Pay Per Second Billing Storms India

The phone rings. I answer it and the person on the other end sounds like his arse is on fire. But he’s just another Indian pay per second billing subscriber making the most of it. Pay per second is finally here. Although Indian users have been accustomed to dirt cheap phone calls for a long time now, pay per second has added fuel to the fire. The market is flooded with new tariff options every now and then. So how does pay per second make things green for consumers?

Let’s first take a look at how things started to roll. TRAI had earlier recommended that mobile operators in India could offer pay per second billing to reduce costs even further. Tata in collaboration with Japanese telecom major NTT DOCOMO launched their GSM based services recently under the brand name of Tata Docomo. The company surprised everyone with it’s initial offering of pay per second billing. Tata Docomo generated enough buzz to generate so much heat in other mobile operators’ pants that they had to come up with pay per second billing schemes as well. Aircel soon followed along with Airtel, Vodafone and Idea. Now state owned BSNL has also launched per second billing options.

So how does pay per second affect you? Well for one, it makes all calls cheaper. Say you talk for 50 seconds, you end up paying just for those 50 seconds. Not the entire Rupee. Also long distance calls become cheaper in this tariff option. You have to buy a voucher/recharge for a certain amount to migrate to per second billing. It’s different for all mobile operators. This is only available for pre-paid consumers in most cases except for Tata Docomo.

Happy talking!

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  1. well i have activated this per second billing on my no.,it pretty good,really….one does not have 2 brood now if they end the call after 63 seconds.
    but all these tel com companies are smart..they have kept their sms tariff rates high only with this scheme.anyways kudos to this cool offer.

  2. Telecom sector in not making much profit these days. But someone has come up with this giveaway and asked the sector to focus on more on VAS for propping up the revenue. So hopefully, broadband or 3G gets the deserved attention it needs.

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