a collection of clips from The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. Now Sidhuisms are fine, they’re great, they’re digestible but when it comes to the insane laughter coming from the man himself on jokes that Seinfeld would best describe as un-laughable. Navjot Sidhu poses the biggest laughter challenge to show itself. Shekhar Suman couldn’t take it, he quit. We can’t take it either so we switch channels.

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