Here’s broadband for Grandpa from BSNL!

BSNL Broadband new internet plan

BSNL Dataone has recently introduced a shiny brand new plan for the senior citizens. Not that they admit but it’s seriously a plan for your grand parents. The plan features Internet speeds of up to 2mbps at only Rs.125 per month. The minimum hire period is around three months. Here is the catch. There’s is a data transfer limit of, yes hold on to your underwear, just 150MB. Now that might not really surprise most of us since we have seen the worst of it from BSNL Dataone in the past but this one has simply raised the bar. I don’t know where they hire their MBAs from but one thing is for sure that they’re nuts. On the brighter side here’s broadband for the elderly who could use the net at their own will. But don’t you just get all excited and get your Grandpa this deal. If he gets addicted to the speeds, you might end up paying lakhs on the bill. Or you could keep him unaware of what Web 2.0 really is. Anyways cheers to BSNL!

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  1. Read about this amazing new Plan from BSNL today morning , n ur post echoes my initial thoughts … bt at the risk of giving undue credit to the MBAs @ BSNL , i think they are onto something with this one.Knowing that the number of granpa§ using broadband in India is just about the same as the population of Antarctica , I think the plan is actually aimed at a wider market of people still reluctant about the need of internet @ home.

    This offer seems to be an appetizer , a little teaser that would give the user a taste of a luxury called 2mbps , & just when you fall in love with the 100+ download speed ,& here comes the pain…i mean the Download limit .Its the same as being asked to pilot an F-16 & then go back to ur maruti 800.There are still a good 10 days to the next month , and then when you run to ur neighborhood cafe for that important e-mail , you end up clicking refresh a few zillion times , sulking at the useless download limit , & planning how to plead your parents to buy a bigger plan fr the next month .(or in my case , thinking of how to explain them the rs2000 internet bill on a plan of 700pm ..)

    §o i would like to believe that BSNL’s being the drug dealer here , giving a complimentary dose of cocaine , and waiting fr the addict to come running back for more . But if that is not the case , i dread this plan might just be the starting of some even more horrendous plans from BSNL . I can’t imagine Irrfan Khan selling BSNL’s “10 rupaye ka chotta pack – 2 mbps par 2mb ka download” …

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