Hell on Earth: Riding an Auto-rickshaw!

over loaded auto rikshaw in faridabad

While at Delhi I had the opinion that it was the auto-rikshaws there which were like little monsters on three wheels. And then I moved to Faridabad and my opinion crashed like a typical Microsoft Operating system does. A ride on one of these auto-rikshaws in Faridabad is a ride through hell. If you think the ones in Delhi were unsafe and rash, you haven’t been on something like this in Faridabad. Let me explain the whole ride.

The first part is the most difficult one. Trying to convince an auto-rikshaw driver to take you to your destination is harder than convincing your girlfriend. You can either give out a lot of smiling Gandhis to these guys or you take the cheaper option of sharing the ride with others. You’re screwed either way.

The ride begins once there are more people sitting than the auto-rikshaw can actually accommodate. Picture this. There are two people on the left side of the driver and two on the right. That’s five on a seat which is supposed to be for one guy. The driver is sandwiched between these passengers and just manages to steer through the insane city traffic. Behind the cockpit, the scene isn’t any better. While three people are sitting on the seats, three more are sitting opposite to them. No not on any cushion but on hard steel. Yes it’s painful and cruel to the poor asses. Everyone sitting inside stinks. And they really stink badly. At first you wonder it’s coming from the outside and then you take a look at the guy next to you. His face is self explanatory. His expressions go like, “Yes dude, that’s me. I stink”.

The auto-rikshaw looks like a tiny bus from the outside now. It’s a little monster on three wheels that can blow up any moment. The driver’s seat happens to be just on top of the nasty engine. The sound that the engine makes is just terrible. Sometimes I wonder if it blows up. The driver’s ass could be ripped apart in a million pieces. Inside all those stinking people have nothing better to do so they will all start staring at you. Everyone stares at you like you’re from some other planet. Dude, I am no Bipasha.

Once you’re there at your destination, you are the happiest person. You feel you have survived the journey. You have now qualified to live at Faridabad. These guys are preparing us all for hell. Hell wouldn’t be any worse.

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  1. haha!!!! Could make out from ur tone…”spikey yaar, badhkal pe lene aa ja”!! the diesel autos should be banned!!! faatt faatt fattt fatt fatt!!!!!!! nasty!

  2. So u experienced the ‘Elite’ ride ,mate [:P] !

    Auto-rickshaws to a first timer in Fbd are like roller-coasters to a man with a faint heart … They make you realize how uncertain life is !! & when old timers like us still dread the experience , i can totally imagine how You felt , Harry .

    Ever since Delhi shunted out Diesel auto rickshaws outta its borders , Fbd’s palyed the refugee camp to all these ‘fatfatiyaas’ !! Personally i feel these are engineering marvels who ,inspite of no mantainence and 10 yr old, rusty engines , can carry 5 times more weight than they were made to . The engines are capable of producing miniature ‘black holes’ , or so it seems , if u are caught standing near its exhaust pipe …i swear that volume of BLACK smoke can melt Antarctica in a day !

    The ‘MEN’ compliment their ‘Mean MAchines’ . Lewis Hamilton can’t take a u-turn without braking , @ 60 an hr , …they can . Sit on either side of the pilot , & flirt with death … as he approaches a turn , u pray the handlebar doesn’t come off . They also have a knack of braking justtttt when the front wheel kisses the bumper of the car ahead .Of course, you alwayz gasp when he manages to steer through impossibly small paths. ThriLL , AdvenTure , Excitement … An auto Ride promises it all …n More !!!

    Finished ? Not yet ,When u finally arrive at ur destination , u expect some of the mob inside to make way ,so you can leave . Sorry , Help yourself . As you jostle for Every cubic centimeter of free space , you get the ANgry glares n nudges @ places best not described. Once outside , you take in a lung-full of fresh air & celebrate ur survival .

    Life Moves On ….. even on three wheels !

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