Recharge Vodafone Pre-Paid Online

Being a lazy geek I have always made the best of technology while making sure my lazy bum is as comfortable as possible. So lazy that going to the nearest retailer for a pre-paid top-up seems an uphill task. I used the Axis Bank online recharging facility which failed most of the times. Then they took the service off the shelves, never to return.

While Airtel launched online bill payments a long time back, they have still haven’t done much about online pre-paid recharging. They do have a mobile payment processing system up which is a tie-up with mChek but it’s butt ugly. Seriously!

recharge vodafone prepaid mobile online

Vodafone on the other hand has come up with this super sleek online pre-paid recharging service. It’s cool for several reasons. One, it lets you know what-you-get for what-you-pay. For instance if you enter an amount, it’ll let you know how much talk time that is worth and if there’s a bonus card for that amount. Two, it supports almost all sorts of payment options available in the country. From credit cards/debit cards to netbanking. It has them all! Third, it’s truly instant, bug-free and most importantly it works!

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