How To Broadcast Live Video Using Mobile Phone?

bradcasting live video from mobile phone for free

You can easily broadcast live video using your mobile phone’s camera. Broadcasting a live video feed comes handy when you’re attending a conference, concert etc. which you’d love to share with your friends or everyone out there. You could have your own 24×7 live video channel over the Internet. You’ll need a compatible mobile phone along with a high speed internet access (3G or WiFi recommended) for seamless uploading.

I’ll discuss two great free applications for your mobile phone here which you can use for broadcasting live video from anywhere using your cell phone.


Using Qik to broadcast live video online is as easy as sending out a text message. You’ll need to register for an account on Qik. Then you have to download their mobile application on your phone. Qik’s mobile application is compatible with a wide array of mobile phones. The installation takes a very little time. Once you’re done installing the app, you’ll need to set it up to synchronize it with your Qik account. Once you’ve got that going, you’ll be able to start broadcasting by simply selecting the ‘stream’ option in the application. You can interact with the users viewing your live video from the application itself. You can choose to keep your video feed public or private.


Bambuseris a fairly cool application for broadcasting live video over the Internet using your mobile phone. It’s pretty much similar to Qik. You’ll need to sign up for an account on their website and then you’ll need to download their application. Like Qik, Bambuser also provides you with a large number of supported mobile phones. I have experienced very less lags while using Bambuser but I found Qik more stable for longer broadcasts.

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