Locate Indian Mobile Phone Numbers

track locate india mobile phone numbers Here is a nice little mobile phone based application to locate/track Indian mobile phone numbers. It can be very useful if you receive spam calls from unknown numbers. You can track the region where the number is registered as well as the service provider for any Indian mobile phone number. You simply need to enter the first 4-5 digits of a mobile phone number and it will provide you with the state, reference city and the mobile phone service provider. The application can also be used for finding out STD codes in India. The application is Java based so it will work with all mobile phones with Java installed. Please note that the application only supports locating Indian mobile phone numbers.

Click here to download the application.

To install, kindly unzip the file and install it on your phone using the .jar installation file included in the package. For help with the installation feel free to post queries on the comments section below.

PS: I am not the developer for this application.

12 Replies to “Locate Indian Mobile Phone Numbers”

  1. If you are not the developer of this application, you have no right to distribute it even it is free to use.

    I saying this because you giving the download from your own server, which is wrongs and breaks the distribution right of this application.

  2. The developers are currently unable to offer downloads officially. That’s the reason I’m offering downloads from my server.

    And I know the developers personally. 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I need the latitude and longitude of the cell phone? Also I need the exact location like address where the cell phone is located. Is there a webservice I can use for this ?


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