Hell on Earth: Changing BSNL Dataone Plan!

Change BSNL dataone broadband tariff plan BSNL Dataone is God’s way of punishing you for your sins. I still remember how I got my broadband connection installed. It took me a week long of frequent visits, requests and clarifications. I begged them for a broadband connection! Not that I am a huge fan but they were and they still are the only broadband service provider in my locality. BSNL Dataone is the best if it keeps working. The moment it goes down you’re in hell baby! The customer care is helpless. The local exchange doesn’t know what broadband means. The billing screw-ups are the worst. So when you have to change your tariff plan you need to write an application and go to the nearest local exchange. Unlike Airtel where you simply have to make a call and they don’t take more than a day to change your tariff plan, BSNL Dataone can only change your plan from the next billing cycle. No there is no mantra involved. They simply don’t have a software capable of doing it.

So I get the application printed out, fax it to my dad, he signs on it and sends it back to me. I go to the telephone exchange. What follows might just prepare you for hell. I walk in for the millionth time. I have been a regular at the local exchange trying to get some or the other problem sorted out regarding my broadband connection. So I just go straight to the lady who takes these applications. She is operating on a computer in front of her like it’s an X-Box 360. Suddenly she walks out of the office. She comes back in after 10 minutes. She looks at her screen and is amazed. She tells everyone that she is downloading something and she can’t entertain any queries. No one in the room is shocked. I expect a screw-up everytime I go there. Some newbies hopelessly wait. I left the exchange. I came back in the evening. This time there was a different lady. She seemed like she’ll do something at least. When my turn came she simply told me she’ll have to re-enter her password so just hold on. I’ll hold on baby. For broadband I’ll do your veggies too! She thinks for a moment. Somehow she showed mercy and said she’ll do it. She took my application and I was like ‘Wow man!’ Now I really hope they change my plan to the unlimited one by next month. They have 3 full days to screw-up. I hope they don’t. I really hope they don’t!

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  1. You Said It!!!!

    man when will these guys realise its d 21st centure… ppl are used to takin care of everything directly from home… gone are the days of filing an application!! you fill out an e-form these days!! u digitally encrypt it with ur signature for authenticity!!

    atleast the airtel guys are better i can say.. u want a change, it’l be there in 24 hrs!!!! 😛

  2. In case that plan doesn’t require any security deposit they will change the plan with effect from the next billing cycle…i.e 1st July!

  3. I came to your blog from Sidhusaaheb’s. This BSNL piece was hilarious. I know it from personal experience. But the way you described it was great. Could not stop laughing at the ‘baby’ thing.

  4. Even I am going through the similar rather more worse situation. We had to go for BSNL because it was the only service provider in our area. Leave aside the headache, pain and patience while getting the connection up, we are facing day to day hurdles to keep our connection running.

    It’s definite that the connection will go down once in a week and will take at least 3-4 days to again come up. But hey that’s not all – listen what do we need to do every time our connection goes down – my husband logs complaint to their technical center + to exchange> They give us a complaint number and assure that our problem will be resolved in next 24 hours. It never gets resolved on call (we have tried at least 100 times to log 5-6 calls one after the other). Then finally, my husband visits the exchange and wait for the line man and other person to come to look into our request. They have never shown their face before 11′ o clock in the morning (the official timings are 10). It’s not only these 2, even you won’t find even a pigeon in the exchange before 11. After coming to their seat at 11, they will need to get stabilized in another half an hour and then they have a short 10-15 min tea break. If you are lucky one, they will listen to you in another 1/2 an hour, otherwise they will have another 1 hour lunch break.
    Ok moving ahead, once the line man is agreed to look into your line, my husband has to tell him the exact location (He knows our line very well now). The lineman resolves the problem. Then, I have to log another complaint to reset our password as old one doesn’t work after connection reset. Again, we go through the same hurdles and get our password reset.

    That’s not all, once everything is done and we are happy that our connection is fine and running, it again goes off in another couple days.

    If anybody can help us?

    Any body, if you have any suggestion for us,

  5. @Pooja

    Even god cant help you. I have been experiencing the same problem and going through exact same pain. I am thinking moving to another ISP. In your case if you dont have any other ISP, I would suggest you only become franchisee for another ISP that will save others’ pain too.

  6. BSNL oh BSNL! They sure take their customers for a ride.

    I’m supposed to change my plan to Home 250 tomorrow since I’m leaving for Delhi soon. I hope they don’t mess it for me. It’s really hard to make those ‘Kal Anaa Ji’ trips.

  7. BSNL broadband plan change is only sin in my life. I have applied it for a month. But I am hopeless, nothing to do.I don’t know how can they be so much irresponsible. Each saturday I have to visit local exchange, but they are blaming each other. Lady in customer care is so rude in her behaviour that she is top boss of mine. So friends don’t try for BSNL Broadband Plan Change or losse ur job

  8. I have forget to tell u that I got connection after a long 6 month(even I have own DSL modem.I have to go for Consumer Forum then I have got it.Now I don’t know I will get my new plan for broadband

  9. BSNL!


    I have the same problem. The ppl at the exchange assured me that i’ll get the upgrade of Broadband plan to HOME-750UL from 1st July. But, its not activated yet. Forgetting the upgrade thingy, broadband connection at my workplace lasts only a few minutes(approx. 5 min)! ! They said its some technical fault and would be ok in 24hrs. its been about 2 months and still the same continues…
    There’s NO OTHER ISP to switch over

  10. Every word is true…

    My plan is not changed so far. I am still visiting their office. (Like a regular visitor. Trying customer number is useless)

    Then don’t do their work. Just “SIT AND TALK” (Themselves)

  11. i got the bsnl broadbad after a long wait of 1.5 years

    heel that wasn't involved i was billed as i am the only person paying bsnl for wole of mumbai.


    every word above is true!!!

    Crappy hell kinda service and they charge a premium for that .

    i am just w8ing for any other service to come in to my locality and i will the 1st person to jump into it


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