Movie Review: Aisha

aisha movie review

How it all began?
[Phone rings]

Sonam: Hey pappa! How’re you doin?
Anil: I’m gr8, don’t call me pappa. It sounds like I’m your father or something.
Sonam: But you’re my pappppa na!
Anil: Ok ok so what do you want now?
Sonam: Pappa I wanna do a movie with Abhay Deol and my gang.
Anil: What? You’re done with your contracts?
Sonam: Yes pappa!
Anil: Okay let me think. Okay we can rip off a novel and twist things around.

How it went about?
[Phone rings]

Sonam: Pappa! This is so boring. Add some SATC and Cosmo stuff na!
Anil: Okay darling anything for you.
Abhay: But sir…
Anil: Hey! Who’s the boss?

And now?
[Phone rings]

Sonam: Pappa *shouts* Pappa *shouts*
Anil: what now?
Sonam: the movie seems to have worked!
Anil: I told you! What was the best part?
Sonam: The red dress!
Anil: Ah! Cool. So we should do a sequel?
Sonam: Wait pappa! Lemme watch SATC 2 and Inception. You read those Cosmo’s in the mean time.
Anil: ok whatever. jhakass

The entire nation pays the bill when a father-daughter pair decide to have fun, go on a holiday, wear funky dresses and read too much Cosmopolitan. Poor Abhay Deol!

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  1. After Ravan & I Hate Luv Stories I have made myself a promise that I'm going 2 wait for D world wide Television premiere of a film no matter how hot and come what may if I just cannot resist waiting that long I'm going 2 watch D film in a remote morning show but at no cost on a godamn weekend.

    I wasted Rs.250 to buy a ticket for Ravan on Sunday and was so close 2 D Screen I Cud look Under Aish Aunty's Pancake n even Smell D Shit On @Jr.Bachchan when He Hammed across D Movie. Imagine My Shock just 29 odd days n nights later D film was screened free on television.

    So now I even refuse to take a free obligation @sonamakapoor n @rheaakapooror even @a-nilskapoor 2 watch #Aisha on a weekend. I'd much rather watch it on a pirated DVD along wid 5 more movies equally bad or in a morning show where I can lie down and watch it in slumber class.
    So if U've not bought D tickets of #Aisha then hold ur horses and if U have then sell them at reduced rates U'll still save by watching it on telly .

  2. Dude this shit is funnyyy!! And I am sure your not far from the truth..This is prbbly very very close to how it happnd…Look forwrd 2 more reviews…

    Thanks for the laugh my dear. I can't stop now. *gasps for breath*
    But I was just watching a recent Abhay Deol interview and LO AND BEHOLD! He actually said he enjoyed working with Sonam, has a lot of respect for Anil Kapoor and would NEVER work in a movie where he is not allowed to have his say or his lines are cut. Now – I am faced with a dilemma – what/who should I take seriously? This review or Abhay. Hmmm. Hmmm. *thinking hard*

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